20 May 2014

Buffet lunch @Pullman Bangsar

...in conjunction with our big bosses farewell. The one that i respected most because of his high commitment n values shown in whatever tasks assigned to him. He even showed his level best towards the remaining days left in the office..which honestly gave a good example to his colleagues n co-workers.
Another person yg diraikan is someone whom had taught me a lot from day one i joined the team. She scolded us but reasoned n gave her best explanation n guidance, she made some of us cried after a long f2f session for issues n problems happened but we knew why n learnt well from that mistakes, she recognized ppl for their achievement without that person having to be close n kipas her for rewards...and many many more things that obviously made her the bestest bos i've ever had ever since i worked for the co.
Talking about the buffet lunch..well nothing extravagant to shout about. The food was so-so, normal taste u'll get when eating at hotels, the spread is quite extensive, dessert was ok but it was hard to find something that is really made u wanted to go back n refill ur plates. Deco was very nice, be it the buffet table,food or our dining tables. Staffs were nice n quite prompt, though there were times we need to waves our hand n call them to clear the plates n refill our drinks.
Overall, i'll give 4/10. not really worth the price paid for the lunch. sorry but i just need to be honest with my experience :p

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