12 October 2011

Hong Kong Day 3

Hong Kong Day 3 - Ocean Park + Ladies Market

Our 3rd day was spent at one of the infamous park in HK i.e Ocean Park. I booked the tickets online from KL, payment made via cc and the website issued a booking slip confirmation. Ticket price is $280 for adult and $140 for child. After having a heavy breakfast in our hotel's room (thanks again to my mom for made us a delicious nasi putih + kari ayam Yeos Chef Wan..mmg terbaekkk!) we took the MTR to Admiralty station. From there we boarded a Citybus (No 629) direct to the park and the journey was only about 10 minutes. We use the Octopus card to pay for the bus fare, $10.60 for adult and $5.30 for child. Applying the same tips and tricks for entry to Disneyland, we hide and covered our foods under the stroller, beneath Ammar, under the kids' caps, inside the pampers, inside our pockets, etc and we passed thru the security without any issue alhamdulillah :)

The queue for the ticket was very long (probably because of weekend). I need to present my confirmation slip together with the credit card used during the booking. It was rainy that time, hence getting around the park with umbrellas in hand mmg sgt leceh ok!

The park is divided into 2 sections – the Summit & Waterfront. We made our first move to the Summit using the express train available at Waterfront station and in just 5-8 minutes we already arrived at the Summit. Alternatively you may also go to the Summit using the cable car (which my mom doesn’t prefer at all sbb takut hehe). My mom must be freaking upon seeing these pics that I googled just now haha http://www.themeparkreview.com/oceanpark/oceanpark1.htm
The cable car was quite long, and scary, and for those who has allergy towards height, you better choose not to!

our kids inside the hotel room

inside the CityBus No 629
the entrance
Grand Aquarium

Giant Panda House

We catch our first show of the day, the Sea Dreams at Ocean Theatre. It was a combination of dolphins and sea lions show, but overall it wasn’t impressive at all, at least to my expectation. The dolphins show at GC was far more attractive, with loads of amazing movements made by the participated dolphins. Right after show, we brace thru the rain looking for a covered place to have our lunch. There is quite an extensive number of rides and other attractions available, but because of the rain, we kind of hesitant to try them out.

Sea Dreams @ Ocean Theatre

firas yg suke mandi hujan..stress jaga budak ni ari tuh!

After lunch, we took the Ocean Express train back to the Waterfront. Thought of entering the Grand Aquarium, one of the park’s main attraction but the queue was damn long. Hence, we walked further and went inside the Giant Panda house, which only houses 2-3 pandas inside there! Adesss sgt hampa ok..igtkan bykla panda dlm tuh. Luckily there are many panda (including the red species) inside the Panda Village, at least we managed to have a close-shot on them! Other than that, we also went inside the Goldfish Treasures, the Chinese Sturgeon Aquarium & attended a Whiskers n Friends Show (sgt bosan, not recommended at all!). We didn’t try any of the rides because of the non-stop rain. Took a family photo with the Panda Mascott and paid $118 to have our pictures in the form of fridge magnet (2 pcs).

SkyFair celebration- takleh naik belon besar ni sebab hujan huhu

@ Panda Village. Tpt ni mmg cool, sejuk plak tu..panda pon byk and dpt tgk dr dekat

the red panda

ni la family photo dgn panda tuh...transformed into fridge magnet. Notice our kids wearing ponchos? bought it for $39 each...mahal gilos

My review is kinda short this time huh?
Honestly we didn’t enjoy our visit to this park. Probably because of the rainy day hence there was nothing much that we can do. Takkan nak naik rides with the payung kan..leceh and takut kids demam pulak nanti! And it was really tiring catching up with Firas yg degil takmo pakai cap, sibuk nak pegang payung sendiri sampai langgar org, sibuk rebut payung dgn idlan…iskkk byk lagilah karenah mereka berdua ni. Ammar jugak yg behave all the way dari pagi sampai petang :p

So by 5pm, we decided to go back to hotel for solat jamak and dinner.
The kids had Maggi goreng for dinner (they heart n enjoyed maggi goreng so much ok!!) while us the adult ate nasi goreng if I were not mistaken.

After Maghrib, we took a train to Ladies Market (Mongkok station). The market stretched from Kowloon to Mongkok, very long with rows of small shops selling all sorts of things like souvenirs, toys, perfume, t-shirts, sportswear, etc. Men may find this place as heaven since there're Adidas outlet, Nike & other infamous brands stand proud along the road (people also call this area Sportswear street). We bought HK t-shirt (5pcs for $100), keychain (20pcs for $200), fridge magnet (6pcs for $100), and few toys for the kids. Went into the perfume shops to scout for more perfume but the the place was too cramped with people that i finally gave up and walked out. We spent less than 2 hours here since the kids started to get cranky and tired. Called off the day by taking a train back to Wan Chai.

Ladies Market @ Mongkok.

Si adik followed si abang solat maghrib before our outing to the night market. Solat sambil pakai Halloween mask plak tu :p


tini said...

ahaha kelakar la firas solat pakai mask hahahahah

Iqah Razak said...

seronokye tgk kak yati gi HK....

yatiscloset said...

haa mmg tak lepas mask tu seharian pakai :p

iqa - takper ade rezeki awak akan sampai jugak dear!!

ZurratulAin said...

naper infamous yati? this park mmg known for having reputation ke?


yatiscloset said...

ntahla aina..bila pi hk, org mesti ckp wajib gi ocean park...sbb tu aku tulis infamous...tp serius not worth ur money aku rasa haha