19 December 2007

1] Terima sms dari Zarid memberitahu ayahanda Fahmy telah kembali ke rahmatullah Jumaat mlm Sabtu yg lepas kerana kemalangan. Al-Fatihah kepada arwah, semoga roh beliau ditempatkan di kalangan org2 yg disayangiNya.

2] 16-18 Dec: We had fun in Melaka. Compared to the last time we were there (somewhere 2 yrs ago I guess), Melaka is a lot different now. There is Dataran Pahlawan, a new shopping mall (with high-end boutiques like klcc) opposite mahkota parade, which I supposed will become the focal point of attraction besides the usual historical places like Famosa, etc. Careffoure building is in progress, next to the dataran and Equatorial hotel. We stayed in Mahkota hotel, opposite MP. Received rm30 Parkson voucher and free tickets to Zoo Melaka. Mahkota hotel is more like a family-friendly hotel, with 1 special pool for kids, Jacuzzi, kiddies playroom, table tennis, mini golf and lots more. We played ping pong and tried the mini golf for 1st time…interesting for kids! Ikan bakar treat is a must, and this time we tried medan ikan bakar kg duyung, which is only 15 min-drive from town. The seafood was fresh, ambience not bad and less crowded compared to Umbai, and what most important, the price is reasonable. Second day, went to Zoo Melaka, which hubby thinks is a lot more interesting, natural and friendly compared to our national zoo. Spent our time there for about 1.5 hour, enough already to ditch out all our energy. But as long as idlan is happy, we’re more than happy to walk him around the whole area. He is now 3, and he can mention and recognize almost all the animals there (except yg susah2 like otter, me also donno it is memerang btw hoho)…sometime he relates the animals to his book…"chimpanzee yg macam dlm buku idlan tu kan kan…”, marmoset like the one featured in cartoon Diego..etc. To B, thanx for the unofficial trip...perhaps next yr you shall attend conference at langkawi or somewhere outside the country ke? both of us will always become your loyal supporter and followers :p

3] Alhamdulillah our prayer was answered. Im now expecting again :) After 4 months of rest, He gives us another hope, which I guess is the most precious anniversary gift this year. This time I hope everything will turn out just fine as what we pray for insya Allah.

Selamat menyambut Hari Raya Qurban to all…may u all have a safe journey to whichever destinations u’re going to!


-are you- said...

Yati, congrats! Before this ada miscarriageke?

ummi said...

tahniah. welcome to the club (my membership expires in May tho!). there's something about anniversary/birthday celebration kan. i need to be more cautious next time around he.. he.. ;)

yatipruzz said...

ayu- a'aa..july lepas baru miscarriage. alhamdulillah now carrying again :)

k.tie- it was not anniversary/besday. Baby bandung this time :p

myjulieyana said...

waduh2.. baby bandung yer.. :) take care of yourself.. since pernah miscarriage, u need to b more precautious in every single thing.. especially drg 1st trimester.. vitamin & supplement jgn lupa ambik ok?