28 May 2014

Itinerary in your hp

Despite having a hardcopy version of the full itinerary, make sure to hv a copy in ur handphone as well, in case u lost the paper or misplaced them. My iti does not only contains the attraction places, but there are several other sheets comprising info on our accommodation,how to get around, our budget, food listing, prayer time, shopping list, tips, flight info, weather info n a lot more.
My travelmate is already on leave starting today..while me with a heavy heart got up from bed early as usual n drag myself to the office!
Another useful tips, i find that it is quite convenient to just screen shots whtever salient info u came across while browsing. Easy to take a quick peek when required rather than having to print them, most important u dun need a wifi to get access to the info :) Thenx to my Note 1, u've proven worthy my investment hehe
caiyo caiyo!

27 May 2014

prep seoul-jeju...monopod!

esok fly..arini br beli, kenal dan belajar menggunakan monopod. thenxxx semah tlg belikan secara berjemaah..the beauty of geng lunch!!
the monopod comes with a bluetooth remote shutter for ease of pressing the button. mama posing..anak2 tolong tekan pun bole :)
so lepas ni bley selfie atau family-fie tanpa menyusahkan org lain kuikui
ok back to work...stresss ahli rombongan semua dh start cuti esok. iols masih terpaksa gigih bekerja di saat2 akhir uh uhh

25 May 2014

testing NX300

Ada lebih kurang 3 hari je lagi utk blajar..adoi haruslah gigih kan. Tolak office hours tak sampai 36 hours hihi.
En suami kata...takyah pening2 guna auto mode jer. ishh takmo la guna Auto manjang...rugi beli kamera canggih tapi setting sama je haha
Anyway..harap2 investment ad-hoc yg mana decision dibuat less than 24 hours ni berbaloi. Pasnih harusla pegi NZ kannnn...tangkap gambo scenery cun2!! :)
Tadi test direct upload ke fb berjaya. Send pic ke email pun berjaya...hepi!!


Welcome onboard!

our new addition to the family..semata2 utk trip seoul-jeju nih uols. haishhh gigih hampir 6jam berlegar2 di lowyat plaza utk mencari yg berkenan di hati.

pepe pon..paling kami suke...ada touch screen, thinner n bole upload pic to fb direct from camera :) cons dia..takde power zoom. so lens agak pjg berbanding mirrorless brand lain...jadi agak bulky for storage.

22 May 2014

counting days

sindrom org yg dah lama x cuti jalan-jalan:
1. nak pakai jaket ape
2. nak pakai kasut ape
3. perlu ke beli dlsr (eh tetiba selama ni bole je survive pakai kamera cikai..mengader namanya kah?)
4. org sibuk bermonopod...dia pun sibuk nak beli jugaks. mujur ada kwn yg sudi buat research..hilang satu beban :)
5. dulu2 boleh je packing baju pakai sumbat n campak jer. now mengader nk compartmentalized things konon
6. kalau x bawak jaket..sempat ke nk beli jaket baru and terus pakai. dilema yg sgtla x penting buat sang lelaki tetapi jadi major issue yg berlegar2 dlm kepala si isteri!
7. perkara penting bila sampai airport..amik gambar kasut kami berlima sebagai tanda kick off! jgn memain bukan project2 besar je ada kick-off :p
8. bawak 3 shawl and ulang2 je selama 9 hari ok ke? org perasan tak? cess dulu2 penah je pakai the same shawl or tudung for 4-5 consecutive days
9. dulu2 takde nk kisah pasal perfume. kali ni hover sgt siap kalut cari miniatures..ape kes?
10. dulu2 sibuk pk nk pakai handbag ape, now zmn dh berubah. sudah mula kenal deuter,karrimor..brape liter..model ape..perghh knowledge berubah 360degree you!!
10. okla i better cut off the craps...mmg x jadi koje kalau pk lebih2 hehe
till then~

20 May 2014

Buffet lunch @Pullman Bangsar

...in conjunction with our big bosses farewell. The one that i respected most because of his high commitment n values shown in whatever tasks assigned to him. He even showed his level best towards the remaining days left in the office..which honestly gave a good example to his colleagues n co-workers.
Another person yg diraikan is someone whom had taught me a lot from day one i joined the team. She scolded us but reasoned n gave her best explanation n guidance, she made some of us cried after a long f2f session for issues n problems happened but we knew why n learnt well from that mistakes, she recognized ppl for their achievement without that person having to be close n kipas her for rewards...and many many more things that obviously made her the bestest bos i've ever had ever since i worked for the co.
Talking about the buffet lunch..well nothing extravagant to shout about. The food was so-so, normal taste u'll get when eating at hotels, the spread is quite extensive, dessert was ok but it was hard to find something that is really made u wanted to go back n refill ur plates. Deco was very nice, be it the buffet table,food or our dining tables. Staffs were nice n quite prompt, though there were times we need to waves our hand n call them to clear the plates n refill our drinks.
Overall, i'll give 4/10. not really worth the price paid for the lunch. sorry but i just need to be honest with my experience :p

18 May 2014

Hari Sukan 2014 Tadika Nuraddin

Sports day yg pertama buat Ammar..dan yg terakhir buat Firas. Both of them dlm rumah Kuning..hence mmg ada acara yg mereka masuk bersama.

Overall rumah Kuning dpt no.2...tapi semua acara yg mereka masuk kalah. Lari berhalangan..ammar lari paling last. Org lain lompat besi tu..dia sorang lari ke tepi elak besi :p bidan terjun rupanya...mmg x prektis acara tu kiki. Ada acara yg kena lari...org lain lari...dia relaks mkn angin jalan...adusss mmg lawak!

Majlis berjln lancar anyway..walaupun mula2 cuaca agak mendung tp lepas tu panas elok jer. Oh utk acara ibu-cikgu team mama dpt no.2 hehe.

balik sukan spt tahun2 lepas mama flat terus tidur. Bila bgn tgk ammar sorang je pengsan..yg lagi dua elok je duduk main ipad haishhh

Trip Seoul-Jeju: prep part 2

Hubby bought few pcs of travel mesh bag compartments (can be bought fr groupon or lelong) for ease of packing n sorting arrangement. I segregated the compartments according to each of the kids's clothes n ours, hence easy in n out especially when those are dumped into the bag packs. For Karrimor, i put idlan's at the bottom level followed by Firas's. The 2nd n lowest part of the bag pack stuffs hubby's n my spare clothes.
Our big trolley bag houses my clothes, hubby's n Ammar's...also the rest of the travel accesories, medicines, food container n food (inclusive pampers haha).
Toiletries - i just bring along some bath gel n conditioner shampoo collected from hotels in case the one available at our reserved apartments n hotel is not sufficient.
make-ups kit - bring the small-size packaging or bottles to save ur bag space. u sure dont wanna bring along ur full 50ml moisturizer or 100ml perfume arent u? hehe i even bought the smallest toothpaste for us n the kids.
Last but not least, always refer to ur checklist. list them out n tick 'em once done. Missing out a small thing can be very costly n affect ur travel budget (for eg: sanitary pads!).

17 May 2014

Trip Jeju-Seoul : prep part 1

Done about 80% packing even though the trip is only going to happen in 2 weeks time. Foreseeing that my schedules are a bit tight in weeks ahead, hence i'd better go for early prep than feel sorry as time passes by.
These are definitely not showing the full picture of the whole prep. I'll be sharing in bits n pieces in the nx few entries hence pls bear with me ya!
Unlike our previous trip, this time around we decided to just take the very min baggage i.e. 20kg. Hence the big trolley bag stuffs most of our food (the canned food contributes most to the kilos!), my clothes, hubby's & Ammar's & some other things like the toiletries, make-ups, umbrella, kids' medicine, ponchos n haishhh the list goes on (mujur anak 3 org je hihi).
On top of that, we'll bring a 35+5 Karrimor, a 20L Deuter, 1 small bag pack & a stroller (sgtlah wajib as ammar loves sitting inside the stroller most of the time!). I'll share the contents of these bagpacks afterwards...blom packing lagik :p
Thats it for now...time to call off the day. esok sports day firas n ammar...sure mama pon flat!!

16 May 2014

Happy Teacher's Day

to all my beloved teachers from tadika,primary,secondary n univ, who has shaped n made me what i am today. Jasamu tidak terbalas cikgu!

to all my kids' teachers in kindy,kafa n primary, moga kalian terus dikurniakan kesabaran yg tinggi dlm mendidik anak2 kami insya Allah.

thanks so much to hubby for going all the way in the search for the teachers' gift. terpaksa wrap sesorng semua hadiah tu without me being there to assist :

15 May 2014

Grand Margherita Hotel Kuching

Leaving on a jet plane as a solo traveller this afternoon. The feeling? seriously awkward! been used to go everywhere with hubby n the kiddos around, so when there's a call for an outstation, i had a mixed feeling. In between the joy of boarding the MH series for the first time, and feeling sad of having to leave the boys behind. pathetic mom i am indeed!

Anyway kek lapis s'wak checked! almost 15 boxes mmg x muat luggage hehe so i need to hand-carry few boxes onboard. And now here i am in the hotel room, wa with hubby n geng lunch while still thinking what to hv for dinner. migrain sesgt ok!! hubby asked to just call for the room svc, but the nausea is killing arghh

Enjoy the few pics of this hotel. Secure quite a good bargain for a deluxe room due to the last min booking :)

14 May 2014

Hepi Mother's Day

especially to my Umi, the most wonderful n beautiful person in my life. May Allah protects u wherever u are..and in whatever undertakings. love u loads Umi!
Thanks to babah for the cake. Kids enjoyed them very much :) And to Umi, who never fails to cook scrumptious meals for her son, daughter & cucu whenever we come over haha

12 May 2014

Portuguese egg tart

featuring ramekin..again! hehe biasalah baru beli mestila semangat nk guna kuikui esok bila dh bosan mesti elok je benda ni terperap dlm kabinet :p
Anyway thenx to MJ warehouse sales held nearby our office (jln kaki je serius x tipu!) i managed to secured these babies at rm6/pc only! suke sgt!!! The thought of having my very own ramekins..ahhh i am one hepi lady indeed.
Niat asal dari dulu...ramekin=creme brulee. tapi lepas google resepi dia...erkk mcm malas la plakk. dah tu kena bakar2 plak kt atas tu utk kasik the burning effect. .duss malas jadinya.
hence here we go..portuguese egg tart in ramekins! :)) guna instant pastry puff...sonang keje den hihi

11 May 2014

Signorina by Salvatore Ferragamo

Self-reward sempena bonus. Tetiba jadi perfume collector pulaks hoho end last yr baru beli 2 ketul kt JPO :p
Anyway kali nih one for her n one for him ngeeeeee suke3x!

Pastry folding hacks

kinda fun doing this. happy trying peeps!

breakfast in style...with ramekin!

saja nk tayang ramekin baru Maxwell beli kt MJ warehouse sales dptla rm6 seketul. super like!!! Ni telur separuh masak dibakar diatas roti sebagai base, garnish with lil bit of salt n black pepper. boleh letak sosej,capsicum,cheese,crab stick, diced chicken or any topping to ur likings. bake for 15min more or less depends on ur oven. nk sedap serve dgn kicap n cili sos sket baru terangkat :)

09 May 2014

Hepi besday babah!

weekend's outing to celebrate hub's birthday... as well as to destress ourselves due to idlan's exam week heeee

Geng Lunch @ Amarin Thai

alhamdulillah another gathering at Amarin after the past 2 years. Thenxx a bunch korang for being such a good friends thru our thick n thin. lotsa things happened as we go along our days, but we were always there to listen, share n the scarriest amongst all...hasutan shopping! haha
tagline group whatsapp buat masa ini - wassotiah. nevertheless some were lil bit off the track tgh hari tadi kiki. takpelah sethn sekali..janji hati hepi layanzzz kan :)