30 March 2012

Cherating Part 2

uhh lamanya baru nak sambung.
kita tgk gambar jela yer...masa terlalu mencemburui. Bz bangat skarang nih huhu redha sajalah!!!

hari kedua...waktu pagi. Air laut tgh surut...seronok pijak pasir yg lembut.

asyik menulis :)

another sweetest memory to cherish. bf tepi laut...ntah bila pulaklah boleh repeat pengalaman macam nih!
muka marah! sebab tgh mengantuk sebenarnya..tapi mama paksa main air laut :p

tinggal jejak

ammar yg tak suke pakai pelampung dan lebih suka berdikari hihi

free archery session
ewahhh amateur in action!
ni langsung tak layak dipanggil amateur...semua shot tersasar ke luar board haha!
but the experience is priceless...seronok rupanye tp lenguh tangan lah

hepi faces
legend overall view
2nd night dinner dekat Warung Awang Ikan Bakar. Sedap woo, service pon pantas. sila gugel coordinate ok...tak susah pon and tak jauh dr Legend tuh. Gambar dipamerkan cuma 2 order, sebenarnya ada order kerapu masam manis and tomyam campur...semua dapppp! price reasonable.

breakfast terakhir di Legend...bubyessss

sangatlah tak descriptive kan!
sori yer...acik sibuk skarang byk projek ongoing..hidup macam agak huru hara.
oven pon dah sebulan tak berasap sejak tukar portfolio nih.
sedih sedih. i really miss my brownie!!!

24 March 2012

A visit to Cherating!

We almost cancel this trip actually, and only decided to finally give it a 'go' the night before. Lot of things n issues happened recently, be it at work or home-front, tiring n taxing that i sometimes felt like running away and stay off from the office people! But take it positively, everybody has problem, many out there have problem even bigger than me, so why nagging and complaining dear self?? cheer up! and here we go some short updates on our first visit to Cherating...yes Cherating yg sangat cantik!

Day 1
We booked our room via Groupon. RM308 for 3D2N stay in Deluxe Room at Legend Resort. Additional RM30 for surcharge on weekend. Complimentary breakfast for 2 + 12 free arrows for archery session. Menarik kan? hehe

We used Lebuhraya Pantai Timur (LPT) and took the last exit at Jabor. Toll fee is RM21, plus RM8 at Gombak and Karak toll...so total is RM29/one way. Overall journey took us nearly 3 hours, not bad considering the nice and smooth highway. We arrived in Cherating around 2pm++, just in time for lunch. Had lunch at nearby restaurant about 2km before the hotel. Price is reasonably cheap, sedap plak tuh! Settle lunch, terus check in. We had a hassle-free check in, no complaint. Bilik super spacious, comfy bed, nice bathroom, nice view...satisfied!

nampak laut

twin singles

pistol air jgn dilupakan!

Ok it's time to jump into the pool!

They have 5 pools altogether.

kids pool yg sgt dalam! 2.5 feet ok! arghh this is what we don't like about the legend. The pool is not child-friendly at all. Firas takut, so does ammar!

breastfeeding by the pool-side. one of the sweetest memory to cherish!

ice-cream time! There is a mart outside the hotel, and 2 restaurants right opposite the road. senang nk makan :)
We had our first night dinner here. Sedap, toilet super clean, price reasonable. Staffs are friendly, one of their guys gave ammar a green apple for free...probably ammar berjaya memikat hati dia haha. He may upset if he found out that ammar had actually throw the apple on the floor and kick it as it was a ball! my oh my....he definitely needs a special lesson to differentiate food and things!

night view - at lobby area

games room - you can buy tokens from the hotel counter.


13 March 2012

jiwa kacau

kusut la sekarang.
sangat2 emotionally unstable.
moga diberi kekuatan mental dan fizikal amin!

03 March 2012

(16) dcb again!

this time for my neighbour...

travelling down south to Muar. save journey bebeh tq!!

Basil Thai Nudle Bar, Bangsar Village - Geng Lunch's first official food review!!

We finally completed our first food review over here. What an accomplishment! haha

Overall, i satisfied with everything it has to offer, except that they're running out of 'daun kaduk' adusss it is that difficult to keep up a reasonable stock of daun kaduk in your kitchen??? But anyway since the waiter is good enough to replace it with salads (kakak2 yg kepoh mintak foc ok, kesian adik waiter itew!) i have no further complaint full stop.

who geng lunch? now officially revealed :p

yg berkacamata

meng kam, a must-to-order and highly recommended! except that it's quite pricey, RM15 per serving yer kakak2 sekalian...balik rumah sila gugel recipe how to make 'meng kam'!
Me as first timer mmg jatuh cinta pandang pertama with its taste. Rasa sgt healthy mkn daun tuh :)

the best tomyam i've ever taste, it comes with coconut milk (or maybe fresh milk), rasa complete n perfect. cukup masam, pedas, manis, masin, everything well-blended n mixed.
Farra siap hirup kuah sampai habis..the whole bowl mind ya...needs no further description kan!

we asked for kerabu mangga, tapi it wasnt offered in the menu. so here we go mango salad instead. Sedap!

green chicken curry, as proposed by Semah. Sedap! Tapi tak reti nak buat. Next time kalau semah buat open house, dia boleh include this as her main dish...kan semah kan!!

meng kam's no. 1 fan, no other than Farra!!!!! ekspresi muka is more than enough to describe betapa best dan sedapnyer meng kam ituuuuuu

Anyway, visit here for details food review.
Thanx for reading!!

(15) Dark Choc Brownies - can never get enough of 'em!

I just love the aroma coming out of the oven whenever i bake this brownie. It smells really good, as good as its taste. You know the brownie is done when few cracks started popping out on its top/surface. The cracks may look horrid, but hey do not ever justify this brownie by its outer looks yaaa. The cracks are actually what makes it to be super special, and differentiate it from any other brownie recipes i've tried before. This is one of Oprah's favourite, as featured in America's Test Kitchen.

the yellow birdie

my most favourite nozzle is 'rumput'!!! i just love the effect and output of the nozzle :)
but please disregard the flowers, me not good at drawing and design ok!

tema this time is 'rojak!!' I've told the customer that this brownie is best eaten plain, all by itself. It doesnt require any extra cream, garnishing or add-ons. But since it was meant for a birthday cake, i need to at least put up some deco onto it...to make it appearing lil bit attractive :p

Idlan says "Hepi Besday Aiman Nadzril!!"