27 November 2010

Ammar @ 2mo

My little Ammar turns 2 months today, how time flies! Got his 2-mth jab at the nearby clinic, and he only gained 600g from the previous month (mujur mama tak paranoid when the doc said it's still within the average when referring to the baby's growth chart hoho).

Ammar @ 2 months - 4.5kg

Well before that we went to the Karnival Sutera Prihatin held at our neighbourhood 'padang'. There were garage sales, carboot, stalls, games n even two ponies readily available for kids' ride. It's blazing hot this morning, as such we spent no more than 1/2hr touring the stalls. And yes it's my first outing using my newly-bought RS hehe lucky Ammar slept all the way. I did a craddle carry, but Ammar hates it so much when his head is covered inside the sling, as such i positioned his head out of the sling, hence it needs to be supported with my left hand (kira tak hands-free fully lah ni :p). I guess things will become a lot easier when he has strong head control on his own later. Kena byk praktis lagi nih!


Ummu Auni said...

muka sebiji macam abang2 dia

y@tipruzz said...

tgk besar esok byk ikut muka abg yg mane satu :p

laydida said...

silelah upload gambar BW ammar dlm RS..boleh troubleshoot mana2 yg patut :)

mungkin boleh cuba tummy-to-tummy with legs in plak. most babies prefer this position. nnt kite pastekan link demo video

y@tipruzz said...

x sempat amik gambo lg baru outing skali :p Cradle carry pon head must be out..kalo idak dia marah

oh he hates tummy to tummy...i guess bila dia besar sket baru enjoy this position kot!