11 January 2013

Life goes on!

 Life has not been so easy these days. Heavy workloads & frequent migrain often meet each other, but yes life goes on. Whatever it takes, or whatever hurdles coming along the way, it's still your responsibilities entrusted to your shoulder...so kena layan! Bertabahlah wahai diri!

Backdated cake orders, which to be frank i can't remember when did i bake these sweet treats :p

 New York cheesecake with milk choc ganache for my colleague Zulaihanur. Thanks mama! Hope the lil sweet girl in ur tummy enjoy this sweet!

 NY cheese cake with milk choc ganache. For Aliza, a colleague in the same division who's now tucked in at level 50 to do the ten*er evaluation just like me! Zahrah dah besar yer..bley dpt adik dah nih :p

Devils food choc cake with cheese frosting...from a sweet mommy to her beloved hub on his birthday. It supposed to be a surprise to the father but the daughter broke the news inside their car otw back home. Mommy speechless bila surprise x jadik :p anyway tq k.ct!
 red velvet cups also ordered by Aliza for her daughter's 1st birthday

red velvet cups for Azora buat en tunang ter'sayang'! :p bila kad dah siap jgn lupa kasik akak!!
 ad hoc order - dark chocolate brownies for my colleague Fizah to be enjoyed over the weekend! katanya tekak dah terasa2 brownies yg lazat nih...ptg order esok pagi terus dpt...mmg macam vip :p

 i doubt whether there exist a real butterfly with this color combination? ya ampun my color scheme was really out this time!
devils food cake with buttercream frosting and strawberry fruit fillings. another ad hoc order but this time from my ex-rumet come junior back in mmu. Pujuk rayu budak ni mmg tak bley tahan..."plssss met tolong jangan hampakan doter ai!" haha ur tricks really worked met...ai mmg cair bila u libatkan Aqilah :p
 Last but not least, devils food cake with cheese frosting + boboiboy edible image for Ayni's son. She said any edible that suits a boy's theme is acceptable but if possible she wanted for boboiboy. Memang rezeki ayni ade stock edible ni dekat kedai :) I was like smiling from ear to ear bila tgk edible ni ader...lega!

The wordings were arranged on fondant cut-outs. Macam main play dough plak...canai, touch up, then potong...fun, but it takes a lot of my time honest speak! Anynway thanks Ayni hope the birthday boy likes it!

I'm going to wear my new tyrian purple shawl today. Nak kasi semangat sket sebab today's going to be an important day in my life...sangat berdebar dan takottttt oh wish me luck!


Smiley said...

patut la byk guna fondant
awat tak update kat hotstove blog?

y@tipruzz said...

malas nk maintain 2 blog :p

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