27 November 2010

Ammar @ 2mo

My little Ammar turns 2 months today, how time flies! Got his 2-mth jab at the nearby clinic, and he only gained 600g from the previous month (mujur mama tak paranoid when the doc said it's still within the average when referring to the baby's growth chart hoho).

Ammar @ 2 months - 4.5kg

Well before that we went to the Karnival Sutera Prihatin held at our neighbourhood 'padang'. There were garage sales, carboot, stalls, games n even two ponies readily available for kids' ride. It's blazing hot this morning, as such we spent no more than 1/2hr touring the stalls. And yes it's my first outing using my newly-bought RS hehe lucky Ammar slept all the way. I did a craddle carry, but Ammar hates it so much when his head is covered inside the sling, as such i positioned his head out of the sling, hence it needs to be supported with my left hand (kira tak hands-free fully lah ni :p). I guess things will become a lot easier when he has strong head control on his own later. Kena byk praktis lagi nih!

26 November 2010

family outing to MV

As planned, we bring the kids out to Mid Valley yesterday to catch the Megamind show.

Adik-beradik Spongebob

The earliest show was at 11.15am, as such i had the chance to do my first pumping session at the Jusco's surau.

Barely 10 min after the show started, firas dozed off to sleep restfully despite the loud noise coming out from the speaker :p When he woke up, he didn't even bother to concentrate on the movie, but play all by himself (turun naik tangga, main lampu, etc). Such a waste of money since hubby also paid a ticket for him hoho. Anyway, Megamind really rawks! Good and entertaining storyline from beginning till the end, the characters are all funny and amusing, seriously i really enjoyed the movie!

Then we had a quick lunch at the food court (where idlan gobbled the spaghetti carbonara the whole plate himself... siap kedekut tak kasik mama!) and afterwards headed to surau again for prayer and my second pumping session. Unfortunately my batteries pump was out after about 2 min of pumping, tension giler! I guess it's time to change for new batteries since those were used since Firas's time...end of lifespan kot. As such i resorted to manual pumping using both hands, letih!

Then we jalan2 at jusco. Me bought a new set of GP Power Bank charger+batteries for the pump, and a pair of shoes (hehe). Hubby got a t-shirt for himself, and the kids got a simple jigsaw puzzles. Before leaving we tapau a box of 6 donuts from Big Apple (kes tak puas mkn JCo kelmarin :p). So that's the end of our 6-hours of outing, very tiring especially when the kids quarreled over the puzzles huhu.

behaves well at the taska for the past 2 days alhamdulillah. It's pretty easy to put him into sleep (tepuk2 je tak payah dodoi pun!). He took about 15oz of EBM daily, which kinda relieves me since my daily output is just about 19-22oz. Kalau minum byk harus mama pening nak catch up huhu.

Anyway, i think i'm now ready to get back to work with a peace of mind, knowing the facts that Ammar is doing good at the taska :) syukur syukur.....

24 November 2010

balas dendam

Hari ni - hari pertama buat Ammar di taska. Masa borak dgn kak Emma tadi, muka Ammar sgtlah innocent...dengar je apa yg mama tgh borakkan. Sayu pulak hati mama tgk muka dia tadi. Apa-apa pun, mama lega sebab yg jaga baby kali ni adalah kak Emma...dia dah berumur, baik dan nampak macam sayang budak...lapang dada mama tinggalkan Ammar tadi.

Dan hari ni merupakan hari yg sgt penat buat mama! Bermula dgn laundry, kemudian sambung iron baju ofis lagi (stok 3 minggu ok!), memasak, cuci toilet, pump dan kemuncaknya keluar ke jusco! Keluar pukul 2.30pm, timing cuma 2 jam je sebab kes nak balik pump di rumah (malas bwk cooler bag dan pam..cooler bag dlm stor, tak cari lagi hihi).

2 bulan berpantang, tanduk macam keluar mencanak bila jejak kaki ke shopping mall. Mujur iman masih mampu mengatasi nafsu, kalau tidak harus lagi byk yg dibeli dlm masa 2 jam itu!

1 office shirt, 3 casual blouses, 1 pant..kebetulan taste mama kali ni semua kaler purple & hitam. Mujur bila belek2 kasut tiada yg berkenan di hati. Dan mujur masa terhad, jadi tak sempat pergi ke kids section :p

JCo yg baru dibuka di situ. Actually size & flavor dia lebih kurang macam Big Apple jugak...ntah2 company adik-beradik kots?

my little Ammar on his 57 days

23 November 2010

my dear Firas...

refuses to eat anything solid recently. Be it rice, mee, pasta, bread or even his favourite chipsmore biscuits. Satisfy his hunger with nothing except milk. Yes milk only, day and night. We're now clueless on how to coax him to eat. We've tried both the soft and hard ways of persuading him, but still we failed. Nevertheless he is still one happy, active and bouncy little boy, playing and laughing non-stop. Nek umi siap cakap...umi takde nampak firas ni duduk diam walau seminit...ade je aktiviti dia! :p

We remember Idlan once had this short and temporary phase of losing his apetitite when he was 4 y-o. That was when we decided to change his formula to Enfakids and walla, in just few months he is piling up and gaining kilos sampai perut boyot :p (sampai kalah si Amirul anak Semah tau hehe).

So my dear little Firas, don't tell us you wanna shift to Enfa as well...harus rabak poket kami nanti!

(Mama is wondering - kenapela anak2 mama tak ikut jejak langkah mama dan abah yg suke makan ni yek??)

22 November 2010

the plan for this week...

Can't believe i have start ironing the office clothes...bosannya!!

I planned to send Ammar to daycare this coming Wednesday-Friday...so that he can get used to the new environment before i officially get back to work next Monday (bosan bosan!!). Most importantly i need to know how much EBM he'll consume throughout the day.

So while Ammar is away i planned to do these:

Wed - clean the toilet, do some ironing again for the next few weeks if possible, go to parkson/Jusco and scout for some new blouses/pants/shoes as motivation to go to office :p

Thurs - a family-get-together session. Me n hubby will bring the kids out to the cinema and have fun!

Friday- thought of going to Mid Valley (alone) for the 1st Malaysia Baby, Children n Kids Expo. Held from friday-sunday. Pretty sure there must be good bargains with lotsa participation from various retailers and online shops. Tgklah kalau rajin nak drive ke sana :p

Anyway i really hope Ammar will be ok at the nursery...dari last week dah start risau bila fikir dia yg susah nak tidur, etc. Hopefully cikgu2 dekat nursery dapat bersabar dan Ammar akan behave dgn caretaker baru tu nanti!

20 November 2010

sudah botak!

Akhirnya Ammar berjaya dibotakkan pada hari ke-53.
Kenapa lambat sangat?
Biasala di awal2 pantang mama bz+stress+ammar warded+abah bz dgn keje...tangguh punya tangguh sampaila kelmarin baru berjaya memproses rambut dia.
Tukang cukur rasmi..biasalah Abah sape lagi kan. Si abang2 Ammar pun semua Abah yg cukur.
Cukur kelmarin dlm 1/2jam...tu pun Ammar dah nangis2 sebab tak selesa walaupun baru je lepas feeding. Sebab tu kalau tgk kepala tak licin betul2...hari ni Abah kata nak touch up lagi sikit :p

Sama macam muka abang2 dia kan?

19 November 2010

bottle feeding

Sangat stress mengajar Ammar feeding thru bottle!
Seharian menangis (kadang melalak) sebab refuse bottle, minum juga tapi sambil nangis dan tersedak-sedak. Tidur tak lena, kejap2 bangun...rasanya dia pun stress melalui satu pengalaman yg baru.

Korang macam mana yer? susah tak nak ajar? berapa lama ambil nak train bottle ni?
Aku dah lupa time Firas dulu macam mana...tapi seingatku Firas dulu pun susah nak terima bottle, siap tukar pelbagai jenis puting, last2 puting orthodontix yg dipilihnya.

Hai cuma ada beberapa hari je ni before masuk kerja....risau!
Hari ni perjuangan kena diteruskan.
Kelmarin siang memang langsung tak kasi direct feeding...hari ni kena buat macam tu juga kot, tapi preparation mental kena kuatla nampaknya :(

16 November 2010

Konvo Tadika Nur Addin 2010

Rata-rata bercerita pasal konvo anak mereka kan...ni turn mama Idlan pula bercerita ok.

Konvo berlangsung ahad lepas dari jam 8.30am-12pm...tapi baru sempat update hari ni sebab modem terbakar kena lightning petang ahad tu :p

Baru sampai di dewan sekolah ABIM jam 8am, tempat konvo berlangsung.
Ni juga Ammar's first appearance in public :p

Persembahan pertama hari tu, bacaan Al-Quran surah Al-Luqman oleh anak mama :)

Sehari sebelum konvo abah dah train idlan utk baca...dekat sekolah pun cikgu dah train. Alhamdulillah bacaan idlan agak lancar walaupun ada tersalah sekali...pepe pun mama n abah mmg bangga.

di luar dewan. Firas mmg takmo duduk diam langsung, penat berkejar keluar masuk dewan.

mama pada hari ke-47 ML

idlan dan kengkawan yg berlakon menjadi tentera Israel. Mereka berlakon drama/pantomin israel lawan palestin. Sepatutnya idlan kena baca sajak sambil kengkawan dia berlakon, tapi time praktis dia selalu main2...last skali cikgu yg terpaksa baca! :p

anak mama sudah graduate! Cantik kan scroll dia..bayaran cuma RM40 utk gambar & scroll tuh

Gambar wajib :p

Idlan dgn seorang sahabat karib dia...Adam Imran (nama favourite mama nih hehe)
Anyway alhamdulillah semuanya lancar. Tapi penatnya masya Allah sampai sakit kepala bila balik rumah tu. Pertama sebab Ammar langsung tak tidur sepanjang konvo berlangsung (bising, panas, tak selesa). Tangan mama macam nak patah dukung dia, badan macam nak pengsan. Kedua sebab penat mengawal si Firas yg ke sana ke mari. Abah pun penat juga kejap nak tengok firas, kejap nak ambil gambar idlan buat performance. Ada 3 ibu yg tegur mama tanya dah berapa hari (mereka tgk Ammar baby paling kecil dlm dewan tu)...lepas tu suggest pd mama suruh guna sling sebab kesian tgk mama yg penat dukung (Ammar langsung taknak duk dlm stroller!).
Idlan ada dpt anugerah Bacaan Al-Quran Terbaik. Ada byk lagi anugerah lain, tapi mama tak sempat tgk. Addin takde buat sistem peperiksaan, so takdela pelajar yg dpt no 1,2,3, etc. Mama pun tak sure performance Idlan macam mana....tapi janji dah pandai membaca, mengira...kira okla tu kots :)
Ok dokie...nak surf pasal ring sling plaks...perlu beli ke tidak yer???

12 November 2010

44 hari

Celebrate 44 hari habis berpantang dgn demam akibat bengkak susu lagi.
Aduh dugaan sungguh.
Tak faham kenapa asyik kena...takde warning pula tu, alih2 dah sakit dan bengkak.
Pump dah kerap, feeding dah kerap.
Hmm sabar jelah.
Risau pula nak masuk kerja nanti. Kalau meeting lama, takut kena bengkak susu lagi...risaunyer lahai!

09 November 2010

kek lapis sarawak

Umi baru balik Kuching.
Kesian umi, anak dia kirim kek lapis sampai 5 ketul.
Penat jugala umi nak jinjit dari kedai Dayang Salhah ke jeti tu.
Aku saje dah 5 ketul, campur umi punya 8 ketul...fuhhhh!
Puas dpt mkn kek lapis nyum nyum :))
Yg ku order - coklat cheese, lapis india, sisik ikan, masam manis & hati pari.
Gambar tidak disertakan....malas pula nak snap.

Oh siapa2 yg nak order, boleh pergi ke web site Dayang Salhah tu yer...

tapi delivery charge dia mahal..RM7/piece.

AA free seats is back!

1. Hampir seminggu kami anak-beranak kena viral fever (kecuali Firas & Ammar). Komunikasiku dgn dunia luar terputus. Lappy tak buka, email tidak check, FB tak masuk, blog terbiar, call & sms tidak dilayan kerana h/p dibiarkan dlm 'silent mode'. Masaku dihabiskan di dlm bilik...berbaring & tidur, tu saje. Dahsyat penangan sakit kali ni...badan tak larat sungguh. Apa pun alhamdulillah kami semua dah sihat..walaupun aku masih selsema & dilanda batuk berkahak.

2. AA promo is back!! Selepas hampir 2 jam bertungkus-lumus, tiket KUL-HKG berjaya dibook!
Jam 2am cuba, tapi traffic sangat congested. Jam 4am cuba lagi, kali ni web site laju sikit. Struggle mencuba dlm keadaan bilik yg ditemani lampu kuning suram, sambil satu tgn menghayun buai, & satu tgn lagi menekan kekunci keyboard. Tarikh yg sudah ku reserve awal2 tak dpt...dptla tarikh yg agak kurang cun (idlan kena ponteng sekolah 3 hari!). Bayang zero fare pun tak dpt...takpelah, janji tiket lagi murah dari pegi GC dulu :) Masa utk key-in passenger details cuma 9 minit, giler haper...kelam kabut menaip dlm keadaan gelap 7 org passenger termasuk umi & adik, tu pun entry 2 kali sebab cubaan pertama gagal dlm 9 minit. Tak sempat nak fikir nak makan apa, semua pakai klik klik sajer! Apa2 pun, terima kasih AA...lain kali buatlah promo byk2 lagi :)

02 November 2010

viral fever

Me and Idlan are down with a viral fever since last Sunday. As for me, i also got a package of runny nose and sore throat. Yesterday the whole day was spent lying on the bed, doing nothing. My body shivers, and the muscles are aching all over...rasa nak collapse pun ada. I'm putting on 3 layers of clothing, nonetheless the body fails to sweat...pelik sungguh, in fact 3 dosages of paracetamol didn't do any wonders and the temp keep on going up.

Today, i feel a bit better alhamdulillah. Idlan pun nampak dah ok...tgh layan cd kungfu panda for the xxth times i lose count already, tak bosan2 plak tu :p Lucky Ammar and Firas sihat and do not show any symptoms...kalau tidak harus pening abah taking care of sick people at home!