30 March 2010


We are one T*!
Passion to win
Support each other

balik rumah kena wat homework la plak, 2 short essays which i managed to complete in few minutes sambil bermain dgn firas. Kalo tak siap homework esok tak dpt kutip duit a.k.a markah utk team hehe.

Rasa sgt bersemangat lepas habis sesi first day tadi, tapi bila bukak email dgn kerja yg bertubi-tubi...adussss rasa sesak nafas balik. Ditambah memikirkan si abang yg masih belum baik dari demam, sesema and batuk kahak dia...si adik yg masih berhingus pekat dan batuk...isk isk harap2 mereka cepat sihat.

Visa dah siap apply baru kejap tadi...diam tak diam cepat pulak masa berlalu. Research belum habis buat lagik....tiket team park belum beli, isk rasa tak prepare pulak utk cuti2 mesia kali ni huhuhu

26 March 2010

of the good and bad news....

A huge disaster hit me yesterday. All my hard works, efforts, commitment, time and energy put forth in the past one month gone wasted, blew off just like that, simply because of mistakes done by the user. The approving committees wanted the project to be called off, and that will means i need to re-do the quotation process all over again. After a nervous and tense ‘confrontation and explanation’ session with my GM, i felt a bit relieved, it’s like a huge stone has been lifted off my shoulders...at least my GM understands the situation. Obviously the blame is not to be put on me, but since i’m the owner and the responsible party incharged, sedikit sebanyak makcik kena tempiasnya beb, and i am totally answerable should people query ehhh kenapa kami tak dpt barang lagik?? Well to those yg ada hsbb kat rumah tuh, kalau assurance team lambat sampai utk restrore fault korang due to shortage of test gears, ha blame it on me....saya lah penyebabnyer :( Whatever it is, it was a good lesson learnt. From now on i need to be more strict with the user, walaupun mereka adalah kawan baik ke, kawan rapat ke, teman tapi tak mesra ker...work is still work, daku tak boleh berlembut lagi...if not at the end of the day this is what’s exactly gonna happen.

Dan yg menjadi kemuncaknya, my GM said despite all the things that happen, you need to present and table the case to the CTIO! I was like terkelip2 and terus terjerit....ha ape bos, saya ke yg kena present? I’m finished men...seriously i am! i mean i don’t really mind meeting mr JJ if i were to present something good to him, tapi ni kes nak bwk berita buruk....ahhh mujur MAPS lambat lagi...kalo idak i am doubly triply hit and jatuh terjelepuk! Guess i may need to go back, pack my things and lari bercuti ke gold coast menyorokkan diri bley tak??? Huhuhu

Namun begitu, i’m still surviving, tambah2 bila pagi tadi tgk gaji dah masuk bersama2 dgn increment dan elaun. Tho nett yg saya dpt is less than 50% after ‘sedekah paksa rela’ kpd pcb...saya tetap bersyukur. At least it lights up my day :)

25 March 2010

gravida 4 para 3

The not so good things about having so many lady staffs in the division, the boss may face a situation whereby few of his/her staffs might go for a short 2-months vacation (for reason you know what i meant :p)

And this is happening to my unit at the moment. My staff shall be due in mid of August (pray it'll come out on the 8th so bley geng dgn firas hehe), then it'll be my turn on the final week of Sept, and follow suit is my other staff, which hers shall be on the end of Oct. Coincidence or what, i think it's more of the takdir by Allah....semua berturut-turut hihi. It's still too early to drop the news to our boss, hopefully things will be under full control during those periods :)

Yesterday a fren of mine asked about my pregnancy, forgetful or what i had lost count on the weeks i am in right now. So early this morning i googled the majalah pa ma website and glad to find that i am now 13w4d today :)

23 March 2010

TBR 19-20 March

moody nk tido...

curik minum air!!

with mak ude and haikal

idlan and aiman

test power kete baru mak ude :P

bila ckp nak mandi, terus refuse pakai baju :p

We (i.e my family, mak, SIL, and my BIL’s family) had a blast fun at TBR over the last weekend.
The boys had their first dip as soon as we arrived around 11am. Idlan was more excited than usual, as his best buddies aka cousin Aiman and Haikal tagged along this time. My dear firas is one bravo boy i’d say, as he refused pelampung but insisted to walk in the water on his own, up to his mouth level. Orang kata sambil menyelam minum air and that’s what he exactly did, curi-curi minum air pool tu auwwwww. Idlan finally tried the winding slides, thanks to abang Aiman for his encouragement :) Tapi yg tak tahan, kat air cetek pun nak pakai google, pegi breakfast pakai google, hatta tgk tv pun pakai google...aduss kami layanz jer la. We stayed for 1 night only (mind the tight budget bonus tak mashuk lagikkk), and late afternoon on the next day we stopped over at Nilai 3 to buy some kain.

Back at home, my dear hubby got fever, flu and red eye. Myself was down with a very bad flu and a bit of temp yesterday, but still gagahkan diri ke office due to lots of pending workloads. I wish to have an mc today but i just can’t say no to attend to my so-called ‘very important meeting’ this afternoon at 12pm...susah betul nak accommodate jadual big bosses nih, meeting terpaksa wat kol 12...confirm perut kelaparan nak tunggu miting habis!

Okla that’s all for this week :) Nak pi buat milo panas as back up for the next 1-2hr of meeting...

18 March 2010


Kelmarin meeting habis pukul 730pm, sampai rumah pukul 8pm. Mujurlah ade tea-break in between, kalau tidak harus perutku kelaparan nak tunggu dinner. Selesai solat dan dinner,terus cuci pinggan, lipat kain 2 bakul, dan kemas bilik bawah. Kenapa sgt efficient mlm tadi? hehe sebab family mak mertua dan abang ipar akan sampai hari ini. Maka imej kenalah dijaga ye dak? if not tip top pun at least sedap mata memandang kata orang :p Mujurlah hubby akan duduk rumah hari ni, dan volunteer untuk vacum dan kemas apa yg patut...tq yang!

Hari ni schedule penuh, back to back meeting yg saya pasti akan berlarutan hingga ke malam lagi. Nasib badan...mujur saya masih mampu mengawal stress level :) Kepala ligat mencari idea. Patutkah saya mencari excuse utk pulang awal? Boleh ke saya cakap....saya kena balik awal bos, mak mertua satu family datang dari kampung nih..nak kena bawak mereka makan sate Hj Samuri malam ni! Anda agak, bos saya boleh buy in tak with such excuse???

Apa2 pun, esok kami semua akan bercuti-cutian di PD yey! First thing in the morning i'm gonna switch off my hp so that it's obviously unreachable :p Kerja byk pending, tapi kalau fikir kerja, sampai bila pun takkan habis ye tak. Family comes first, dan yg pasti i truly deserve a break....tak bley keje berat2 nanti adik baby stress hohoho

15 March 2010

of books and vacation

I've done with 'Shopaholic and Baby'...my first book for the year 2010 (fret not yet true :p). I still have 1 new malay novel untouched, and yesterday after hours of lingering around at IOI mall (obviously book hunting was not my priority at first place) i made a quick stop at the Popular just to look for 'Shopaholic and sister' and 'Shopaholic ties the knot'. Not to my luck for both were out of stocks. So today my very understanding hubby pasted me this one link at mudah for the 2nd hand shopaholic series and tadddaa i've secured an online order! Jimat pun jimat nyeh nyehhh. Anyway i did bought another malay novel yesterday by Sri Diah, Doa buat suamiku...but the narrative is too slow that it did not excites me as much as when i read the Kinsella's. Tapi baca tetap akan baca...sebab mahal kan :p

Anyway, our Tioman trip may be cancelled. After 'brainstorming' with my mum (and hubby of course!) we think the 3D2N package may not worth the long journey that we have to endure via road, i may not be able to snorkel considering my 'condition' during that trip, firas may feel bored just waiting inside the boat with my mum while the rest of us have a dip in the sea, and oh farra just replied my email saying 'mau pengsan dulu kami drive, tu anak sorang jer'. They do have the fly option via Berjaya Air but the tix is somehow...arghh ridiculous and out of our budget. So instead of Tioman i googled and googled and was thinking of going to Swiss garden damai laut @ Lumut...not bad kan? bilik nampak cun, most importantly we can have a short getaway and balik kampung to junjung at the same time, jimat kos petrol since it's going to be in the same route! Bijak kan clap clap! Now i just need to wait for hubby and my mum to check on their schedules. Oh another important note, not to stay in during school or public holiday to avoid their incredulous room surchage :p

okla stop berangan, back to work peeps!

12 March 2010

Pagi tadi di Hot FM, tajuk hot check yg diutarakan adalah ‘berjaya selepas gagal’. Saya tertarik dengan cerita seorang pemanggil lelaki ni. Dia gagal dalam SRP, berhenti belajar dan kemudian mengambil upah kerja menarik tiang elektrik, kabel, etc. Ada macam2 lagi kerja yg dilakukan, semuanya memerlukan kudrat yg lebih dan memenatkan. Kemudian dia kumpul duit, dan Berjaya membeli mesin kecil utk menurap jalan. Bermula dgn menurap jalan kecil di kawasan rumah dia, sekarang ni dia Berjaya mendapat kontrak membina jambatan yg harganya jutaan ringgit.

Kagum bukan?

Ini satu lagi kisah benar, anak saudara kepada bapa mertua saya yg kami panggil abang zul. Kata emak, abg zul belajar tidaklah sepandai mana, tidak masuk U pun. Bermula dengan kerja kecil-kecilan, sekarang di mata kami semua dia memang sangatlah berjaya. Business berkaitan telekomunikasi tak silapku, kontrak jutaan dengan syarikat2 gergasi termasuklah TM :) Yg ku tahu, dia ada banyak asset, rumah sendiri sangat besar, rumah sewa mmg merata. Adik-beradik dia ramai, tapi bila adik2 nak kahwin, dialah yg paling banyak mengeluarkan belanja. Orangnya kecil sahaja, muka very humble, anak2 dia comel tak ingat. Kata emak, itulah abg zul, orangnya tak pandai mana, tapi salah satu sebab emak percaya dia berjaya adalah dia tidak pernah terlepas utk menunaikan solat duha. Setiap hari. Ya rezeki tu mmg datang daripada Allah. Kepada Dia kita meminta, dan hanya Dia yg berkuasa untuk memberi.

Saya sangat kagum bila kenal dgn orang yg sebegini mulia sifatnya.

Satu lagi yg saya percaya, berkat doa ibu dan bapa, maka berjayalah anak2 tu insya Allah. Oleh itu, jangan lupa pada kedua ibu bapa kita, walau setinggi mana anda berada, setimbun mana harta anda...mereka haruslah sentiasa bertapak di hati kita. Saya sangat terharu bila mana ibu saya selalu berkata, umi tak mengharapkan apa2 dari dik nur, cukuplah doa dari anak2 untuk bekalan di hari akhirat kelak. See, time tulis ni pun saya dah mengalirkan air mata huhuhu ku memang seorang drama queen :p

Saya sangat sayang ibu dan bapa saya...Moga mereka sentiasa berada di dalam lindunganNya.

sekian renungan di pagi Jumaat :p

10 March 2010

something to ponder...

Yesterday the whole team from my division had a special luncheon talk with Ustaz Ahmad Dusuki. It’s been ages since the last time i attended to any religious/motivational talk, as such yesterday’s sharing session truly opens up my mind, boost my spirit, where i believe emotions play a big role in controlling yourselves. Amongst things that was been emphasized by the ustaz:

1. Kita kerja kerana Allah, bukan kerana dipaksa, bukan kerana keperluan mencari harta, bukan kerana disuruh oleh suami, etc. Kerja adalah suatu ibadah, maka segala cabaran dan halangan yg dihadapi dlm melakukan kerja kita, insya allah ada ganjaran yg menanti di kemudian hari.

2. Bila kita stress dalam kerja, maka kembalilah kepada Allah. Dalam course stress management, mesti ada macam2 cara yg diajar untuk kita menghilangkan stress. Tapi on top of that, we’ve got to go back to our roots, i.e. Yg Esa. If before this chocolates would be my top-of-the-list stress reliever, i should now practice more on berzikir, berdoa, bersolat dan mengadu kepada-Nya....

3. Jangan jadi hamba kepada kerja. Habis waktu kerja, baliklah ke pangkuan keluarga, buatlah perkara lain yg masih menjadi tanggungjawab kita...i.e. sebagai suami/isteri/ibu, etc. Jangan kerja sehingga kita mengabaikan nikmat kesihatan, sampai kita terlupa perkara2 lain yg masih penting, seperti ibadah, tanggungjawab mendidik anak, menjaga suami, etc. ---- i truly like this one, as such i’m not shame to admit that i’m one of those yg very punctual bab balik awal! I still remember an-ex bos once said this to us.....if you die, the company can easily find someone to replace you, but if your loved ones die, can you get somebody to replace his/her? Something to ponder ok....:)

08 March 2010

We had a good day over the weekend. Saturday was well-spent at mid valley from lunch till evening. Planned items to buy all checked, body and legs all ached yet it was worth for the time and efforts put in :) I craved to have something at the Paddingtons for lunch, however we finally settled at Pizza Hut since no ‘Halal by Jakim’ sign was displayed at the outlet (lepas ni kena search dlm website Jakim plaks :p) Ever since the news of our favourite Old Town Kopitiam doesn’t have a halal cert from Jakim, we’re playing a bit more cautious nowadays. Kalau takde sign halal, kami walk off jer terus...

Ah back to our outing, after a good 15-20 minutes past lunch, firas dozed off in lalaland in his stroller, hence we had the opportunity to do our survey thingy without much disturbance. Idlan had a good time playing games in the kids area, we’ve done with our zohor prayer, i got both of my items paid after hours of searching, we took a short break just to stretching out at the Swensens and had a nice bowl of ice-creams+banana split (thanx yang!).....yet he was still sound asleep, both arms stretched upwards and relaxed...so serene :). In fact when we were walking i often peeped inside just to make sure he is still breathing! Risau tau sebab tak penah dia tido lama camni during outings :p I bet he was really tired after all the jumping and running around during the lunch time..perut dia pun dah kenyang pekena chicken wings+spaghetti carbonara hihi. Once we reached the car to load our things around 5pm++, he finally woke up, all fresh and smiling....agaknya dapat mimpi yg indah kots tadi :p

Aha remember i’m in midst of catching up with reading books again? I’m now on ‘shopaholic & baby’, already halfway thru it and enjoying every bits of it. Malam tadi pun tido pukul 12:33am, tu pun paksa tido sbb today keje, if not i think i can continue reading it till finish. Bagus bagus keep it up ok!

02 March 2010

Kelmarin, dlm pukul 10++ tidak semena-mena kepala rasa sakit, tekak pulak loya2 yg amats. Nak kata sebab pembawakan, isk takkan sekarang baru dia nak start kots. Ku cuba tahan duduk depan lappy sebaik mungkin, telan air liur sebyk mungkin, kunyah mentos, etc. Cum lunch, kepala mmg pusing tak hingat punyer, so terus decide utk half day je terus. Drive laju punyer, tangan kanan pegang stering, tangan kiri standby pegang plastic and main gear. Last2, sambil drive tu isi perut terkeluar...tapi time tu takde tempat yg sesuai utk stopkan kereta. So layan la drive lagi sambil muntah hihi...harap2 org sebelah tak perasan ku pegang plastic sambil uwek uwek :p Terasa macam supermommy pun ader hehe.

Hari ni check up, Alhamdulillah baby grows well, despite ku pernah keluar spotting 3x. Dr Zana ckp, loya2 tu biasa...hopefully this time it’ll be different. Yela sekarang dua2 yg keluar boys, maybe kali ni rezeki girl plak kan :)

Oh lupa, hari ni rasa agak luar biasa semangat dalam diri...sebab baru sahaja membeli 2 buah novel setelah sekian lama (read: months or years ago) ku tak membeli buku/novel. Untuk menghilangkan stress keje, ku beli Sophie Kinsella ‘Shopaholic & Baby (sbb ku tgh preggie kan, so sure akan byk relates dgn diri hehe) & ‘Bukan Yang Pertama’ karya Salina Ibrahim. Malam ni kalau tak mengantuk bole start kick off....hopefully semangat membaca ni akan berterusan for the yr 2010 :p

Alamak kepala dah start sakit balik la isk isk....memang sah masalah pembawakan kots huhu

01 March 2010

Sambutan Maulidur Rasul di Tmn Sutera

Ahad, seawal jam 7.45am mama dah menghantar idlan ke surau tempat semua kanak2 kena berkumpul. Mereka diarahkan utk beratur mengikut kumpulan, kumpulan pertama kanak2 dari Ad-din, kedua dari tadika Sri Umairah, ketiga kumpulan lelaki dewasa, dan terakhir kumpulan muslimat dewasa. Kami berarak dari surau, terus ke jalan 2/5, di mana khemah telah didirikan utk sesi ceramah dan makan2 (tapi diriku berarak sekerat je, lepas tu pusing balik rumah utk amik firas :p). Sambil berarak, kami mengalunkan selawat ke atas Rasululullah s.a.w.

Abah kena viral fever, so mama terpaksa balik ke rumah sekejap, siapkan breakfast, mandikan firas, & off ke khemah tempat mereka berkumpul. Mama terlambat sedikit, so terlepas peluang menyaksikan idlan bernasyid bersama rakan2 dia...isk terkilan sungguh! Lepas nasyid, ada sesi ceramah...tapi biasalah, mama cuma dpt absorb 30% je kot, selebihnya terpaksa berkejar ke sana ke mari tgk firas yg bz berlari-larian ke luar khemah dgn si abang dan kawan2 abang. Kalau berlari je takper, ni tangan dia sibuk kutip straw, botol air mineral, sumi, etc...then masuk mulut! isk isk mmg mat kutip sungguh budak ni! Lepas ceramah, ada sedikit jamuan makan. Agak susah nak beratur bila berdukungkan firas, dlm masa sama mata kena safeguard pouch kecil yg dibawa berisi susu, roti & kunci kereta...mujurlah ada jiran yg baik hati mengofferkan diri utk dukungkan firas. Huish semput betul mama pagi tuh....mmg mencabar bila berjalan dgn anak2 tanpa suami ni huhu

Apa pun, syukur majlis berjln dgn lancar. Mmg terserlah semangat kerukunan dan kejiranan di antara penduduk2 taman kami.

sesi beratur dalam kumpulan

idlan pendukung watak utama hari tuh :p

best frens! Idlan-Adam Imran-Izz

firas yg sibuk bermanja dgn kawan2 abang