30 November 2012


Pagi2 dah migrain. Isk sgtla tidak best di pagi Jumaat yg penuh barakah nih. Really wish I could manage the work stress efficiently and get things to move on as planned. Now looking at their pics somehow melts my heart. Ok mama has to get back to work. It’s for the family anyway, so have faith in whatever destiny crossing your path.

Have a nice Friday peeps!

29 November 2012

JPO-USS-JPO Part 3 (15 Nov 2012)

Ok now allow me to continue from what i left in my earlier entry.

We proceeded to the Lost World section, where we took our first ride of the day i.e. the Canopy Flyer.
The queue was way too long that the kids mumbled and keep on complaining "mama mama kenapa orang tu laju kenapa kita kena beratur panjang??" Kids being kids they don't quite understand when i explained "alaa orang tu beli express pass..kita normal pass jer..mama tak beli sebab mahal!" Ohh that time seriously  i kind of regret for not having the express pass. Never thought that we would have spend more than 1hr just for the ride...mmg ketaq lutut la beb... mengantuk pon ade menunggu :p

This is the Dino Soarin..located next to the Canopy Flyer. This one even ammar can ride the thing but again the queue was very long.. some more Ammar was quite sleepy during that time hence my hub decided not to queue up. Firas already mentioned that after Canopy Flyer he wanted to try out this dino soarin!

That person obviously was not me. Tapi inilah the Canopy Flyer. Looks simple and not challenging kan but trust me once you're onboard and the thing takes off you will be like....ah ahhh cepatlah habis cepatla stop!! I sit next to Firas, while Idlan sits next to his cousin Aiman. I practically shut my eyes throughout the ride sambil menjerit...."Firas ok tak Firas ok tak?" Uh uh sebenarnya mama yg tak ok!! Jantung rasa macam nak melayang bila benda tu tetiba pusing like 90 degrees...ala-ala roller coaster kids version la hikhik. I surprised Firas enjoyed the ride that he even wished to repeat again....sori son the queue was too long...some more mama masih lagi rasa terkejut! Can't believe i survived the ride though haha

The Far Far Away section. Ammar still sleeping...sejuk sebab baru lepas hujan syiokla kan!

Shrek or maybe Princess Fiona's castle

the kids posing with the giant Shrek. Idlan takut Shrek sebenarnya though i think he is quite cute actually :p

some food eateries at the Madagascar section. That is Marty the zebra.
the penguins!
and also king julien's yang sangat lorat :p

Sesame Street characters of which Ammar was so excited upon seeing them!

Madagascar the crate adventure. A boat ride that will take you inside the dark tunnel housing the various Madagascar's characters...mmg menarik. This one Ammar and budak kecik mmg boleh naik :)

Abah kind of excited dpt jumpe big bird ke? hehe
We had lunch at the Mel's Drive. Mmg sedap burger diaa...sedap dan besar dan kenyang! One meal will cost you around $12-$15.

Mmg lapar giler time nih...lapar dan lenguh kaki actually

aahaaa dare to take the challenge? haha definitely not me la ok....even if you pay me 1k i would need to think 100th times before deciding to ride this thing. Rasanya boleh sakit jantung kalo ai naik!

ececece orang tu posing depan Human. dia pon tak naik jugak finally :p

haaaa if you offer me to ride this thing many many times i am more than willing n happy to do so. This is called the Accelerator. Ala2 tea cup version tak pening...tak pening sebab kerusi dia besar....best giler pusing2 dlm ni. Tapi of course not thrilled and challenging even for a small kid like Ammmar :p

happy faces. Dah kenyang dah tido dah main...sukela dia!

the bumble bee

The Boogie Street show around 5pm kot...featuring Madagascar characters...tapi sekejap je derang menyanyi...

the tricky penguins
Alex the lion, Gloria the hyppo...and king julien's
otw for a boat ride at the Madagascar Crate Adventure
maximum 3 person in a row
so mama duduk dengan idlan n ammar :)
kotak ni bergoyang-goyang..konon ade hippo dlm tu. Kids asked if the hippo will come out of the box haha

gelap betul dlm tunnel nih...hence accept the blurry pics!

Back to the Jurrasic park section where we rushed to buy the souvenir. Very last minute catch i'd say sebab time ni dah pukul 630pm!

Revenge of the Mummy! A roller coaster ride dlm gelap (not an open air roller coaster) yg penuh dgn hantu2 mummy dan seangkatan dgnnnya. The thrilliest ride i've tried during the trip...sampai skarang masih teringat ok! Roller coaster tu kejap ke depan...suddenly dia pulled us to the back...then pusing ke kiri kanan...ahhhh takut giler!! Idlan senyap sunyi...myself and mak ude jerit ahhhhh ahhhhhhhhhh....rasanya suara kitorang je kot yg dengar hikhik. Bila dia stop rasa lega giler...masya Allah tak sangka i survived the ride....hebat plak rasa kahkah. Anyway ammar and firas confirm tak boleh naik this ride, so kena bergilir dgn en hubby. Second round en hubby naik sorang...tapi tak sangka anak bujangku yang tadi takut tiba2 boleh volunteer nak temankan abah naik lagi sekali...i was like wahhhhhhhh beraninya idlan! Pruz ckp dia siap pegang tangan idlan...takut idlan tercampak hehehe

hari hampir senja....dah pukul 7pm

it was already 720pm during this time. Kelam kabut amik gambar depan globe sebab bas patutnya sampai around 730pm.
very nice view during that night...sejuk jer..

kids posing with their Madagascar t-shirt ($19.90 each) & transformers ($26.90). Superlike the t-shirts...comel betul!

okla i just don't have the time to put up a long and descriptive stories...hope the pic helps!

25 November 2012

Tiring, but satisfying weekend

Tiring coz works seem to be giving quite a highest toll to my routine that there seems to be so many things to do within such a limited time. What more we're getting close to year end, hence expect the last minute shopping at users' end i suppose? sigh*&*&*&

Anyway, these are some baked that i made over the week. Baking is tiring no doubt, but it somehow add colors to my life. At least i got to forget about the office work when i was switched on the baking mode :p

A large 1.5kg New York cheesecake with a combination of oreo & digestive biscuits crumbs as the base, topped with milk chocolate ganache and lastly finished with chocolate curls and crispy chocolate rice balls. Very chocolatey i'd say, even a true chocolate doesnt sound as chocolatey as this...haha

It was for an ofismate where she took this back to her hometown to be enjoyed by the whole family. Very glad and relieved that everyone loved the cake very much. Even her ayah yg macam org kg pon suke kek ni katanya :) Thanks so much Aliza for ur order!
3 x 25pcs red velvet cupcakes and carrot walnut cupcakes for Siti Aminah who's throwing her son's birthday party at the Red Wok last night. Such a grand besday party i'd say, with cute self-made doorgift for the guest. Untung anak dia!
She actually requested for a baby blue & light pink color combination, but sad to say that i failed to get the right blue shade on the frosting, probably because the cream cheese itself is already cream in color. Unlike buttercream i normally dont have issues to get the blue color right...ahhh am truly sorry dear! Lucky she said this green-pink color cupcakes doesnt seem odd with the overall setting...phewww
Ready for pick up!
Last but not least, a medium-sized 1.5kg devils food orange chocolate cake with double layer milk chocolate ganache and orange cheese frosting for a neighbour in front of our house. A last minute order for he SIL birthday. She gave me a call around 1pm, and the cake is done around 530pm same day! This is when baker puts on her professional magic to get things done fast hihi
design roses as requested by the owner...

Firas came to me and plead to cut the cake when he saw this...arghhh susah betul nak mengelakkan kek ni dari pandangan dia :p

The leftover Happy Birthday tag that i made last time for Ammar's birthday. Belasah guna jela :)

till then...hv a nice weekend peeps!