23 March 2010

TBR 19-20 March

moody nk tido...

curik minum air!!

with mak ude and haikal

idlan and aiman

test power kete baru mak ude :P

bila ckp nak mandi, terus refuse pakai baju :p

We (i.e my family, mak, SIL, and my BIL’s family) had a blast fun at TBR over the last weekend.
The boys had their first dip as soon as we arrived around 11am. Idlan was more excited than usual, as his best buddies aka cousin Aiman and Haikal tagged along this time. My dear firas is one bravo boy i’d say, as he refused pelampung but insisted to walk in the water on his own, up to his mouth level. Orang kata sambil menyelam minum air and that’s what he exactly did, curi-curi minum air pool tu auwwwww. Idlan finally tried the winding slides, thanks to abang Aiman for his encouragement :) Tapi yg tak tahan, kat air cetek pun nak pakai google, pegi breakfast pakai google, hatta tgk tv pun pakai google...aduss kami layanz jer la. We stayed for 1 night only (mind the tight budget bonus tak mashuk lagikkk), and late afternoon on the next day we stopped over at Nilai 3 to buy some kain.

Back at home, my dear hubby got fever, flu and red eye. Myself was down with a very bad flu and a bit of temp yesterday, but still gagahkan diri ke office due to lots of pending workloads. I wish to have an mc today but i just can’t say no to attend to my so-called ‘very important meeting’ this afternoon at 12pm...susah betul nak accommodate jadual big bosses nih, meeting terpaksa wat kol 12...confirm perut kelaparan nak tunggu miting habis!

Okla that’s all for this week :) Nak pi buat milo panas as back up for the next 1-2hr of meeting...

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