25 November 2012

JPO-USS-JPO Part 2 (15 Nov 2012)

I just felt too lazy to transfer every single thing from my memory box and translate those into words. But each trip deserves its own stories and worth be shared with others ain't u think so? Well at least for my own record la kan :p Let's just try to keep it simple and straight to the point shall we?

Tune Hotel Danga Bay lobby

Several computers lined up at the lobby for public use. Free wifi yer tuan puan :)

In front of the hotel lobby where those who already booked for the Odyssey shuttle bus convene and get ready to board the bus. We standby as early as 715am. Ticket price is RM25/pax..regardless adult or kids.
Orang sgtla ramai. Confirmed that majority still prefer to go inside S'pore via public transport rather than self-drive.

Bus lambat arrive ok...so abah killed off the time by doing some exercise with the kids :p
now it's firas's turn!
Finally, we boarded the bus around 8am kots...tak igt dah. The process of getting custom clearance at the Jb-Sing border is quite troublesome i'd say. Turun bas, jalan laju masuk office immigration, then queue utk cop passport and scanning, then turun to the right bus platform, board the bus again and off we proceed to the second check point (Woodlands in Sing). During the second check point u need to bring along all ur stuffs including stroller before they allow u to enter Sing...so for those with small kids n few bags to carry along this is the most tricky and taxing part i'd say. Sampai hubby ckp pasni tobat takmo naik bas masuk Singapore dah :p The whole journey took us almost 2 hours before we finally arrived at USS, despite the distance is only about 25km from Tune Hotel-USS! The traffic is quite heavy with long queue to enter into the immigration office building, so travelling by air would be the most convenient way but comes with a higher cost la kan :p

That morning was a bit cloudy and few minutes before we reached USS the rain drops rather heavily membasahi bumi USS! My oh my we had to change our uniform into ponchos!!

cutie little Ammar now becomes a yellow bumblebee :p First time rasmi poncho nih hehe

Ammar gave us that blur look..probably he was thinking why everybody suddenly changed into those weird yellow-colored uniform :p

USS globe from a far...uwaaaa sedey hari hujan! sgt lebat i tell u huk huk sedey sedey! The entrance was really crowded with visitors as some were stuck and decided to wait for a while for they didnt hv umbrellas or rain coat to protect themselves. Kesian jugak for those who unprepared for situation like this..

Garrett the expensive pop corns! I am not sure how expensive it was, coz i never bother nor do i ever have intention to have some pops over them. I would rather spend some $$ to buy expensive chocolates than pop corns! Anyway depends la pada preference or priority memasing kan :)

Ammar now safe n sound tucked inside the stroller. Again the blurry look from him!

us at the USS entrance. Do not forget the get the USS site map and show time at the right corner of the entrance. there's an Info counter over there, also a restroom.

the crowds that morning. dah ramai ok!
we stumbled upon the kungfu panda, but the Q is way too long that we decided not to Q for picture taking session with him. Since it was still raining, we decided to kick start our tour with Shrek 4D movie at its in house theatre located at the Shrek/Princess Fiona's castle. All of us sat at the motion seat, hence we got the chance to experience the movement and all the effects throughout the movie. Sgt best ok! the storyline is exactly similar with the one we had at the Movie World Gold Coast, it's just that this time i got to seat at the motion section :) Haikal cried at certain parts of the movie...at the cemetery scene kot..ammar was cool and seemed ok. Anyway i put him on my hip, so during certain movement okla dia takdela terkejut sgt. Seriously for expectant mother or baby pls dont choose the motion seats. The effect at times were quite significant that it may pose certain risk to ur pregnancy. Bila scene Shrek naik kuda it felt like u were riding a horse...as strong as that the effect tau. Ada splash air dekat muka, spider naik atas kaki kita...etc. Overall, i rated 5/5 for the 4D movie :)

cant remember what is this...Shrek's house ke? This was taken right after we finished the 4D movie..masih hujan...

Elmo Sesame Street! Disebabkan hujan show sesame street takder...sedey!

Optimus Prime.  You need to Q to take pic with him, and there was option to buy your pic costs at $20.

The BumbleeBee. During this time the Transformers ride was closed due to certain reason, so we had to proceed for other rides.

The Ancient Egypt section. Nice monuments and scene over here...

Firas and ammar panggil benda alah tu 'hantu hantu!!!'
The Lost World action packed show at the Lost World section. We catched the 12.30pm show time...a very enjoyable show with full of effects i'd say, but still cannot beat the dolphin show at the Sea World or even the Steven Speilberg show they have in the Movie World. Yang ni ada tembak2, bot terbakar, orang terjun dlm air, speedboat terbalik, etc...

Ammar almost sleepy during that time...but obviously he forced himself to stay awake..nak tengok tembak2 kot hehe
the set
another angle of the show set
There was a technical glitch happen after 2-3 minutes the show started. They failed to start off the speedboat and we had to wait for about 10 minutes for them to get a back up. At last the re-started the acting all over again hehe klakar plak bila pk

Ok peeps this is already too long i think...let's continue with next entry ya!


CT said...

itula salah satu sebab kitorg x mo naik bas masuk SG....we always masuk SG dengan bonet yg penuh, so imaginela kalo nak naik bas n then nak bring all the things thru custom check..mmg very taxing..x sanggup....

the live show tu dpt tgk sekali masa 1st entry to USS...hehehe pastu x pi dah..

y@tipruzz said...

Kalo takde small kids okla naik bus. En hub pon mcm x sanggup dh by bus hehe

LiTtLe^m3 said...

Aduh.. ada anak kecik naik bus mmg leceh.. alang kitaorg yg berdua pun cam kelam kabut gak... kena plak hari hujan.. double aduh...

y@tipruzz said...

baiti, 1st time try naik bas...letey benar rasanya. so not recommended for those with anak kecik...anak dah besar okla jimattttss :)