21 December 2007

Hari Raya Qurban

Yesterday's raya was ok, despite us being in KL. Lucky my parents cancelled their plan of going back to Kelantan (my grandma's house) due to flood n the heavy rain, if not the three of us might just stay at home, eating spaghetti the whole day :p

Mlm raya, we spent at my mum's. Once getting there, beef rendang and nasi himpit was ready. On Raya day, my mum cooked pulut (eat with red coconut), and nasi putih with all sorts of lauk pauk (ayam goreng rempah, sayur campur, msk lemak cili api nangka with ikan kurau, udang masak sambal tumis petai, and pegedil)...not forgetting triffle as dessert. And anak dia? hoho as usual me just cooked spaghetti...idlan's favourite as well as myself! This is the good thing when u have ur mum around during Raya...you and family will not be starved the whole day, u and family will never feel hungry as there are lots of things to eat, and waiting to be eaten :p
Just imagine, i've never cook rendang myself before or after married (seumur hidup to be exact!)...during raya, i'll have either my mum's or my MIL's..poor hubby :(

We didnt go out the whole day...my mum invited her old neighbours and my uncles to our house. Idlan had fun playing with his cousin, Hana..both playing n jumping all over the house...and both didnt sleep until Hana left home. Idlan ate 3 ketul mandarin oranges yesterday...he begged for more but i defused by saying the rest has expired! Harap2 dia tak cirit today :)

And now im in office ...the parking lot is empty, less than 10 space was occupied, office is peaceful, much quiet than usual. Tersangatla sangap rasa huhuhu

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sikulat said...

(-o-) asyik sangap jek ari nih.. nak balik rumah aaa.. hehehehe..