31 October 2011

The Baked Brownie

It was a weekend, full of sweet and calories! haha

Hubby called it as "hari mama memasak".

Being a morning person, as usual i started off the day by doing some laundry and cleaning. Then i took out the usual ingredients and start mixing the batter for pancake, and here we go 8-9 pcs of beautiful pancakes ready for brekkie. Thought of giving a try to any of the crepes recipes that i've collected from the internet (remember my failed crepes story, ahaaa i still determine to improvise my crepe skills!), but suddenly ideas popped out! why not using the marvellous Nigella's pancake batter to make crepes eh??after all they're using basically the same ingredients. So without further ado i added some milk to make the batter more fluid, and drop a ladle of the batter onto the same pan. See whether i got it right this time or not????






tadaaaaaaaaa!!!!! Appearance-wise still not as beautiful as the one selling at the kiosk, but finally i managed to make a thin and slim crepe!! haha. You can actually vary the fillings - chocolate, ground peanuts, banana, whipped cream, slices of fresh fruit like kiwi, peach, strawberry, anything! Eat it hot from the stove, ahh ur kids surely will fall in love with this piece :)

This is hb's all-time favourite for brekkie! I had the pancake with blueberry pie filling, while hb ate it with maple syrup..ala2 Mc D big B gitewww!

I cooked Hawaiian macaroni bolognese for lunch (the term Hawaiian since i put pineapple slices in the bolognese sauce) and now let's see what we had for our dessert..........

The Baked Brownie by Matt Lewis!!!!! As posted in fb, this version of dark chocolate brownie is simply divide and sinful. It's very chocolaty, rich, fudgy, sweet, a crowd-pleaser, a must-try, definitely a keeper! Kesimpulannya, you must try this out, it surely never fail you :) I must say that this is the best brownie i've ever tasted before. It cracked on the top, but no worry as that was actually what made it to be different and outstanding from any other brownies!
I've altered the recipe here n there to suit my taste, and everybody just loves it. Hb likes it, my kids love it, my colleague said sedappppppnyerrrrr, my neighbour also said the same, and myself??? haha makan tak bley stop beb, kol 11.30pm ngapp 4 ketul sekaligus time panas2 tuh :p heaven!

gambar fresh from the oven

So now let's take a peep at the recipe..jgn lupa try ok!!!

The Baked Brownie – Matt Lewis (Oprah’s favourite!)- taken from Baked: New Frontiers In Baking
makes 24 brownies – use 8x8’
1 1/4 cups all-purpose flour
1 tsp salt
2 tbsp dark unsweetened cocoa
11 oz. dark chocolate, coarsely chopped
1 cup (2 sticks) unsalted butter, cut into 1″ pieces - i use salted butter, and omit the salt
1 tsp instant espresso powder - i use nescafe rich
1 1/2 cups granulated sugar - i reduce to 1 1/4 cups
1/2 cup firmly packed light brown sugar - i reduce to 1/4 cups
5 eggs at room temp
2 tsp vanilla extract

Preheat the oven to 350 degrees. Butter the sides and bottom of a 9×13″ glass or light-colored metal baking pan.
In a medium bowl, whisk together the flour, salt, and cocoa.
Melt the chocolate, butter, instant espresso powder, stirring occasionally, until completely melted and smooth. Turn off the heat. Whisk in the sugars. Mixture should be room temperature.

Add 3 eggs to the mixture and whisk until just combined. Add the remaining eggs and whisk until just combined.

Stir in the vanilla. Do not over beat the batter at this stage or your brownies will be cakey.
Sprinkle in the flour mixture, and fold the flour mixture into the chocolate until combined. Using a spatula (DO NOT USE A WHISK) fold the dry into the wet until there is just a trace amount of the flour/cocoa mix visible.

Pour the batter into the prepared pan and smooth the top.

Bake in the center of the oven for 30 minutes, rotating the pan halfway through the baking time, until a toothpick inserted in the center comes out with moist crumbs.
When cool, cut the brownies into squares. These keep tightly wrapped for up to three days.

Ok then, hepi baking everyone!!

30 October 2011

Derma Pembinaan Masjid Tmn Sutera Kajang


Salam Buat Pembaca Blog yg dihormati,

Saya bagi pihak surau & komuniti Taman Sutera Kajang (tempat tinggal saya) ingin menyeru dan mempelawa sesiapa yg ingin memberi sumbangan ikhlas bagi tujuan membina masjid di kawasan perumahan kami. Info seperti di bawah. Tidaklah ditetapkan mesti menderma sebanyak RM50, tapi bagi sesiapa yg menderma sebyk RM50, pihak surau akan memberikan sekeping sijil wakaf sebagai tanda. Maknanya, kalau nak pakat2 bersama kawan2 pun boleh. Nak derma RM1 pun boleh! (cumanya anda tidak dpt sijil wakaf, tapi saham akhirat tetap anda dapat, yakinlah Allah itu Maha Melihat lagi Maha Mengetahui).

Moga kita semua sama2 mendpt manfaat dari info ini.

Rebutlah sijil simpanan premium akhirat ini sekarang (hehe kereta Merc tak dpt, tapi insya Allah lebih byk yg bakal menanti di kemudian hari) ...sementara hayat masih di kandung badan, sementara kita masih mampu mengeluarkan sejumlah wang di atas rezeki yg Allah beri kpd kita selama ini.

Apa2 boleh contact saya, atau Pruzz ok.
Mohon hebahkan kpd rakan2 budiman anda sekali.
TQ semua!!

Tawaran membeli sijil waqaf untuk pembinaan Masjid Taman Sutera ------------------------------​--------------------------- Adalah dipelawa kepada Dato'/Tuan/Puan/En./Cik untuk membeli sijil waqaf yang bernilai RM50 bagi satu sijil bagi tujuan menampung dan mengumpul dana bagi pembinaan Masjid Taman Sutera di atas lot 44699 & 44698 Jalan 2/3 Taman Sutera, Kajang

28 October 2011

Me and baking

I guess i’ve got back my baking momentum that recently I don’t mind sitting in front of lappy for hours googling and searching for good recipes.
As usual, I’ll pick up only the ones with rave reviews, copy and paste the recipes in words file, and hoping that I have ample time to try out all of them! Ample means I got the ‘me’ time to spend hours in kitchen without any interference (read: si abang mau poo poo, si adik mau breastfeed, si abang besar mintak susu, and yadaa yadaa :p)

So peeps, here goes the line ups in my wishlist in case any other bakers out there feels like trying too :)
- the baked brownie by Matt Lewis
- chocolate cheese muffin
- nutella mug cake
- oreo cup cakes
- tiramisu (hv made this few times before and i wish to make this again n again!)
- one-bowl chocolate cakes b y Martha Stewart
- apam balik thin crepes
(remember my failed crepes that i posted yesterday? haahhh i seriously determine to learn and learn till i become a so-called 'crepe expert' haha)

the failed crepes of mine. Does not look appealing at all but taste wise was good actually :)

Anyway today right after office hour i zoomed off to Yummie situated in Bangi, the usual bakery supply shop that i go to whenever i am in needs of topping up my baking supply. A visit to Yummie never fails to broke me at least RM100 and i truly hate this (people says benci tapi suka haha). Let's see what i've just got myself today.....

tadaaaaaaaa!! It's Beryl's dark chocolate compound. Purposely bought this to make that famous 'baked brownie' by Matt Lewis :) Anyway i always believe using a good high quality chocolate always produce good cakes, but to spend on something like Couverture is a big no-no for now. It's triple the Beryl's price u see!!! ahh harus kopak poket sekali beli :p

Off-topic kejap. These are not from Yummie, but a gift from my SIL. She bought them in UK, cant remember whether this is Mastrad or what..but anyway i just took the spatula out tonight to fold my brownie batter and voila, it works like magic since it scraped almost every single inch of the batter and remains none in the bowl..perfect!! First time pakai ni tau Unda...tq dear!! See the green sciscor and cutting board? those were not from UK ok...haha secara tak sengaja i notice there are in green as well, macam adik-beradik pulaks :)

Back to my evening shopping story, i also got this from Yummie....

Bonomi LadyFingers nama dia. I told hubby, kite beli lady fingers tadi kat yummie and he gave me that weird-look. before further ado i said..tu biskut utk buat tiramisu, bukan bendi! Can you imagine a ladyfingers cake? haha surely none of you are dare enough to try it out :p

Ok tu je gambar yg i nak tunjuk hehe. Actually on top of that i also bought a 1kg Anchor cream cheese, blueberry pie filling, chocolate jam (nyum nyummm) and few other things that altogether costs me nearly RM150.

This is actually my xxth visit for the month, so imagine how much i've spent just for baking?

Me going to the bakery supply shop is like kids spending their fun time looking up for toys at the Toys R Us :p

Ok peeps, my 'Baked Brownie' is done!!!

Wanna hv a bite while its still hot hehe nite nite sweet dreams!!

My failed crispy crepes!

Well yeah, my very first version and supposed-to-be-crispy crepes failed miserably. Yesterday I reached home around 6pm, and since the downpour was tad heavy I decided to cook something for dinner (and let hubby to go and pick up the kids later). It was either pancakes or crepes, but since I badly wanting to try out the crepe recipes, so it was crepes then! Took out the printed English recipe, lined up all the ingredients, have them measured right as stated in the recipe, heat up my non-stick pan and there we go my crepe batter in the pan.

First crepe, failed as it didn’t turn out as thin as I want. Second try, fail again..still thick. Oh I forgot to tell you that I’ve actually spread some peanut butter+chocolate jam on one side of the crepe while waiting the sides to turn brown, and also drizzled it with Hershey's chocolate syrup before slides it off the pan once cooked. Well my oh my, after so many attempts still my crepes didn’t went as thin as the one that we ate at Mines (mode: SEDEY).

When my kids are back, Ammar demanded for direct feeding, so I left the remaining batter to Hb and let him settled the rest. Hb said probably it was something wrong with my batter. I argued back saying I followed exactly as what was written on the recipe, in fact I’ve done few research and made few comparisons on the different version of ‘crispy’ crepes available on the net. Hb asked me to find crepe recipe that resembles apam balik. I told him probably I am lacking that soft skills required to make a good thin crispy crepe, or probably bec I don’t have that one tool used by this one lady at the kiosk where the tool is used to thin up and spread the batter evenly on the pan (must do this quickly else the batter will cook and becomes unspreadable anymore!). Anyway that tool is L-shape and made from steel just in case u guys are curious how does it looks like :p

Ah back to my crepes story, the taste was surprisingly good actually (haha perasan kejap) despite the looks that was not appealing at all. Idlan ate 3pcs and firas had 2 for himself. I asked idlan, which one do you prefer crepes or pancakes…and he immediately answered crepes! Me? Hehe while making the crepes I’ve had actually ate few of them sampai tak sedar brape ketul dah ngap!! Mr Hb? Hmm dia makan sajer…and he said it was like eating lempeng. Tapi I personally think my crepes taste even better than lempeng :p

Pictures later yer coz I forgot to bring my SD card. But in case any of you want to try out the recipe, here go I pasted one for you :) It's good to have this for brekkie, serves it with jam, whipped cream, chocolate sauce or anything...mmg sedaplah!

Ingredients – source: ALLRECIPES.COM
1 cup all-purpose flour
2 eggs
1/2 cup milk
1/2 cup water
1/4 teaspoon salt
2 tablespoons butter, melted

1. In a large mixing bowl, whisk together the flour and the eggs. Gradually add in the milk and water, stirring to combine. Add the salt and butter; beat until smooth.
2. Heat a lightly oiled griddle or frying pan over medium high heat. Pour or scoop the batter onto the griddle, using approximately 1/4 cup for each crepe. Tilt the pan with a circular motion so that the batter coats the surface evenly.
3. Cook the crepe for about 2 minutes, until the bottom is light brown. Loosen with a spatula, turn and cook the other side. Serve hot.

p/s: i think next time i must add more milk/water to make the batter becomes more fluid so as to get the right batter consistency.

27 October 2011


The very first time I had the taste of a crepe, me (and hb) immediately fell in love with its taste. Crunchy and addictive when serves hot, soft and not too heavy once cooled. We bought that crepe at Mines, somewhere 2 weeks ago. It was a chocolate banana peanuts crepe, sgt delish ok!! Back at home that same night, I googled few crepe recipes, and heck it is quite simple actually, but requires some soft skill, especially if you wanna have a very nice thin crepe layer :p

img : google

Anyway I am yet to try out any of the recipes, but I was thinking to have my crepe to be filled with peanut butter and chocolate jam, hv it drizzled with chocolate syrup, and garnish with almond nibs and chocolate chips. Haha salivating already??? Nak lagi best take out your mixer and beat up some cream…ahh totally divine! Tak cukup lagi.. hv some scoops of ice-cream dollop onto it and the result…PERFECTO!!

cuba jgn tak cuba yer!!!

26 October 2011


Kalau dekat Mc D panggil hotcakes.
Tapi slalunye orang refer as pancakes.
Kalo mak pak zaman dulu, panggil lempeng je kots.
Whatever the name is, kami anak beranak mmg suka makan pancake.
Normally we eat pancakes with Hershey's chocolate syrup, tapi tadi terjumpa pancake syrup ni dekat Pasaraya Hero kat rumah mak di Ampang...zasss terus beli! RM17.50 per bottle, mahal sehh, tapi untuk mencapai kenikmatan pancake yg sejati punye pasal...tutup mata sajalah :p
Dah invest beli pancake syrup ni, harapan saya lepas ni kuranglah sikit aktiviti brekkie di Mc D hihi.

Pillsbury Pancake Syrup. Saya tak pasti sama ke tidak dgn maple syrup...tapi belasah saje la! Lagipun ada gambar pancake kat botol tuh..so konfem sesuai mkn dgn pancake!

Tu version pancake yg saya selalu buat. Either mkn dgn choc syrup, or blueberry jam, or both. Rasanya kalau sapu peanut butter, then drizzle dgn choc syrup tuh, vogedevas jugak kots!! Atau pun, sapu je dgn butter + drizzled choc syrup...wahhh sedap bangat!!

Ok now meh kita jengah resepi pancake yg saya slalu guna. Tak ingat dah source dr mana, its either Nigella's or joyofbaking punyer version :p Insya Allah sedap, walaupun tak se'fluffy' pancake yg kami pernah mkn di Aussie dulu.

1 cup flour

2 tsp baking powder

1/4 tsp salt

2 tbp sugar

1 egg - lightly beaten

1 cup milk

2 tbs unsalted butter- melted

1. Whisk together all the dry ingredients. In a separate bowl, whisk egg, milk & butter.

2. Combine both mixture, whisk until just combine.

3. Do not overmix the batter!

4. Cook in a greased non-stick pan until the surface turns slightly brown and small bubbles appear on the top, flip over and continue to cook sampai lah masak :)

Dah buat nanti jgn lupa kasik review yer :)

Happy pancaking peeps!

24 October 2011

Mode : caca marba entry

The kids are not well these past few days. It started with Ammar last week where he was down with fever for 3-4 days + lil bit of coughing + runny nose. Then the viral spread to Firas, and today i got my fair share of fever + flu. Hopefully all of us will recover before Deepavali, well it just doesnt feel good to stay at home doing nothing during weekends or public hols :p

Idlan had finished his exam. So far he got 98% for Jawi and 80% for Al Quran. Sgt teruk result Al Quran tuh. He got almost all wrong for Surah Al-Kafirun. It's not that he doesnt remember the surah, in fact he can recites the surah well in front of us back at home. Ni mesti kes silap baca soklan, or kes nak jwb cepat jer huhu.

Last but not least, these are what i baked during the weekend. Mood baking datang balik, but we'll see sampai bila mood rajin ni bertahan hehe

the infamous choc banana bottom square brownies for Oleen. I said 'infamous' bec almost all local bakers have tried out this recipe (tak caye sila google!). But being the normal me, i had amended the original recipe here n there to my liking until i satisfied with the final result :)

a 1.7kg birthday cake for Yati koko's second princess Hani :) She wanted a princess theme, and since am not sure whether the local bakery shop has a ready-stock princess edible image, i recommended her to place a customized order from edibleprint.com.my and pass the image to me :) If i were not mistaken the price is RM18, you may choose your own image and template.

She ordered a 7.5" edible image + 8pcs of 1.6" image. So these small edibles were placed on top of cup cakes.

these xtra cuppies were meant for my kids. I don't like buttercream, so i used ganache instead..mkn dgn eskrem uhhh konfem sedap!!! pastu sakit tekak haha padan muke!

So what's your Deepavali plan peeps?

19 October 2011

What we bought in HK

These are the things that we bought in HK..bukan edisi menunjuk ok. But purely for my personal notes, also for my friends who have upcoming trips to HK so that they at least have ideas what are the things that can be found over there :)

Disney key chains (10 for $100) & fridge magnet (6 for $100, can actually bargain 10 for $100 but we were just too tired to scout arounds at other shops) bought at Ladies Market, fridge magnet (a.k.a can opener $10) and the large magnet ($15) were bought at The Peak.

These were our catch of the day @ Disneyland. Lanyard ($75), Disney keychain ($60), Buzz sword ($120), spinning Buzz ($60), Buzz watch ($100), Disney mug ($45 - not in the pic), fridge magnet ($40). The red Disney hp was bought at the airport ($85).

My favourite!! Our pictures taken in front of the Sleeping Beauty castle ($120)

We bought these at Ocean Park. Fridge magnet sea lion ($45), fan ($19), 2 fridge magnet with panda ($118).

our pictures transformed into FM :)

our catch at The Peak. Tissue cover ($18 each), bag telekung ($50 each), table cloth ($59 each)

Buzz rocket tumbler bought at Disneyland ($45). Satu kaki dah patah...firas jatuhkan kat taska! huhu

perfume bought at Sasa in Nathan Road ($328)

purple this time huh? tukar angin plakss :) Got this for less than $2500.

HK t-shirts bought at Ladies Market ($110 for 5)

last but not least, got the kids a blue/red crocs sandal @ the Citygate outlet ($530.40)

Tu saje kot yg kami beli.

All in all, we spent close to 6k for our whole trip (excluding the air tix & expenses by my mom).

Our overall comment about the trip:

- Transportation-wise very efficient. The MTR arrives on time, its map and route is very easy to understand. But pls pls mind the long pathway that you need to take from one interchange station to another, sgt penat jln ok! Getting around with taxi is cost effective if u travel in 5-6 person. Don’t forget to try out its double-decker tram bus, tak dapat naik kat London tp naik kat sini pun jadiklah! Hehe. You may use the Octopus card to pay for the bus fare and MTR.

- HK people are not friendly at all. They are the type ‘who minds your own business’ and doesn’t care about other people. Even the hotel staffs are not friendly and lack of courtesy. However my SIL said these are their natural behavior and they were just like that. Despite the above, we did meet 2 nice people during our five-day stay in HK. A middle-aged lady who offered a seat in the MTR when she saw me about to squatting down on the train floor to bf Ammar, and also a taxi man that took us back to hotel from the Central station. He chit-chatted with hubby and shared few things about HK and didn’t even mind when we asked him to change our route from Masjid Ammar to The Wesley.

- HK is an expensive city. Everything about HK is expensive, be it the hotel price, food, anything, except for branded items where you can get it at pretty good bargain compared to KL.

- If you’re asking me whether I would want to go again next time, my answer will be no. I guess HK has nothing to shout about, except the Disneyland (and of course the Citygate outlet, a heaven for women! Hehe :p) I rated 7/10 for our HK trip while 9/10 for Gold Coast, taking into account factors like transportation, places of attractions, the people, food, hotel, etc.

Hope the above info helps if not much at least a bit for u to plan ahead for ur HK trip!

17 October 2011

what we did over the weekend?

It was a stress-free weekend i'd say.
Simply bec idlan just finished his exam. So the merdeka's mode turned on, dia merdeka, both mama n abah also merdeka yahooo!!

Last week when he did his revision, after few minutes he was like 'penat la, mengantuk la...there was once he felt asleep while holding his exercise book - kes study sambil berbaring :p.

We coaxed him in many ways, telling him -->lepas exam idlan enjoyla sepuas-puasnya..mainla ipad seharian, tgkla tv non-stop...mama ngan abah tak kesah!

So on Saturday, we went to nek umi's house for lunch. But before that, early in the morning i made this cake for a neighbour, for his son's besday.

demam Angry Birds masih merebak di kalangan kekanak :p Anyway this is choc banana bottom sq brownies, covered with french buttercream.
Right after finished decorating the cake, i made this for our breakfast. It's our family's all-time favourite Nigella's pancake! Slack takde maple sauce in the house, kalau tidak konfem perfecto!! Also macaroni carbonara for Ammar. That lil boy now doesn't eat porridge anymore..sungguh western kan :p

I also managed to bake this NY cheesecake for Su before we headed to Ampang for lunch. Lunch free, some more air tangan mak, sape taknak kan? hehe thanx Umi for the lovely lunch :)

Come Sunday, i was telling hubby...lunch nnt nak masak siakap sweet sour la...dah lama beli tak masak2 lagi (sure dah tak sedap isi dia hoho). But few minutes after that, i was thinking...kalau kuar bebudak ni sure hepi. Hb rarely says no when it comes to family outing, so off we went to Mines around 10am, specifically to its Splash Park located at the 5th flr (siakap tinggal kenangan laa jawabnyer haha).

Oh lupa, pagi tu mama sempat trim rambut Ammar...macam org Penan kan? hehe innocent sket muka!

rambut org Penan :p

Ammar nampak gaya syiok jln dlm air

abah tried letting go ammar's hand and made him walk all by himself..pass!

the dry area...ammar kinda weird when we let him walking on this 'carpet'

So we had lunch at Mc D (my eldest two walloped 4 pcs of nuggets each kes lapar baru sudah main air!) and later had a very crispy crepes (opposite Toys City) before we headed home. We chose choc+banana+peanuts filling and the taste is super duper yummilicious...serius sedap sampai lupa amik gambar!! Anyway i've just googled few crepes recipes and will definitely give it a try by this weekend :)

Around 3pm, i made this especially for Firas..kes beli jiwa since he demanded for the besday cake that i delivered to Hazim's mom that morning! iskkk

This is choc banana brownies, transferred into a 7' round pan so that it looks more like a cake, and covered with ganache. Angry birds tu wajib letak! By the time the cake was ready, the kids coincidently just woke up from sleep, so they immediately cut the cake and pulun the edible image. The cake n frosting were still fresh n hot during cutting..first time mkn kek panas baru kuar dari oven!

So that was our weekend stories. Very fulfilling i'd say. I baked 3 cakes, i had outing with the kids, we gathered at my mom's, i managed to complete the ironing while baking the cakes...ahhh sgt stress-free isn't it? :)

14 October 2011

Hong Kong Day 4 : 3 Oct 2011

HK Day 4: The Peak + Citygate Outlet

Ok peeps, let's continue on our 4th day in the city of HK. As planned in my itinerary, we went to The Peak (also known as Victoria Peak) after having breakfast in our hotel room. We took a cab direct to The Peak Tram Lower Terminus situated at the Garden Road (fare $20). You may also opt for an MTR and stop at Central station, from there you need to walk around 10 minutes to reach the terminus. We bought a 2in1 Combo ticket consisting of return Peak Tram + admission ticket to Madame Tussauds ($185 for adult, $95 for child). There is also a 3in1 Combo ticket with entrance to The Sky Terrace 428 (which allows you to enjoy the panaromic view of the HK city from the highest 360 degree viewing platform in HK.
After waiting for about 20 minutes, we finally boarded the Peak Tram and in just 8 minutes we arrived on top of the Peak.

the Peak Tram

this little boy was excited all the way thru out our journey to the top

Once arrived on top of the Peak, we passed thru few souvenir outlets selling all kinds of merchandise and keepsakes. Me and my mom spent more than 1/2 hour looking for few things and walked away with alas meja, tissue cover, more key chains and fridge magnets, bag for telekung, etc. It was very convenient to shop here since the place was air-conditioned, my kids can walk here n there playing around without disturbing their mama. So i was actually having my me-time to shop and belek-belek things in peace :p Sambil belek brg suddenly firas popped up in one of the shops telling me 'abah beli cap utk kite' and when i turned back i saw the three of them wearing a dragon cap hihi. Overall i spent $342 for souvenirs while hubby paid $110 for 3 caps.

After done with our shopping, our next agenda was entry to the Madame Tussauds. Before started with our tour inside the wax museum, meh amik gambar dulu!!!

the signage

The official figure outside the museum is Bruce Lee!

The wax museum is divided into several sections i.e. Kung Fu stars, Asian stars, Hollywood stars, Cultural Figures, Sports stars, Pop stars, the Royalty & the World Leaders. So let's continue our journey with some of the celebrity pictures.....

First skali jumpe minah ni...Nicole Kidman yer nama dia!

haa ni confirm ramai kenal - Ms Jolie + abang Pitt

Jet Li yg cool

Mr Will Smith yg cool!

ahh this will always be my favourite actor cum singer..abang Andy Lau yg sgt hensem :)

Robbert Pattinson aka Mr Dracula

ckp kat husband..sapela nenek tua ni eh? and he said...ni la Madame Tussauds. Haha baru ku tahu! Anyway each pic comes with a detail description, but me being me never bother to read any of them! hehe

the British's royal family

Ok peeps, that's all for now. Our camera's battery went flat that time and these are the only pics that we have in hand. The rest was all taken using my mom's camera, like Lady D, Michael J, Lady Gaga, the Beatles, Anita Mui, Saddam Hussein, Mahatma Gandhi, Ronaldinho, etc.

I can't remember how long we spent to complete touring the museum, but by the time we finished it was lunch time already. There was a shopping mall on top of the peak, called The Peak Galleria. We had our lunch on the bench outside the mall, and the fact that we were on top and at the highest point of HK, it was super extreme cool time tuh!! cuaca sgt sejuk, sgt windy..kiranya agak struggle jugakla menahan sejuk :p We can see the whole of HK from that point ( no need to pay extra for the Sky Terrace entry actually hehe).

Right after finishing our packed food, we headed towards the Peak Tram to go down and continue our day with shopping at the Citygate Outlet :) To reach here, you need to take the MTR (Tung Chung's line) and stop at the last point, that is Tung Chung station. I think this shopping mall was more or less similar with factory outlet, selling all branded items but at cheaper price. Hubby said the sports shoes are very cheap (eg: Nike, Adidas, etc) so does the original jersey. Hubby and my brother went inside few shops but they ended up buying nothing.

Me? haha i already targeted to spend some of my dollars inside Coach. Anyway, they control the size of the crowds, and people need to queue for few minutes to enter the outlet. So hubby and the rest wait outside while myself went inside alone. I was like crazy and pening lalat to decide what to buy. Kejap pegang itu, then try ini, then pusing lagi dan lagi sampai pening. Serious after 1/2hr i still can't decide what to buy. The cheapest wristlet i can found was selling at $400. Cheapest handbag..hmm bykla jugak but frankly the price is quite cheaper than the one selling at KL boutique. Finally i settled with a purple carry-all, convertible into sling..even tho i've actually minat dekat this one creamy beige handbag yg sgt cantik (but of course price dia pon lagi cantik lah!!).

and we also bought 3 pairs of sandal for the kids at Crocs ($530.40), sgt murah compared to KL.

After Citygate, we took a cab back to hotel from the Central station. Thought of dropping by at Masjid Ammar for dinner, but the weather was not good hence we told the taxi man to change our direction to the Wesley Hotel instead of Masjid Ammar. After dinner, we did the packing and everything, and the very next day around 9am we checked out and off we went to the HKIA by a cab (fare $322).

Day 5: HKIA

Our flight was at 11.35am, but we arrived quite early at the airport. After checked in our luggage, we took a tour inside the airport, and took the opportunity to finish up our HK coins (since i knew when we go back to Malaysia the money exchange won't accept coins and small notes for exchange). So we bought chocolates, ribena, mineral water and also a DIsney handphone for Ammar! ($85 -kira hadiah besday la bley hehe). Anyway, i made a huge mistake since i forgot to return our Octopus card! And there was $50 deposit inside each card u see argh arghhhh geram betul. The card can be used at certain convenience stores (eg: 7 eleven, the Mannings (Guardian), etc and has no expiry date..so we can actually keep the card for our next visit to HK (mau ke dtg lagi? haha rasanye tak kots).

So that's basically wrap our stories about HK. Next i'll post pics of souvenirs that we bought over there okeh!