17 October 2011

what we did over the weekend?

It was a stress-free weekend i'd say.
Simply bec idlan just finished his exam. So the merdeka's mode turned on, dia merdeka, both mama n abah also merdeka yahooo!!

Last week when he did his revision, after few minutes he was like 'penat la, mengantuk la...there was once he felt asleep while holding his exercise book - kes study sambil berbaring :p.

We coaxed him in many ways, telling him -->lepas exam idlan enjoyla sepuas-puasnya..mainla ipad seharian, tgkla tv non-stop...mama ngan abah tak kesah!

So on Saturday, we went to nek umi's house for lunch. But before that, early in the morning i made this cake for a neighbour, for his son's besday.

demam Angry Birds masih merebak di kalangan kekanak :p Anyway this is choc banana bottom sq brownies, covered with french buttercream.
Right after finished decorating the cake, i made this for our breakfast. It's our family's all-time favourite Nigella's pancake! Slack takde maple sauce in the house, kalau tidak konfem perfecto!! Also macaroni carbonara for Ammar. That lil boy now doesn't eat porridge anymore..sungguh western kan :p

I also managed to bake this NY cheesecake for Su before we headed to Ampang for lunch. Lunch free, some more air tangan mak, sape taknak kan? hehe thanx Umi for the lovely lunch :)

Come Sunday, i was telling hubby...lunch nnt nak masak siakap sweet sour la...dah lama beli tak masak2 lagi (sure dah tak sedap isi dia hoho). But few minutes after that, i was thinking...kalau kuar bebudak ni sure hepi. Hb rarely says no when it comes to family outing, so off we went to Mines around 10am, specifically to its Splash Park located at the 5th flr (siakap tinggal kenangan laa jawabnyer haha).

Oh lupa, pagi tu mama sempat trim rambut Ammar...macam org Penan kan? hehe innocent sket muka!

rambut org Penan :p

Ammar nampak gaya syiok jln dlm air

abah tried letting go ammar's hand and made him walk all by himself..pass!

the dry area...ammar kinda weird when we let him walking on this 'carpet'

So we had lunch at Mc D (my eldest two walloped 4 pcs of nuggets each kes lapar baru sudah main air!) and later had a very crispy crepes (opposite Toys City) before we headed home. We chose choc+banana+peanuts filling and the taste is super duper yummilicious...serius sedap sampai lupa amik gambar!! Anyway i've just googled few crepes recipes and will definitely give it a try by this weekend :)

Around 3pm, i made this especially for Firas..kes beli jiwa since he demanded for the besday cake that i delivered to Hazim's mom that morning! iskkk

This is choc banana brownies, transferred into a 7' round pan so that it looks more like a cake, and covered with ganache. Angry birds tu wajib letak! By the time the cake was ready, the kids coincidently just woke up from sleep, so they immediately cut the cake and pulun the edible image. The cake n frosting were still fresh n hot during cutting..first time mkn kek panas baru kuar dari oven!

So that was our weekend stories. Very fulfilling i'd say. I baked 3 cakes, i had outing with the kids, we gathered at my mom's, i managed to complete the ironing while baking the cakes...ahhh sgt stress-free isn't it? :)


Ummu Auni said...

tak pergi BBW ke? Aku habis duit kat situ...

y@tipruzz said...

tak...cam malas rasa hehe