28 November 2007

Jom Makan-makan!

Assalamualaikum/Salam Sejahtera,

Rakan-rakan, tuan-tuan, puan-puan, cik-cik, encik-encik…..

Saya sekeluarga ingin menjemput semua ke rumah kami pada 1 Disember 2007 untuk makan-makan, minum-minum, borak-borak, etc bersempena majlis house warming + birthday celebration anak kami Idlan Farhan yg ke-3.

Alamat: No 17, Jalan Sutera 2/2, Seksyen 2, Taman Sutera, 43000 Kajang, Selangor
Masa : 1 - 6pm

Semoga kehadiran semua akan memeriahkan lagi majlis. Insyallah.
p/s: Doa selamat bermula jam 12.30 ok.


27 November 2007

Bandung 19-21 nov

It was such a great trip, officially becomes the closing for our year-end 2007. Those 3 days escapade leaves immense and sweet memories, in fact my mom kept on telling of going again next year. 3 days was not enough to be honest, u may need at least 4 days to fully cover all the much-talked about places like FOs, Pasar Baru, etc. Lucky I’ve done some research before going there, glanced thru the forumers’ comments in cari.com, jotting down some of the ‘must-go’ places, and we had fun going here and there, no need for pak supir or guide whatsoever....just the 5 of us (plus umi and adik)…adventure sket :p

A week before that, I’ve called some of the popular hotels (3 star je ok tak boleh memahal!) and we were lucky ada satu hotel yg tak penuh..the rest are ALL fully booked. So dptla stay at Hotel Kedaton (superior room Rp405k which equivalents to around RM150/night). Fortunate enough to tell u, hotel tu dekat banget ngan Pasar Baru….best giler.

Day 1
Arrive bandung around 11am local time. Straight away went to hotel for check in. Right after Zohor went out for lunch at food court in pasar baru. Savour ourselves with its local delicacies…nama dah lupa bley refer pics later hehe. Price is almost the same with our nasi goreng…ranging between RM3.50-4.50 per set. Then terus continue with our first round shopping. Mmg rambang mata…here they sell telekung, blouse (yg sulam2 tu byk sgt and murah2 belaka), handbags, shoes, comforters, kain ela, lace, etc..u name it sumer ader…7 storeys altogether so practically u can get everything under one roof! Yg tak bestnyer, dia tutup awal..around 6-6.30pm ramai sellers dah tutup kedai. Kena cepat2 pilih, cepat2 beli hoho. So sempatla beli few blouses, kain lace, baju spiderman, topi spiderman, cadar spiderman, etc. sumernyer spiderman hoho..yg haru lepas beli terus nak pakai lagik tuh sabor jela. Night time, went to their biggest mall i.e Bandung SuperMall. Our initial intention to look out for nasi padang tapi takder..last2 makan KFC je punyerla bosan. We bought nothing over here…price-wise more or less similar with klcc nyer standard. In fact they have more branded stores compared to the one in KL….so tak mampula kitorang nak beli :p. eh silap sempatla beli their infamous local donuts ½ dozen, called J.Co..ala-ala dunkin donuts la. I think I prefer dunkin’ lagi….except their version is more fluffy and lembut. Sampai hotel terus jot down barang2 yg dah dibeli…and our mind starts calculating and planning what to buy on the next day.

Day 2
After having our buffet breakfast, went again to pasar baru, main intention was to change my mom and my blouse size..tak muat beli semlm nyer hoho. This time we split up between the guys and the ladies…and limit ourselves for 2 hours only to cover everything. So belilah blouse lagi, telekung, shoes, brooch, kerepek2, chiffon, kain sulam, etc…drop our things at hotel and then board the cab and heading to FOs in Jalan Riau. FOs ni ala-ala reject shop, but they offer wider varieties of branded items, original and imitate nyer version. Those mak and pak budaks mmg bley pinar2 mata because kids’ clothes mmg byk…brand2 yg tak penah dengar pon byk dijual kat sini. I can get idlan’s clothes merely around RM25-30 for one suit of t shirt n jean…murah giler kan hehe. So sambar la 4 pasang baju idlan…none for me as nothing caught my intention. Took a trishaw and ask the pakcik to bring us to any restaurant offering nasi padang. Mmg heaven dpt pekena masakan depa…re-energize balik after lunch. That time I bet all the muscles and legs macam dah nak tercabut…but still we have to move on else tak sempat nak cover tpt lain :p hm FOs ni ade byk standard, ade yg murah…ade yg mahal…semua nama lain2..all located within walking distance from each other (the best is Heritage pasal byk baju murah). Penat banget nak jln from one to another. Kekadang idlan mintak dukung…mmg faham la kita yg dewasa ni penat apetah lagi budak kan. Dekat nak maghrib we went to FOs along Jln Dago plak….kat sini lagi meriah, but since kaki and badan dah penat…tak byk spent time kat situ…tak larat dah. Sambar 2-3 helai baju idlan…and that’s it. Idlan mmg dah tertido..terpaksa gilir2 dukung with my mom and abahnyer. Mlm pekena nasi padang tepi hotel je. Tido mlm tu mmg tak ingat dunia..penat yg amats!

Day 3

Our flight tentatively was at 1035am….lepas breakfast my mom, brother n myself walked to pasar baru (5 minit je) to do our last minute shopping. Within 1 hour we try to catch up apa2 yg rasa teringin nak beli lagi hehe. Balik hotel, check out, and terus gi airport. The journey from hotel-airport took us only 15 minutes…mmg strategic!

So basically tu jela ceritanyer…for guys I think bandung ni biasa2 jer. B only bought few shirts and jacket for himself. But for women, this is one of the highly-recommended places for u to go and indulge urself. U can easily get nice shoes for less than RM20…of course it did not carry any established brand but to me as long as it is nice to wear, who cares brand aper dia tulis kan :p Telekung, kain and baju sulam…ni mmg best giler..but I didn’t spent much on that since takder size….byk size besar2 je baju dia…ralat sgt rasa L

Itu jela serba sedikit ceritanya..those yg nak pegi, can always call me and I can give u some guides/tips on places to go, things to buy and whatnots. Org bandung mmg best, sumer peramah and mesra, very courteous, polite..tak sombong. Sight-seeing places, hm rasanye tak byk….i’ve been there five years ago, so basically yg popular cuma Tangkuban Perahu (bekas gunung berapi) and hot water spring. Lain tader kot….yg best shopping je ler hehe

The following day after arrived in KL I took an urgent leave, to finish up my take home exam and settle all the laundry. This week is pretty hectic with meetings, ISO, training, and whatnots...lucky dah submit paper exam kalo idak haru biru hidupku. Nothing much awaits in December, except I’ll be following hubby to melaka for his conference…and also preparing and organizing for our house-warming cum idlan’s birthday bash …tunggu email jemputan eh :)

Gambar dah upload..refer fotopages eh!

09 November 2007

It was Deepavali day and yet still many of my friends invited for makan-makan sempena Syawal. We managed to go to only one house in Keramat, tu pun sebab nak drop the cake.... Idlan suddenly down for fever the previous night...mujur dia tak merengek kat umah org :p

choc chips cheesecake for my ofismate...Aida

He's getting better today, though the temperature still going up and down, accompanied by thick flu.
He talks a lot nowadays...especially when he meets my mum....antara org yg paling dia sayang besides us :p He make-do his own story-telling, revise few songs that made us laugh...

"tepuk amai-amai belalang pupu-pupu..tepuk biar pandai..idlan upah susu...susu lemak manis, santan kelapa muda, mama jangan nangis..idlan pegi keje.

When asked kenape idlan nak pegi keje...dia ckp nak cari duit beli robot Batman!

Sometimes, back from nursery, he tells us...Aiman jahat, dia buat Idlan. Bila tanye buat ape..dia ckp...Aiman tolak idlan masuk swimming pool.

That's our beloved Idlan...with his own sweet tales :p

07 November 2007

Jamuan lagik

We had pot luck Jamuan Hari Raya at my unit today. As usual, lots of varieties as expected in our team....we even emailing each other days before today to book for own's menu.

And i brought this...first time i saw this at my neighbour's open house last weekend...so tempting...so tiru idea dia hehe...

here goes baby banana coated with melted chocolate...insya allah bakal menjadi menu kami time open house nanti...:p

sempoi giler...coat je ngan coklat...siap!

05 November 2007

We're back from Kuching for good. Alhamdulillah the trip went well, i was all OK throughout, no pain attack whatsoever. For piccas and story visit our Fotopage (still in uploading progress).

Yesterday went to 3 makan-makan invitations including Semah's....semah upload la gambar2 ok!

Now it's time for books and assignment again!