21 January 2009

breastfeeding your little one!

I consider myself as a novice in breastfeeding, yet my short 5 months experience truly evidences the benefit of human milk above all. That alone provides extra strength and courage for me to continue giving the best to my bb. As compared to Idlan, Firas has been down with fever only twice since birth, and those were only mild fevers. On contrary idlan got his first neb session barely at the age of 4 months ++, not to mention the frequent cough, flu and other bugs till he reached 1 y-o where his body became immuned already. As such, being an avid bf believer I vow not to give up regardless whatever sort of obstacles lie ahead. My stocks are depleting and my freezer now has tiny empty spaces already :( (and it’s being occupied by whipped cream hehe). And yesterday I had to discard about 6 containers dated September 2008, blame me for being too lazy to do clean up! Pumping session still ongoing as usual, I pump 3-4x in a day (first session is always around 630-7am before going to office), and those session yields about 18-20oz. I no longer pump at night (since I started working) since firas is waking up 5-6x without fail, hence I definitely need some good sleep. Every minute counts and is soooo damn precious I’d say. Like last night he woke up every 1 hour and my kepala was like pening2 lalat already hoho. Some more he refused bf in lying position, so imagine myself having to wake up and set into sitting position during nursing. Yesterday, hubby bought this Kordel’s ‘Executive B’ complex vitamin to keep me energized and stay awake throughout the day. Well I’m not used to take supplements during my entire life (except during pregnancy of course!) and that’s my ultimate point for this entry today. Let’s take supplement and give extra care for your body! Haha

And oppps opinions are welcomed should you know any other brands/vitamin that can boost your energy :)


Farra said...

firas takmo nyusu baring? waduh..letihnya..train le dia

ko tak pernah makan vitamin ek? pelik gak..aku kekadang vitamin C / habbatus sauda

sekarang mmg habatus sauda je la..try la

aida said...

aku makan calcium magnesium masa fahri bawah setahun

other than that, amik fish oil kalau kes kurang makan ikan

obimin untuk tambah darah

yatipruzz said...

habatus sauda besar ke kecik?
aku kalo besar2 ni susah telan :p
ko rasa energetic ke kalo mkn tuh?

aida- aku korek balik fish oil time pregnant dulu..tgh nk abiskan nih :)

Farra said...

i never take fish oil

habatus sauda kecik aje..cam pil biasa..bukan saja jd energetic...aku terus melekat no 3 :p

yatipruzz said...

bahaya tuh...takmolah aku!