28 October 2011

Me and baking

I guess i’ve got back my baking momentum that recently I don’t mind sitting in front of lappy for hours googling and searching for good recipes.
As usual, I’ll pick up only the ones with rave reviews, copy and paste the recipes in words file, and hoping that I have ample time to try out all of them! Ample means I got the ‘me’ time to spend hours in kitchen without any interference (read: si abang mau poo poo, si adik mau breastfeed, si abang besar mintak susu, and yadaa yadaa :p)

So peeps, here goes the line ups in my wishlist in case any other bakers out there feels like trying too :)
- the baked brownie by Matt Lewis
- chocolate cheese muffin
- nutella mug cake
- oreo cup cakes
- tiramisu (hv made this few times before and i wish to make this again n again!)
- one-bowl chocolate cakes b y Martha Stewart
- apam balik thin crepes
(remember my failed crepes that i posted yesterday? haahhh i seriously determine to learn and learn till i become a so-called 'crepe expert' haha)

the failed crepes of mine. Does not look appealing at all but taste wise was good actually :)

Anyway today right after office hour i zoomed off to Yummie situated in Bangi, the usual bakery supply shop that i go to whenever i am in needs of topping up my baking supply. A visit to Yummie never fails to broke me at least RM100 and i truly hate this (people says benci tapi suka haha). Let's see what i've just got myself today.....

tadaaaaaaaa!! It's Beryl's dark chocolate compound. Purposely bought this to make that famous 'baked brownie' by Matt Lewis :) Anyway i always believe using a good high quality chocolate always produce good cakes, but to spend on something like Couverture is a big no-no for now. It's triple the Beryl's price u see!!! ahh harus kopak poket sekali beli :p

Off-topic kejap. These are not from Yummie, but a gift from my SIL. She bought them in UK, cant remember whether this is Mastrad or what..but anyway i just took the spatula out tonight to fold my brownie batter and voila, it works like magic since it scraped almost every single inch of the batter and remains none in the bowl..perfect!! First time pakai ni tau Unda...tq dear!! See the green sciscor and cutting board? those were not from UK ok...haha secara tak sengaja i notice there are in green as well, macam adik-beradik pulaks :)

Back to my evening shopping story, i also got this from Yummie....

Bonomi LadyFingers nama dia. I told hubby, kite beli lady fingers tadi kat yummie and he gave me that weird-look. before further ado i said..tu biskut utk buat tiramisu, bukan bendi! Can you imagine a ladyfingers cake? haha surely none of you are dare enough to try it out :p

Ok tu je gambar yg i nak tunjuk hehe. Actually on top of that i also bought a 1kg Anchor cream cheese, blueberry pie filling, chocolate jam (nyum nyummm) and few other things that altogether costs me nearly RM150.

This is actually my xxth visit for the month, so imagine how much i've spent just for baking?

Me going to the bakery supply shop is like kids spending their fun time looking up for toys at the Toys R Us :p

Ok peeps, my 'Baked Brownie' is done!!!

Wanna hv a bite while its still hot hehe nite nite sweet dreams!!


Farra said...

aku baru beli ceklat beryl's & selbourne..S lg mahal 90 sen

crepe x pernah mkn..kat ner ek nk rase?

y@tipruzz said...

hot n roll @ kl sentral, the mines..byk lg la tpt lain rasanyer