18 November 2012

JPO - USS - JPO Part 1 (14 Nov 2012)

Trip yg dekat je pon, tapi sangat merabakkan poket kiri kanan ku. Itulah konklusi yg dpt disimpulkan dari percutian singkat kami kali ini hehe.

Our journey towards down south started as early as 6.40am using the Plus highway. It took us about 3 hours++ to reach the Johor Premium Outlet (JPO). Take the Senai exit, then follow the UTM signage and in just few minutes you will see the JPO sign standing tall n proud next to the highway. It was scorching hot that day, plus the place is kind of isolated from any other buildings with not so many trees planted on the ground..mmg panas.

some of the famous designer lines over here...

this time around we had mak ude to co-attend the kids, also our nephew - Aiman and Haikal. Mmg galok habisla bila jumpa kroni :p

this is the foodcourt, located just few walking distance from the main entrance. Very convenient, spacious, with toilets and surau located next to it. They serve varieties of food from fusion, western, kampung style, thai, etc, but the price is all selling at premium! ahh nama pon foodcourt JPO..mmg sumernyer super duper premium isk isk. People got no choice but to have their meals over here sebab kedai lain mmg jauh amats. Actually we don't see any other kedai makan pon located nearby :p Dalam JPO ada Coffee Beans, crepe stalls and Baskin Robbins.

itu dia..belum pepe dah jumpe kedai nih :p

agak pening nak pilih...tp kena pilih cepat2 gak sbb nnt en hb bosan tunggu lama2 kat luar tuh :p

finally i picked one of those displayed over here...selling at 20% discount only. My review on Coach outlet- takdela byk sgt diskaun dia...some items are selling at 50% discount tapi off season punyer collection.Majority  ranging from 20%-30% discount. My personal take, kalau nak betul2 best bargain silalah beli online. Tapi kena tunggula kan. And you don't get the chance utk pegang2 n belek2 the item :p Apa-apa pun tepuk dada tanye poket dulu baru decide :)

Fidani chocolate..sgt mahal ok. Almost double the price from Langkawi tapi nak gi langkawi pon bukan slalu kan...so beli jugakla sket kat sini. Daim 1 pack tu RM31...giler mahal lah!

posing2 sementara tunggu abah shopping...

Posing berlatar belakangkan Burberry. Tak masuk pon...sbb rasanya konfem tak mampu milik kihkih

We spent about 6-7 hours in JPO (gosh lama giler!) before heading to our next destination i.e. Tune Hotel Danga Bay. Takdela jauh sgt from JPO, thanks to Mr Papago for driving us right to the desti tanpa sesat :) Check in was super fast n efficient. We paid less than RM100 for one night (that inclusive of the shuttle bus to USS for RM25/pax ok). Sangat jimat kan. Rasanye the room rate alone is RM60++. Air-cond, toiletries, towel, tv and wifi all available as add-ons. We only took tv (so additional RM10/24 hours). 

The moment we stepped into the hotel room, we were like whoooahhhh cun giler! Trust me, it was really worth the price paid. Bilik cantik, katil comfy, toilet ok, TV LCD...yg tak ok cuma sempit jer..but still there is space to perform your solat which to us is good enough already. So next time jgn ragu2 nak duk kat Tune Hotel ok haha. Ala-ala standard hotel 3 star kat Hong Kong la rasanya.

nice interior. We booked twin single beds...mlm terus combine katil so that it can fit the 5 of us :)

the flower effect tu sgt cantik kan. At one glance igtkan wall paper, rupanya lukisan cat jer.

the toilet
tv LCD. Habis je 24 hours tv akan automatically shut off. Everything is metered and available as add-ons haha

ops ni gambar kat JPO dlm kedai Nike. Kids guling n baring2 sementara tunggu abah pening nk pilih kasut

ni je chocolate yg dibeli...tu pon total damage RM60!

dlm kedai Puma
some t-shirt for the kids. Beli kat Padini concept store. Takdela murah mana, sama harga time j-card sale..tapi beli jugakla sbb nnt mama feel guilty if i dont get something for them kan...:p

the one n only item for mama. So pasni leh matching bila pakai baju kaler biru, grey, putih or hitam :)

oh esok dah keje kan....arghh kemalasan betul. Syiok cuti seminggu, konfem esok monday blues uwaaaaaaaa
next entry - uss!
till then ciaooo~


LiTtLe^m3 said...

Eh sama plak itinerary kita g uss ni.. saya x update lg... Bz :)

y@tipruzz said...

Ok sila updettt hihi

Smiley said...

fuhh byk dah koleksi beg coach ko..

CT said...

amboiiii cube tayang suma koleksi bag coach anda kite nak tgk..plus cemana korang simpan handbag banyak2 ni ek? huhuhuh

kite silap la aritu x take pic together-gether masa jumpa kan...rugi, rugi, rugi

kite gi JPO on saturday, tapi maybe sbb bukan jenis shopping sangat, so nothing menarik minat kite kecuali cokelat...eheheheheh

y@tipruzz said...

Simpan dlm dustbag dia la kak hehe
Coklat mahal kn kt fidani tu. Tp bli jugakla since kids dh masuk. Siap rembat lolipop sorng satu derng sumer tuh :p

CT said...

hehehe kut la siap buat display ke...:) kite mmg simpan dalam dustbag, pastu kut ada kotak simpan dalam kotak...tapi mcm x favor sbb x nampakla kan bag2 tu..ehehehe

Ha ah, mahal la Fidani tu..kite rembat M&M sbb budak2 suka..lollipop tu x rembat sbb anak2 selalu makan x abis...membazir je kalo beli

Smiley said...

oo simpan dlm dust bag..aku tak simpan dlm dustbag pulak..simpan dlm almari..2 handbag je pon..

y@tipruzz said...

M&M pon mahal kan. ala kesimpulannya sumer mahal hehe

farra - almari better la tak kena habuk :p

CT said...

betul betul betul...tapi sbb x shopping mende lain, as upah to d kids sbb teman gak kitorg ke JPO..so layan saja beli coklat..

jgn lupa wat entry koleksi handbagmu...:) suka tgk org punye...

puterikiut said...

jgn lupe sharekan cost in details ye.. senang ahkak nak budget.. sgt berminat nak dok tune hotel tu and amik shuttle bus ke uss.. tingin nak pegi sentosa gak..

p/s : bag kite simpan dlm dustbag and letak dlm storage box yg jual kat giant tu.. kalau letak dlm almari takut berhabuk..

y@tipruzz said...

koleksi handbag, baik soh k.nieta yg update. dia nyer sure berpuluh2 ketul saya rasa :p

detail kos insya allah..liat betul nk type next entry hehe

puterikiut said...

yati.. hahaha mana ada 'sikit' je.. tu pun akak dah stop..perasan tak?

y@tipruzz said...

insaf ke k.nieta? akakakaka mesti sementara je nih :p