03 March 2012

(15) Dark Choc Brownies - can never get enough of 'em!

I just love the aroma coming out of the oven whenever i bake this brownie. It smells really good, as good as its taste. You know the brownie is done when few cracks started popping out on its top/surface. The cracks may look horrid, but hey do not ever justify this brownie by its outer looks yaaa. The cracks are actually what makes it to be super special, and differentiate it from any other brownie recipes i've tried before. This is one of Oprah's favourite, as featured in America's Test Kitchen.

the yellow birdie

my most favourite nozzle is 'rumput'!!! i just love the effect and output of the nozzle :)
but please disregard the flowers, me not good at drawing and design ok!

tema this time is 'rojak!!' I've told the customer that this brownie is best eaten plain, all by itself. It doesnt require any extra cream, garnishing or add-ons. But since it was meant for a birthday cake, i need to at least put up some deco onto it...to make it appearing lil bit attractive :p

Idlan says "Hepi Besday Aiman Nadzril!!"

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