08 October 2011

Hong Kong Day 2 (part 2) : 1-10-2011

Right at 3.30pm the Flights of Fantasy Parade started along the parade route @ the Main Street USA. During this time all the Disney characters showed up together with their respective decorated 'vehicles', some of them stopped for few minutes to perform a show.

Snow White, Cinderella & sape sorang lagi tu ai tak kenal lah hehe

Lilo n Stitch yg sgt giant gedabak

Our favourite Buzz Lightyear!

The parade ended around 4.30pm kots, and we immediately went to the City Hall, asked for a place to perform our prayer, and the hall representative gave us a special room next to the counter. For info there was no surau at the park, as such you need to approach the officials and ask for a room (info from forumer as well). Next to the room is its public toilet, hence we took our wuduk there. In HK, you must spare an empty bottle wherever you go since its toilet doesnt have pipe, so susahlah nak cuci-mencuci hehe. Another way is to use a wet tissue.

After solat jamak, we continued our tour inside the park. This time we had our own sweet time since there was no more shows to catch up after 5.30pm.

Nice to see and eat aren't they?? This is Mickey's waffle, combined with fresh cream, strawberries & choc drizzled..mmg sgt sedap! We also bought fresh corns, ice cream for the kids ($15 each) and soft drinks ($25 per bottle).

This is Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters, one of the famous attractions @ Tomorrowland. Main tembak2 naik spaceship buzz dlm indoor yg gelap gelita...best!!

Anyway, Maghrib at HK is 1 hr earlier than Malaysia, hence it's getting dark already by 6.15pm. Pic above is the castle with Tinker Bell Illumination...mmg cantik & glowing especially at night time!

Since they were having a Halloween celebration during the week, there was a Glow in the Park Parade featuring all the 'hantu2' and pumpkins along the parade route at 7.30pm.

Then we went for an enchanted boat ride in It's a Small World and enjoy the scenes thru different cultures far and wide. Lagu yg dipasang along the boat ride mmg comel, sampai sekarang terngiang2 kat telinga :))

It's a Small World - castle yg penuh dgn org2 kerdil di dalamnya....

again the pumpkin faces decorated everywhere inside the park

Finally the long-awaited Disney in the Stars Fireworks started to fill up the sky exactly at 9.00pm. The view and scenes are simply amazing...mmg sgt cantik! The fireworks lasted for about 1/2 hour, and that basically wrapped up our tour @ the Disneyland.

We walked to the MTR and boarded the train back to Wan Chai. It was really a tiring day (from 10am - 10pm), me and the kids in fact 'duduk bersila' inside the MTR since it was jam-packed with people. I just dont care if people staring at me that time...serius kaki rasa macam nak tercabut! Idlan pon siap tertidur dlm train.

Overall, it was an enjoyable experience and activity for us, especially the kids. My mom complaint why the park is too big even tho i told her the Disneyland in HK is actually the smallest amongst other Disneyland :p

Some people are willing to spend 2 days to complete the tour, but for us a day is enough since we're not the type who wants to explore and try out all the rides. The ticket price is $399 for adult, and $285 for child aged 3-11. I booked the ticket online, 2 weeks before our departure. You may also purchase the ticket at The Peak, and the MTR Disneyland station.

Firas and Ammar inside the stroller @ MTR Wan CHai station. Time ni mmg sgt kritikal, both of them were totally flat, so did us. Semua tak larat nak dukung either one of them dah....sampai jln pun dah seret kaki...kepala dah teringat katil je time nih :p


tini said...

yg sorg lagi dgn cinderella & snow white tu kalau tak silap aku belle (beauty & the beast)

yatiscloset said...

tq beb! aku tak tgk kartun princess2 ni sbb takde gegirl in the house kan haha

tini said...

aahhaha ni bukan anak2 aku yg minat, aku yg minat ni tgk citer2 katun disney ni ahahahah

y@tipruzz said...

haha cesssss :p
beb, i got 1 extra cheese in fridge, nk cheese cake tak?
kalo takmo aku nk wat utk org lain ngeee

tini said...

err wat masa ni aku nak abiskan dulu kek2 yg ada kat dalam fridge dulu. masih ada lagi kek lapis ari tu aku tak makan2 lagi :) tapiiiii kalau kek batik, i won't say no. i want i want! ahahahahah

y@tipruzz said...

haha ok bebila aku wat nnt aku roger :p