08 October 2011

Hong Kong Day 2 (part 1) : 1-10-2011

Day 2: HK Disneyland

We had fried rice for brekkie (thanx so much to my mom for taking incharge of all the cookings..mmg marvelous!!) using the Perencah Adabi. Umi also made sandwich (using canned Tuna) and 2 big containers of fried rice for us to tapau and eat in the Disneyland. We knew that it's going to be a long day there, hence we need to spare ourselves with enough food, else we might end up starving since it's difficult to find halal food inside the park. We walked to MTR Wan Chai, took the train to Central and had interchange at Hong Kong's station before heading towards Tung Chung's line. Mind you the MTR is very long from one's end to another (especially at HK station) so be prepared if your kids grumble and complaints of tired walking :p Took another train and stopped at Sunny Bay, before we board onto a special train direct to Disneyland station.

us at the MTR Wan Chai station. Train dia mmg sgt efficient!

inside the train to Disneyland...notice the Mickey shape of its window? also the Mickey's handle on top of your head :)

reached the Disneyland station already!

here we go..the entrance. Wajib posing dulu :) The park opens at 10am, notice the big crowd tho it was still early in the morning huh?

There were having a Haloween celebration that week, hence the pumpkin' faces everywhere.

the Toy Story spinning effect...pening tgk!

malas nak queue amik pic ngan Mickey...amik pic org lain jela

parts of the Haloween's deco

the castle from afar...very nice!

Disneyland's signature - the Sleeping Beauty Castle. Firas - with his Haloween mask :)

Anyway, just for info the park is divided into 3 sections i.e. Fantasyland, Adventureland & Tomorrowland. Once we entered the park, the very first thing we did is to collect the park Map & highlight the important shows to catch up during the day. Oh did i mentioned that Disneyland prohibit outside foods and drinks, but thanx to the forumers with their info & tips, we managed to pass thru the security without any problem! We placed 2 containers of fried rice beneath Ammar, cover it nicely and let Ammar seat on top of it. As for the sandwich, they were packed and divided into 2 plastics, one was hidden under the stroller, another one inside my mom's handbag. We bring few mineral bottles, and all is hidden separately - under stroller, covered inside the pampers, inside firas's Cars backpack, balut with the kids' t-shirt, etc. We did the same thing for the snacks - we smuggled oreo biscuits, waffer, etc...semua lepas alhamdulillah :) The security will check all your bags, but just act cool and walk straight if they didn't query you okeh! Oh if you're going during winter, your jacket can be the best medium to hide all ur foods n stuffs :)

Our first show of the day was the Golden Mickeys show (@ Fantasyland), featuring all the favourite Disney's characters like Mickey Mouse, Donald Ducks, Pluto, Toys Story, Aladin, the Lion King, Beauty & the Beast and many more. I managed to bf Ammar inside the theatre. By the way Ammar cooperated very well thru out the show, so i had no issue to handle him.

the Golden Mickeys show

the show ends with all the favourite Disney's characters lined up on stage waving goodbye to the audience

comel kan??

another show of the day - Festival of the Lion King @ the Adventureland. The show was quite long, my mom in fact fell asleep after half way hehe. Ammar again enjoyed the show very much..bz main2 lampu dekat tangga audience :)

We also watched the Mickey's 3D Philharmagic show. But honestly, the Shrek 3D show at GC was far more enjoyable than this one. There were many more attractions at the Fantasyland, but we didnt manage to experience some of it due to time contraints and u see, travel with 3 kids you must always expect the unexpected haha. Anyway, we did try some of the rides like the tea cups, flying saucers, etc. Ammar pon naik ok...and again he enjoyed the rides very much! Me and hubby are not the adventurous type who would want to try out the thrilled rides and all, so most of the time we would resort to kids rides sajerk :p

Jungle River Cruise @ the Adventureland...yg ni mmg menarik wajib naik! See Ammar bz studying the map :p

Ammar dgn paksu. Thanx yer paksu rajin dukung saya!

entrance to the Adventureland

another view of the castle..siang dah cun, mlm lagikla cun!

Snow White Grotto @ Fantasyland

@ Tomorrowland

to be continued......


Ummu amin said...

Wah.. Bestnyer! Arituh ada gak baca kalau bgtau kat guard tuh kita bwk halal food dia bg lepas.. Tp x taulah ek.. Btw, yati bwk rice cookerke?

aleesya said...

beruntunggg u... :)
nak tnye, ade ambek order lg tak utk hbag2 coach?? ade hbag coach yg latest2 tak?? :)

yatiscloset said...

ayu - ahh probably lepas kot kalo ckp camtu :) yep rice cooker bwk..senang sbb pepagi dh mkn heavy breakfast..penting tu utk energy for the whole day hihi

aleesya - sori dear x amik order dah...coz am quite bz these days takleh nk concentrate hehe

aida said...

hohoh... bila hang dah balik, baru aku cakap boleh pakai fast pass.. takpe2, lain kali pergi disneyland tokyo / florida / paris... jangan lupa pakai fast pass

y@tipruzz said...

beb, bila aku belek balik map dia, ade 3 je rides yg ade fastpass...kebetulan time naik tu mmg org tak ramai so tak ralat la sgt hihi

aida said...

Kalau kat paris, banyak gak ride dia pakai fast pass