03 March 2012

Basil Thai Nudle Bar, Bangsar Village - Geng Lunch's first official food review!!

We finally completed our first food review over here. What an accomplishment! haha

Overall, i satisfied with everything it has to offer, except that they're running out of 'daun kaduk' adusss it is that difficult to keep up a reasonable stock of daun kaduk in your kitchen??? But anyway since the waiter is good enough to replace it with salads (kakak2 yg kepoh mintak foc ok, kesian adik waiter itew!) i have no further complaint full stop.

who geng lunch? now officially revealed :p

yg berkacamata

meng kam, a must-to-order and highly recommended! except that it's quite pricey, RM15 per serving yer kakak2 sekalian...balik rumah sila gugel recipe how to make 'meng kam'!
Me as first timer mmg jatuh cinta pandang pertama with its taste. Rasa sgt healthy mkn daun tuh :)

the best tomyam i've ever taste, it comes with coconut milk (or maybe fresh milk), rasa complete n perfect. cukup masam, pedas, manis, masin, everything well-blended n mixed.
Farra siap hirup kuah sampai habis..the whole bowl mind ya...needs no further description kan!

we asked for kerabu mangga, tapi it wasnt offered in the menu. so here we go mango salad instead. Sedap!

green chicken curry, as proposed by Semah. Sedap! Tapi tak reti nak buat. Next time kalau semah buat open house, dia boleh include this as her main dish...kan semah kan!!

meng kam's no. 1 fan, no other than Farra!!!!! ekspresi muka is more than enough to describe betapa best dan sedapnyer meng kam ituuuuuu

Anyway, visit here for details food review.
Thanx for reading!!


Smiley said...

wahhh...lengkap ngan gamboorr hheee

Ummu Auni said...

gambar farra memang aku tak tahan :P