26 December 2007

new addition...

Alhamdulillah, my SIL has safely delivered a healthy baby boy yesterday at ampang puteri. My mum said she had an easy delivery, same like her first one...she's one lucky lady i guess...rezeki memasing kan :) As usual, my bro managed to capture a video inside the labor room..cant wait to go and meet them next week. Me and B are having bad cold...and this isnt good for a newborn right...so have to postpone our visit until both of us ok...hopefully it was not flu tho huhuhu..lemah satu badan rasa!

The baby's name is Muhammad Huzaifah...not sure the meaning...but i think it is one of the names of sahabat Nabi. So he is now the 3rd grandchild in our family...after Idlan. Makanye Idlan dah ada geng lelaki sorang!

Congrats Sis and Koboi!!!

Talking about my dear Idlan, he is becoming more attached to both us as time passes by...not sure why, but perangai manja dia makin mennjadi. He climbs, hug, and kiss me and hubby as if he didnt see us for 1 week! He watches tv while sitting on me, he reads his flash cards/books/anything..semuanye sambil beriba :p I told him mak long dah dapat baby boy, kak hana dah dpt adik boy..and he'll reply idlan pon ade adik boy while stroking my belly...aduhai so sweet! I notice he can easily remember things that he reads, or see, but unfortunately me and hubby are too bz to attend to him, or even polish his skills. I just wish i could spend more time with him everyday, reading books with him, do some coloring activities and what nots..instead of now just letting him to watch his power rangers cd over and over again...what a bad parent aren't we? I was impressed when yesterday i showed him his flash card, he can easily utter kuda laut, ulat, hammer, piano, etc....bila tanye abahnye...ohh padanla idlan dah tahu sbb baru pagi tadi blajar ngan abah :) I still remember, dulu masa kecik, we were too eager to teach him this and that, show him cards, books, etc....but now, when he reaches the age of where he should be exposed more to all this education thingy mangy, we were not there for him....adus teruknyer rasa diri sebagai parents. Hope we can improve ourselves, and not just let the tv to over rule my kid's brain :(

I miss my baby..........

21 December 2007

specially dedicated to you, B!

Source: New Straits Times, Saturday May 20, 1989

A Newspaper once called a Ph.D. holder a "special doctor". The University of Santa Barbara in America has a sticker for Ph.D. It humorously stands for "Phinally Done." In Malaysia and in most places when you are introduced as Dr So and So, the usual response from a layman is that you are a medical doctor. Few would think you hold a Ph.D.Doing a Ph.D is a test of scholastic endurance. Many less diligent and less determined ones have dropped out along the way. The pace can be very punishing and the direction at times hazy. The mainstay of your PhD i.e. your research must be original and contribute to the pool of certified knowledge, however miniscule it may be.One mortal being looms large in your pursuit of your Ph.D.- your supervisor. He may be your friend, your mentor, your teacher, your critic, your master and your examiner, all rolled up in one. Dealing with him demands PR skills; he is human after all. His role or presence may be sought or assigned. If it is assigned, count your blessings if the two of you can get along well. He cans a world of difference between you getting your Ph.D or not. Many tales of woe have been told of uncaring and unsupportive supervisors. On the other hand, he may be your hero who inspires you to greater heights.The path to a Ph.D. is usually strewn with frustrations. Half of the time things do not seem to work your way, your data may not seem to make any sense, your computer programme does not seem to run. Your morale is low. It is a trying time and you may feel like quitting. If you lack self-discipline, this may indeed be the point of no return. You just pack and go, without even saying goodbye to your supervisor.To those who never say die, they just return to fight another day. Your determination and perseverance begin to pay off; you can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Success then comes in leaps and bounds. Your very first paper with your supervisor has been accepted for publication by the Journal of Reproducible Results. Your research promises more such joint ventures in the pipeline. Your morale is lifted. You can sense that the Ph.D is within reached. You are a changed man, more confident of yourself and know the direction you are heading.With hard work and luck, you eventually succeed. But do not feel big-headed about your newly acquired success. The Ph.D is just a passport certifying that you have undergone rigorous training in research. It is up to you to prove that you are capable of independent research from now on. Years later, when you feel that you are ready to become a Ph.D. supervisor, it is much pride and anxiety that you take in your first student. You can see in him or her your green self years ago. Initially, he (or she) may not be bubbling with enthusiasm, or eager to please. You tell yourself, wait till he/she meets his/her frustrations and see how he/she takes it from there.

Hari Raya Qurban

Yesterday's raya was ok, despite us being in KL. Lucky my parents cancelled their plan of going back to Kelantan (my grandma's house) due to flood n the heavy rain, if not the three of us might just stay at home, eating spaghetti the whole day :p

Mlm raya, we spent at my mum's. Once getting there, beef rendang and nasi himpit was ready. On Raya day, my mum cooked pulut (eat with red coconut), and nasi putih with all sorts of lauk pauk (ayam goreng rempah, sayur campur, msk lemak cili api nangka with ikan kurau, udang masak sambal tumis petai, and pegedil)...not forgetting triffle as dessert. And anak dia? hoho as usual me just cooked spaghetti...idlan's favourite as well as myself! This is the good thing when u have ur mum around during Raya...you and family will not be starved the whole day, u and family will never feel hungry as there are lots of things to eat, and waiting to be eaten :p
Just imagine, i've never cook rendang myself before or after married (seumur hidup to be exact!)...during raya, i'll have either my mum's or my MIL's..poor hubby :(

We didnt go out the whole day...my mum invited her old neighbours and my uncles to our house. Idlan had fun playing with his cousin, Hana..both playing n jumping all over the house...and both didnt sleep until Hana left home. Idlan ate 3 ketul mandarin oranges yesterday...he begged for more but i defused by saying the rest has expired! Harap2 dia tak cirit today :)

And now im in office ...the parking lot is empty, less than 10 space was occupied, office is peaceful, much quiet than usual. Tersangatla sangap rasa huhuhu

19 December 2007

1] Terima sms dari Zarid memberitahu ayahanda Fahmy telah kembali ke rahmatullah Jumaat mlm Sabtu yg lepas kerana kemalangan. Al-Fatihah kepada arwah, semoga roh beliau ditempatkan di kalangan org2 yg disayangiNya.

2] 16-18 Dec: We had fun in Melaka. Compared to the last time we were there (somewhere 2 yrs ago I guess), Melaka is a lot different now. There is Dataran Pahlawan, a new shopping mall (with high-end boutiques like klcc) opposite mahkota parade, which I supposed will become the focal point of attraction besides the usual historical places like Famosa, etc. Careffoure building is in progress, next to the dataran and Equatorial hotel. We stayed in Mahkota hotel, opposite MP. Received rm30 Parkson voucher and free tickets to Zoo Melaka. Mahkota hotel is more like a family-friendly hotel, with 1 special pool for kids, Jacuzzi, kiddies playroom, table tennis, mini golf and lots more. We played ping pong and tried the mini golf for 1st time…interesting for kids! Ikan bakar treat is a must, and this time we tried medan ikan bakar kg duyung, which is only 15 min-drive from town. The seafood was fresh, ambience not bad and less crowded compared to Umbai, and what most important, the price is reasonable. Second day, went to Zoo Melaka, which hubby thinks is a lot more interesting, natural and friendly compared to our national zoo. Spent our time there for about 1.5 hour, enough already to ditch out all our energy. But as long as idlan is happy, we’re more than happy to walk him around the whole area. He is now 3, and he can mention and recognize almost all the animals there (except yg susah2 like otter, me also donno it is memerang btw hoho)…sometime he relates the animals to his book…"chimpanzee yg macam dlm buku idlan tu kan kan…”, marmoset like the one featured in cartoon Diego..etc. To B, thanx for the unofficial trip...perhaps next yr you shall attend conference at langkawi or somewhere outside the country ke? both of us will always become your loyal supporter and followers :p

3] Alhamdulillah our prayer was answered. Im now expecting again :) After 4 months of rest, He gives us another hope, which I guess is the most precious anniversary gift this year. This time I hope everything will turn out just fine as what we pray for insya Allah.

Selamat menyambut Hari Raya Qurban to all…may u all have a safe journey to whichever destinations u’re going to!

14 December 2007

series of events...

1] We just got back from hubby's hometown yesterday. Immediately rushed back after a phone call from hubby's BIL, saying his baby just passed away (11th Dec @11pm) few hours before delivery. My SIL was diagnosed with a disease called ITP (blood platelet disorder, a case whereby her immune system attacks and destroys its own platelets—for an unknown reason) during her pregnancy, and the gynae believed maybe that was the reason for the baby's death. Al-Fatihah to arwah Nur Yasmin Zulaikha...may she rest well in peace, and becomes one of the angels in heaven. My SIL is one strong lady, i could'nt have met someone as strong and calm as her. Tak setitik pun air mata keluar when we met her..just imagine that. She must be among the chosen ones...like one phrase we always heard..Allah hanya menduga mereka yg mampu menerima dugaan dariNya.

2] Happy 4th Anniversary to us yesterday! Yep four great years, with its own sweet and sour story (tapi byk sweet je kan B kan hehehe) Still didnt have time to go out and celebrate...with the unplanned balik kampung, with B having lots of replacement class at nights, me with the never-ending assignments, etc. Nevertheless we still have half of one whole SR rapsberry cheese cake (idlan's birthday cake actually :p) in fridge..so let's take it as our anniversary cake as well je la :)

3] We're going to Melaka this weekend for hubby's conference. It'll going to be our last cuti-cuti malaysia cum the closing for yr 2007. Zoo melaka, the ever scrumptious ikan bakar, the new shopping mall...hmm am sure there'll be lots of differences in melaka. Walaupun dekat, still nak declare cuti-cuti mesia jugak :p

10 December 2007

Happy 3rd Birthday my beloved Muhammad Idlan Farhan!
Semoga membesar dgn sihat, menjadi anak yg soleh, dan
sentiasa dilindungi-Nya selalu.
~Mama & Abah~

07 December 2007

testing 456

fully utilize today's lunch time to explore more on this.....:p

testing 123

bersemangat tengok effort sikulat...saye pon nak try sendiri...humm memang leka kalo dah start buat hehehe

05 December 2007

the year-end S*L*S

My mind and soul feel itchy...
- pumpkin patch
- Jakel
- parkson
- isetan

Nonetheless im far away in cyberjaya, weekend is full with class...taking leave for THAT purpose only is sooo unreasonable (plus i dont have many left to carry fwd to next yr!).

Looks like i can just 'tumpang' the happiness of those who managed to shop and scout around to all these places huwaaaahhh

03 December 2007

cerita house-warming @ 1 Dis

Alhamdulillah...majlis berjln lancar, even tho kekadang tak sempat melayan semua yg hadir. Sepatutnye doa selamat bermula jam 1230, tapi last2 org surau dtg after solat zohor. Mujur ramai tetamu datang in staggered...tadela jam-packed rumah hehe. Food pon mujur masih ada yg lebih...kiranye cukup utk semua yg hadir.

Terima kasih eh kepada semua yg dtg...yg memberi hadiah, duit, angpau..etc. Kehadiran korang semua amatlah kami hargai. And minta maaf bebyk di atas segala kekurangan, atau ketidaklayanan kami kepada semua....bila masak sendiri...tuan rumah takleh la nak duduk relaks2 hoho. Tetamu terhormat kami yg terakhir...mardhiah 12 and family..hehe tq eh sudi dtg memlm ke umah aku beb! Ingatkan lepas Aini sekeluarga dah balik, terus nak kemas umah yg macam tongkang pecah...tapi time tgh tidokan idlan...mama nyer sekali terus terbabas. Semlm baru hempas pulas kemas...:) Sori eh kepada sesiapa yg tak dpt goodie bags tuh...mungkin ade yg kami terlupa...dan paling haru, byk packs yg idlan dah bukak sendiri tanpa aku perasan huhuhu.

Kepada umi ku yg tersayang, terima kasih bebyk kerana menjadi chef utama kami...tanpa pertolongan umi konfem kitorang takkan mampu buat semua ni...terharu sesangat dgn pertolongan mak aku...anak dia bukan reti nak masak bebyk :p Kepada papa ku...terima kasih jugak sbb tolong potong rumput and kemas2 rumah kami...rasa tak mampu nak buat berdua ngan pruzz je semua benda hoho

Terima kasih sekali lagi...insya allah panjang umur murah rezeki taun depan kite jumpa lagi!

p/s: gambar leh tgk fotopages...tapi tak sempat snap gambar tetamu...gambar kitorang berdua pon takder huhu sedey!