19 January 2013

weekend!..let's treasure with love n scream?

1. Live update for abah who currently is away for his phd training while mama taking in charge of the kids n chores.

This happened while i was in the kitchen busy cleaning the chicken. Tiba2 senyap je derang nih. Skali bila jenguk bilik....dangggg nampak ammar tgh korek lipstik revlon ku!! Grrrrr geram geram geram!

2. Devils choc cup cakes for the kids. As usual whenever i bake for customer's order, i will not forget to bake one for our family :) now i hv a tray of devils n red velvet cuppies to accompany the weekend. Bliss!

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adda syuhada said...

kihkih..naik lunyai lipstik tuh..

y@tipruzz said...

Ade alasan bli baru :p