28 January 2013

sweet treats to accompany ur long weekend :)

This is dark chocolate brownies..ordered by Aida for her eldest's birthday celebration at school. Hepi besday Nabila!! Moga jadi anak yg solehah dan kakak yg baik buat adik2!

brownies gift pack for Nabila's teachers! :)

Moist carrot walnut cake also ordered by Aida..special for her mom to be brought back to her hometown.  aida ckp...mak aku dah lama teringin nk makan carrot kek ko beb!! ouchh thanks so much makcik...terharu saya dengar tauuu :)

repeat order from kak eiza...this time she requested for dcb utk makan2 gamily gathering sempena cuti Maulidur Rasul. perfect for a dark chocolate lover like her :) thanks kak! glad that ur family loved it :)
anddddddd presenting our newest cake in town. that is Pecan Butterscotch cake with butterscotch cream cheese frosting, butterscotch sauce and of course, the rich and delicious toasted pecan chunks on top. Simply delicious and perfect for a non-chocolate cake lover like my mom :)
this was made special for my mom and dad birthday celebration in Ampang. alhamdulillah the whole clan loved it. surprisingly idlan and firas also loved this piece very much that they said...esok buat lagi tau mama! ouchhh mama sgt terharu tau :)) now the kids ranked this cake first in their list..kalah rv :p Insya Allah I will share the recipe later...till then peeps!

mixed herbs lemon butter roasted chicken

Mixed herbs, fresh rosemary,salt, garlic, lemon, enough butter. Grill the chicken on non-stick pan for few minutes until turns slightly brown. Then bake in the oven for 45min-1hr until well done.

Healthy meal n super delish indeed! :)

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20 January 2013

Let the rv shines ur day :)

Hubby continues with his phd training today. That also means am stucked at home for 2 consecutive days already, with the kids of course! Realize it or not, it's the 3rd week of the new year already, how time flies. You wake up, do your routines, sleep, wake up again..and there you go, treasure and embrace each and every single day with some new discoveries like...ohh now i know Firas can recite Al-Fatihah very loud and clear already, or Ammar mixed up his doa makan and doa sebelum tidur which sounds funny obviously, and myself? oh i never thought that i can go gossiping about someone with my colleague whom i just knew during our recent project exercise :) She's 50 and i'm just about her daughter's age but we can talk (read: gossip) for hours like best buddy!

As usual, whenever i bake for customer's order, i will ensure to make one for our family as well. This is red velvet but with fresh cream toppings and fillings, specially made for idlan who said 'idlan rasa idlan tak suke cream cheese la mama' after countless of rv with cream cheese topping that i made for him :p People change i guess...so as his preference hoho
a large devils food choc cake with strawberry fruit fillings, buttercream frosting & mickey mouse edible image for k.rozita... ordered special for her daughter's birthday celebration at the kindy :)
Red velvet cups for Nufael's 1st birthday celebration ordered by my colleague Net. She has ordered Sesame Street tags to be placed on top of the rv, hence a plain topping as in the pic.. thanx Net!
DCB for an office pot luck, ordered by Hany FF. Thanx Hany! Glad everyone loved it to bits :)
Devils food choc cake with blueberry fruit fillings and mickey edible image for my neighbour Aida. Same version of cake as she ordered previously for Dania..thanks beb!

Red velvet cups for my office pot luck tomorrow bersempena dgn birthday big boss :)
Another red velvet cake for my colleague Yati for her 1st anniversary. she said...buat something yg shweeettt yer kak! Well i hope this is sweet enough to ur eyes dik!
blame it to my poor memory, i mixed up a customer's order date and baked on a wrong day. but she came to my rescue and volunteer to hv all these by herself. ohhh thanx a bunch k.elin muahss!

19 January 2013

weekend!..let's treasure with love n scream?

1. Live update for abah who currently is away for his phd training while mama taking in charge of the kids n chores.

This happened while i was in the kitchen busy cleaning the chicken. Tiba2 senyap je derang nih. Skali bila jenguk bilik....dangggg nampak ammar tgh korek lipstik revlon ku!! Grrrrr geram geram geram!

2. Devils choc cup cakes for the kids. As usual whenever i bake for customer's order, i will not forget to bake one for our family :) now i hv a tray of devils n red velvet cuppies to accompany the weekend. Bliss!

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18 January 2013

my 2nd.self.design.photobook!

Setelah berhempas pulas pagi petang siang malam..akhirnya telah berjaya meng-upload this masterpiece at this wee hour. X sabar nak terima dan belek dan letak di rak!! The 18-days of suffering is now over. Boleh tido dgn aman lepas ni :)

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11 January 2013

Life goes on!

 Life has not been so easy these days. Heavy workloads & frequent migrain often meet each other, but yes life goes on. Whatever it takes, or whatever hurdles coming along the way, it's still your responsibilities entrusted to your shoulder...so kena layan! Bertabahlah wahai diri!

Backdated cake orders, which to be frank i can't remember when did i bake these sweet treats :p

 New York cheesecake with milk choc ganache for my colleague Zulaihanur. Thanks mama! Hope the lil sweet girl in ur tummy enjoy this sweet!

 NY cheese cake with milk choc ganache. For Aliza, a colleague in the same division who's now tucked in at level 50 to do the ten*er evaluation just like me! Zahrah dah besar yer..bley dpt adik dah nih :p

Devils food choc cake with cheese frosting...from a sweet mommy to her beloved hub on his birthday. It supposed to be a surprise to the father but the daughter broke the news inside their car otw back home. Mommy speechless bila surprise x jadik :p anyway tq k.ct!
 red velvet cups also ordered by Aliza for her daughter's 1st birthday

red velvet cups for Azora buat en tunang ter'sayang'! :p bila kad dah siap jgn lupa kasik akak!!
 ad hoc order - dark chocolate brownies for my colleague Fizah to be enjoyed over the weekend! katanya tekak dah terasa2 brownies yg lazat nih...ptg order esok pagi terus dpt...mmg macam vip :p

 i doubt whether there exist a real butterfly with this color combination? ya ampun my color scheme was really out this time!
devils food cake with buttercream frosting and strawberry fruit fillings. another ad hoc order but this time from my ex-rumet come junior back in mmu. Pujuk rayu budak ni mmg tak bley tahan..."plssss met tolong jangan hampakan doter ai!" haha ur tricks really worked met...ai mmg cair bila u libatkan Aqilah :p
 Last but not least, devils food cake with cheese frosting + boboiboy edible image for Ayni's son. She said any edible that suits a boy's theme is acceptable but if possible she wanted for boboiboy. Memang rezeki ayni ade stock edible ni dekat kedai :) I was like smiling from ear to ear bila tgk edible ni ader...lega!

The wordings were arranged on fondant cut-outs. Macam main play dough plak...canai, touch up, then potong...fun, but it takes a lot of my time honest speak! Anynway thanks Ayni hope the birthday boy likes it!

I'm going to wear my new tyrian purple shawl today. Nak kasi semangat sket sebab today's going to be an important day in my life...sangat berdebar dan takottttt oh wish me luck!

03 January 2013

Roti Arab with Kari Ayam

I can bake but i am no good at something that requires kneading and playing with the dough.
Well that means i need to do lots of practising and experimenting before i can proudly claim that oh yes i can now make good bread, buns, kuih and the likes!

However last weekend i decided try out my luck and make roti arab, simply because a week before we just had the most fluffy and delish roti arab made by no other than my MIL..with assistance from SIL as well :)

So here we go the experiment! I've jotted down the recipe in my hp, and asked SIL on the basic steps.

600g flour
2tbp butter
2tbs sugar
a pinch of salt
1 egg
11 oz of milk + water - fresh milk or evaporated will do

Put the flour n butter into your mixer and let the mixer to do the kneading job until it forms crumbs. then add in sugar, salt and liquid ingredients gradually till the dough is smooth and doesnt stick to your mixer wall. Anyway this is the first time Mr Ken was assigned to dough-related job, what i can conclude is the mixer can't really handle a large amount of dough...bergegar2 ok. So after few minutes of kneading i decided to stop the mixer and knead the dough manually, dgn tangan ai yg comel dan kurus nih. Seriously it got my muscles to work at its optimum level, lenguh sgt ok. Now i almost give up and was telling myself alangkah bagusnya kalau ai buat kek daripada buat benda nih! :p

So after few rounds of uli-menguli and campak-mencampak (like what Jamie Oliver always do to his dough), i think the dough is good enough to go for resting. So i rest the dough for like 20-25 minutes and took my late brekkie, and when i took a peek at the rested dough i was like wallahhh...dough ai dah naik gebu2!!

take the dough, form small balls and roll them flat with your roller. In my case, i use my fondant roller to do the 'canai' job hehe belasah sajer!

here goes my 'gebus' dough...it should rise up double its original size after 20-25min

i got 15 pcs non-standard size of roti arab out of the above recipe. didnt use a dough cutter to cut the dough into similar size...so ade yg kecik ade yg semi besar etc..layanz!

dgn excitednya terus fry the dough using our canola sunflower oil..konon utk kesihatan di masa hadapan :)

Tadaaaaa! my very first roti arab paired with home-cooked chicken curry. However the one prepared by MIL was paired with dalca daging. I malas nk beli dalca...so belasah with kari ayam sajerlah :)

The verdict:
My roti arab unfortunately was not as fluffy as mak's version. Its texture was more like pau kacang goreng, or cakoi yg jual kat kedai tuh hehe. Hubby said probably the dough was over-rested. I texted my subject matter expert (SIL who else... nak sms mak macam malu :p) and informed her on the result. She said the correct steps should be this way:

uli for 10-20 min, rest the dough for 20-25min till it doubles the original size, form small balls, rest for 10min. roll flat the dough, rest again for another 10 min,then baru fry.

so now i see what went wrong with my roti arab! i cut short the last few final steps and terus goreng the dough..how clever! Instead of over-rested, my roti arab was actually kurang rested haha funny bila pk!

But anyway, Firas loved this piece very much, so did Idlan. Hubby said my roti arab also is best eaten with sardin (noted!). So with the response given, i determine to make my second round of roti arab within this near time. Dengan harapan kali ni berjaya...dan sedap macam mak punya! caiyo caiyo!!!