14 October 2011


Ever since our last Ramadhan, I've been actively do some baking activities started with making brownies for my family..then merebak ke jiran tetangga..and lastly berjangkit to few of my colleagues. So now i'd like to announce that myhotstove is back and is ready to take small orders from my lovely friends out there..given 4-5 days prior notification ya!

As for now, i will only accept below cakes for orders...

chocolate banana bottom sq brownies (small 7', large 10')

blueberry cheesecake (small 7', medium 8', large 9')

New York cheesecake with choc ganache + c.chips

(small 7', medium 8', large 9')

Ok dokie...have a nice Friday peeps!



once a baker, always a baker :p

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