05 December 2007

the year-end S*L*S

My mind and soul feel itchy...
- pumpkin patch
- Jakel
- parkson
- isetan

Nonetheless im far away in cyberjaya, weekend is full with class...taking leave for THAT purpose only is sooo unreasonable (plus i dont have many left to carry fwd to next yr!).

Looks like i can just 'tumpang' the happiness of those who managed to shop and scout around to all these places huwaaaahhh


ummi said...

who says taking leave to shop is unreasonable? he.. he.. nak-nak pulak harga ESOS yang tgh melambung2 ni kan.....

yatipruzz said...

unreasonable especially when u just came back from 2 holidays in a row + a house-warming session!


aida said...

jakel sungguhhhh murah wa cakap lu..
tingkat 1 kain eksklusif tangkap murah jugeee

go yati go go!