25 November 2012

Tiring, but satisfying weekend

Tiring coz works seem to be giving quite a highest toll to my routine that there seems to be so many things to do within such a limited time. What more we're getting close to year end, hence expect the last minute shopping at users' end i suppose? sigh*&*&*&

Anyway, these are some baked that i made over the week. Baking is tiring no doubt, but it somehow add colors to my life. At least i got to forget about the office work when i was switched on the baking mode :p

A large 1.5kg New York cheesecake with a combination of oreo & digestive biscuits crumbs as the base, topped with milk chocolate ganache and lastly finished with chocolate curls and crispy chocolate rice balls. Very chocolatey i'd say, even a true chocolate doesnt sound as chocolatey as this...haha

It was for an ofismate where she took this back to her hometown to be enjoyed by the whole family. Very glad and relieved that everyone loved the cake very much. Even her ayah yg macam org kg pon suke kek ni katanya :) Thanks so much Aliza for ur order!
3 x 25pcs red velvet cupcakes and carrot walnut cupcakes for Siti Aminah who's throwing her son's birthday party at the Red Wok last night. Such a grand besday party i'd say, with cute self-made doorgift for the guest. Untung anak dia!
She actually requested for a baby blue & light pink color combination, but sad to say that i failed to get the right blue shade on the frosting, probably because the cream cheese itself is already cream in color. Unlike buttercream i normally dont have issues to get the blue color right...ahhh am truly sorry dear! Lucky she said this green-pink color cupcakes doesnt seem odd with the overall setting...phewww
Ready for pick up!
Last but not least, a medium-sized 1.5kg devils food orange chocolate cake with double layer milk chocolate ganache and orange cheese frosting for a neighbour in front of our house. A last minute order for he SIL birthday. She gave me a call around 1pm, and the cake is done around 530pm same day! This is when baker puts on her professional magic to get things done fast hihi
design roses as requested by the owner...

Firas came to me and plead to cut the cake when he saw this...arghhh susah betul nak mengelakkan kek ni dari pandangan dia :p

The leftover Happy Birthday tag that i made last time for Ammar's birthday. Belasah guna jela :)

till then...hv a nice weekend peeps!


LiTtLe^m3 said...

nyum3 nanti kita plak order ek.. cakes yg malas kita nak buat :D

y@tipruzz said...

ehhh org tu ade mixer best kan wajib buat sendiri tauuuu :p

mak ude said...

i'm itching for my empire red...

y@tipruzz said...

hehe sabar naaaa nnt leh buat kek red using ur red mixer :p