23 November 2010

my dear Firas...

refuses to eat anything solid recently. Be it rice, mee, pasta, bread or even his favourite chipsmore biscuits. Satisfy his hunger with nothing except milk. Yes milk only, day and night. We're now clueless on how to coax him to eat. We've tried both the soft and hard ways of persuading him, but still we failed. Nevertheless he is still one happy, active and bouncy little boy, playing and laughing non-stop. Nek umi siap cakap...umi takde nampak firas ni duduk diam walau seminit...ade je aktiviti dia! :p

We remember Idlan once had this short and temporary phase of losing his apetitite when he was 4 y-o. That was when we decided to change his formula to Enfakids and walla, in just few months he is piling up and gaining kilos sampai perut boyot :p (sampai kalah si Amirul anak Semah tau hehe).

So my dear little Firas, don't tell us you wanna shift to Enfa as well...harus rabak poket kami nanti!

(Mama is wondering - kenapela anak2 mama tak ikut jejak langkah mama dan abah yg suke makan ni yek??)


Ummu Auni said...

makan banyak pun kurus, aku jealous tengok.

y@tipruzz said...

penat weh urus rumah tangga n anak2teruna itewww hoho