29 May 2015

My 4mo baby Irfan

My special baby insya Allah will undergo his 2nd surgery nx Monday..a procedure called  tongue lip adhesion. It wasnt an easy decision for both of us, but we hope that it is going to be the last one, and that it will be a success to improve his breathing.

Irfan has turned 4mo, which means he had spent the last 2mo in the hospital ever since his supra surgery.

Me? honestly i am still struggling to find the courage that irfan needs from his mother. I find myself to be happy at certain days, but most of the times i am at my lowest point. Being away from home, separated fr my 3 other boys, and having to see the condition of my poor Irfan 24by7, it is really painful. It breaks my heart, day n night. I know i wouldnt be able to persevere, if it is not bec of my dear hubby who keeps on being positive n stay on my side throughout this trial period.

Irfan sayang, maafkan mama sebab terlalu lemah yer. Mama akan cuba kuat demi Irfan. Moga Allah sembuhkan sayang mama sepenuhnya amin...

19 May 2015

1.5mths post supra

irfan is still in the hospital...and we wud probably celebrate the upcoming Ramadhan here as well. He is turning 4mos nx week..how time flies.

Ya Allah..sembuhkanlah Irfan Faris ku.

04 May 2015


Hepi besday sayang....

Mungkin ni besday paling sedih buat awak.
terpaksa jaga irfan di hospital. mama akhirnya down with viral fever...lama sgt duk spital kot byk benar kuman2 jahat yg singgah kat badan. irfan plak masih tak stabil..demam, infection, non stop secretions, ekzema seluruh badan. Kesian sayang mama..mesti penat kan nak melawan semua penyakit2 tuh.

Moga kita terus tabah menghadapi hari2 yg mendatang sayang. walaupun terlalu perit utk ditelan. Hari berganti hari..semakin byk pula ujian yg menanti. Moga Allah terus berikan kekuatan kpd kita semua. Luv u till jannah....sori mama takde kasik hadiah tahun ni :p