09 January 2009

My little darling turned 5 m-o yesterday.
Still never fail to wake up about 4-6x every night since birth.
And that would mean I’ve been going thru the ‘sleep-deprived mode’ for 5 sweet months.
At times I felt like a zombie at office. There was ocassion where I bumped onto the road divider during my usual morning drive.(note: mr matrix still ok, no dent or scratch whatsoever hehe).
Pumping session still ongoing 2-3x a day and i’m happy about it.
He shows effort to mengiring-ngiring yet still hasn’t rolled over..but it’s ok dear am sure you will one day :)
He once down with a slight fever (after we got back from PD :p) and that was his first time, with that am really grateful to Him for he’s blessed with good health. And yep I’m strongly believe part of it contributed by the magic of mom’s milk…alhamdulillah.
He often drives me up to the wall, particularly during sleeping time, yet he melts my heart with his sweet, adorable smile.

No matter how cranky and fussy you turned into, you’re indeed one special baby gifted in our family. And we love you unconditionally for what you are.

Hepi 5 months old Amir Firas! Another one month to go before mommy needs to wake up extra early (skang pon dah cukup early :p) to cook for your homemade solids!


Ummu Auni said...

kalau dengar cerita jaga baby ni, tu la yang tak larat rasanya. tapi cam nak baby :p

yatipruzz said...

firas special case :p
idlan dulu senang sket laar

so do not generalize based on firas ok!