30 January 2009

The Carnivall SP

Pictures taken @ the Carnivall.

a quick lunch @ Tesco b4 mandi manda

Posing cun atas pangkin

baru bgn tido

si dua beradik yg baru abis mandi and
sibuk mkn lollipop
*Gambo Firas je byk sbb dia sorang tak mandi :p

29 January 2009

the long extended CNY holiday

Firas is having series of coughing and vomitting after we got back from Kedah last Tuesday. It was his first time alas he got it pretty bad poor baby. Merengek manjang… his voice has turned into serak2 basah gitew. The bad bugs even made him coughing at night, and I got my fair share of disturbed sleep for the past 2 days (as expected). Get well soon sayang! And si abang plak, lucky he’s ALL ok, in and out. He’s putting up another kilo, now 24kg mak aihhh :p

Apa citer cuti2 kat kampung? Well we went to The Carnivall at Sg Petani. It’s a mini waterpark ala2 desa waterpark gitu. Not bad since it offers few spots and sections for mandi2, few watergames just like the one in tiara beach. Thing that I like most, it got more than 15/20 pangkin (tpt lepak besar) that even Firas found it comfy for him to sleep and rolled over on top of it :) Tickets are priced at RM25 (adult) and RM19 (kids) inclusive of lunch packs (a choice of mee/meehon/fried rice/chic burger+soft drinks). Cool huh…definitely will go again next time!

Good news, my cheque for MRTA claim is ready to be collected tho hubby’s is still pending for processing (we got to claim since we’d refinanced our loan to co’s). I’d harrassed them like more than 7x (since Nov last yr tau) just to get them expedite the processing so I can get my ultimate dream bag in time. But now that the cheque is secured in hand, mood nak shopping dah hilang why meh? What I know for now I’ll deposit a handsome amount of it in my TH, and will allocate around 300-400 to get a new washing machine since the current one is going kaput anytime real soon hehe. That’s it! No new shoes, no new handbags whatsoever. Wahh terasa bangga plak ngan diri sendiri :p I guess part of it is because I’m inspired by lotsa articles from this webbie

Last but not least, go figure farra’s latest post on bijakringgit.com Like it very much. Berapa nisbah hutang anda? Mine alas is more than 35% (loan rumah je tau phewww) huhuhu red alert nih :p

23 January 2009

We'll be going back to Kedah tomorrow early in the morning. Really hoping for a smooth traffic otherwise there's high chance the journey will drag to ....hmm possibly up to 6-7 hrs!

Those who're heading back to hometown, or to wherever u planned to go, drive carefully ok. And dun forget to wear seatbelts..specially to the passengers at back (reminder to myself actually hehe).

Hmm Hot Stove has been updated, and that means i'm ready to take orders now. But still limited to 2 orders per week only. Kasik can la mama nak relek2 sama kan hehe

super moist choc cake for my neighbour k.Shima

21 January 2009

breastfeeding your little one!

I consider myself as a novice in breastfeeding, yet my short 5 months experience truly evidences the benefit of human milk above all. That alone provides extra strength and courage for me to continue giving the best to my bb. As compared to Idlan, Firas has been down with fever only twice since birth, and those were only mild fevers. On contrary idlan got his first neb session barely at the age of 4 months ++, not to mention the frequent cough, flu and other bugs till he reached 1 y-o where his body became immuned already. As such, being an avid bf believer I vow not to give up regardless whatever sort of obstacles lie ahead. My stocks are depleting and my freezer now has tiny empty spaces already :( (and it’s being occupied by whipped cream hehe). And yesterday I had to discard about 6 containers dated September 2008, blame me for being too lazy to do clean up! Pumping session still ongoing as usual, I pump 3-4x in a day (first session is always around 630-7am before going to office), and those session yields about 18-20oz. I no longer pump at night (since I started working) since firas is waking up 5-6x without fail, hence I definitely need some good sleep. Every minute counts and is soooo damn precious I’d say. Like last night he woke up every 1 hour and my kepala was like pening2 lalat already hoho. Some more he refused bf in lying position, so imagine myself having to wake up and set into sitting position during nursing. Yesterday, hubby bought this Kordel’s ‘Executive B’ complex vitamin to keep me energized and stay awake throughout the day. Well I’m not used to take supplements during my entire life (except during pregnancy of course!) and that’s my ultimate point for this entry today. Let’s take supplement and give extra care for your body! Haha

And oppps opinions are welcomed should you know any other brands/vitamin that can boost your energy :)

19 January 2009

Premium cuppies open for pre-order

Limited to 2 sets per week only.

A choice of:
- Berries I luv u
- Swirly lovey
- Choco duo
- Or any combination of above

Flavour : super moist choc
1 set/box : 16 large cuppies (6.5cm diameter)
Price: RM50

Berries I Luv u

Swirly Lovey

Choco Duo

18 January 2009

celebration of love

1. It supposed to be a surprise at my mom's office. Nevertheless due to me waking up late, an hour spent at tesco to do some provisions, and settling the normal errands back at home, the cuppies and cake were only ready late afternoon. So we just brought the cake to my parents' on saturday and eat together with my bro's family.

Happy Birthday Umi and Pa! And Happy Anniversary to both of u!
I can never thank you enough for being the most loving, reasonable and wonderful parents to all of us. May Allah bless both of you, in whatever things you do, today and hereafter...amin.

plain cheesecake, poured with ganache & topped with
choc curl n fresh berries

Choco attack!!! Berries i luv u cuppies :)

Choco duo

Swirly lovey (my niece mistakenly thought tis is cornetto ice cream hehe)

last but not least, buttercream cuppies for idlan :p

2. And just after we got back home, i had a severe gastric attack sigh~
Pretty bad this time that i needed to curl myself like a prawn to ease the pain.
3. Firas had his 5 months shot yesterday. He now weighs 7kg.

09 January 2009

My little darling turned 5 m-o yesterday.
Still never fail to wake up about 4-6x every night since birth.
And that would mean I’ve been going thru the ‘sleep-deprived mode’ for 5 sweet months.
At times I felt like a zombie at office. There was ocassion where I bumped onto the road divider during my usual morning drive.(note: mr matrix still ok, no dent or scratch whatsoever hehe).
Pumping session still ongoing 2-3x a day and i’m happy about it.
He shows effort to mengiring-ngiring yet still hasn’t rolled over..but it’s ok dear am sure you will one day :)
He once down with a slight fever (after we got back from PD :p) and that was his first time, with that am really grateful to Him for he’s blessed with good health. And yep I’m strongly believe part of it contributed by the magic of mom’s milk…alhamdulillah.
He often drives me up to the wall, particularly during sleeping time, yet he melts my heart with his sweet, adorable smile.

No matter how cranky and fussy you turned into, you’re indeed one special baby gifted in our family. And we love you unconditionally for what you are.

Hepi 5 months old Amir Firas! Another one month to go before mommy needs to wake up extra early (skang pon dah cukup early :p) to cook for your homemade solids!

05 January 2009

Tiara Beach PD

A good beginning for year 2009.
We had a blast fun in PD.

Thanx to abah, our so-called ad hoc holiday saved us a lot since we managed to get a family suite at a much lower price than the single room. Last minute luck I’d say.
Idlan enjoyed the pool water so much, alas si abah so-so je since idlan did not have the gut to go further, what more to try the winding gelongsor n whatnots.
Mama became the consistent and unofficial photographer for them :p
Later on the evening, mama decided to take off Firas’s booties and he got his first contact of the pool water barely at the age of 4 m-o hehe.
Dinner was splendid, we had big plate of fetuccine carbonara, fish n chip and TBR special fried rice.
Idlan had 3-4x ice-cream and snacks in between mandi2 tuh, which cost a ‘huge’ dent in abah’s pocket. Imagine cornetto drumstick/crounchy being priced at 4.50, keropok at 2.50, etc.
Got the chance to try my skill on basketball. Sorry to say i’d be the last person to get chosen by any particular coach I supposed :p Idlan is worst, he simply kicked the ball instead of bounced it haha
And my dear firas, ahh this boy behaved well all the time. And we can conclude he hearts air-cond so much!