17 May 2014

Trip Jeju-Seoul : prep part 1

Done about 80% packing even though the trip is only going to happen in 2 weeks time. Foreseeing that my schedules are a bit tight in weeks ahead, hence i'd better go for early prep than feel sorry as time passes by.
These are definitely not showing the full picture of the whole prep. I'll be sharing in bits n pieces in the nx few entries hence pls bear with me ya!
Unlike our previous trip, this time around we decided to just take the very min baggage i.e. 20kg. Hence the big trolley bag stuffs most of our food (the canned food contributes most to the kilos!), my clothes, hubby's & Ammar's & some other things like the toiletries, make-ups, umbrella, kids' medicine, ponchos n haishhh the list goes on (mujur anak 3 org je hihi).
On top of that, we'll bring a 35+5 Karrimor, a 20L Deuter, 1 small bag pack & a stroller (sgtlah wajib as ammar loves sitting inside the stroller most of the time!). I'll share the contents of these bagpacks afterwards...blom packing lagik :p
Thats it for now...time to call off the day. esok sports day firas n ammar...sure mama pon flat!!


Farra Da Smiley said...

beras bape kilo?
minyak aku bw dlm 400ml
marjerin tesco tu sedap ke? mkn dgn gula ke?

y@tipruzz said...

3kg kot. marjerin ganti minyak beb utk memsk..