06 October 2011

Hong Kong Day 1 - 30 Sept 2011

As promised, here goes the story on our recent trip to HK. Hope this will lil bit helps for those who has plans to go to HK :)

The exchange rate is 100HKD = RM40.4...so do your own calculations ya!

Day 1- Masjid Ammar & Avenue of Stars

Our flight was at 7.05am and we arrived at HKIA around 11am. Had no issue at the immigration and everything went smooth. Once settled collecting our luggage, we went to the info counter to buy the octopus card for MTR ($150 for adult, $70 for kids). I didn't buy a card for firas, my plan is to have him squat down lil bit whenever we walk thru the palang :p or probably just carry him. Next, we took a cab direct to hotel. Fare is $346 to The Wesley Hotel in Wan Chai district. We were quite lucky bcoz the max passenger in a taxi is actually 5, but we travelled in 7 including the kids! Arrived hotel around 1.20pm, and we were allowed to check in. The room is not spacious, the beds are small, but overall is clean. We paid $3575 for 4N inclusive 10% svc charge. Quite pricey huh but this was expected when u visit an expensive city :p

Our kids were all happy and behave well inside the flight :)

The Wesley @ Wan Chai

the hotel lobby

Right after doing our solat jamak,we took a cab to Masjid Ammar. It was very difficult to get a cab, but finally we managed to catch one. Arrived masjid ammar just few min b4 3pm, dlm hati dah sedeyy ishh sure x sempat mkn dim sum! We went to its canteen at 5th flr, and alhamdulillah there were still few dim sums left for us! Hubby ordered 10-11 baskets of dim sum, 1 last basket of chicken dumplings, 2 sets of pulut, 1 apam/ sponge cake, 2 glasses of cold ice choc, & 1 fresh orange. Total is $167. Dim sum sgt sedappp, but my mum tak suke hehe.

the left one sgt sedappp (chicken fillings)..the pau is very fluffy! A basket costs about $8-12 depends on the fillings

My lil Ammar dah sampai ke Masjid Ammar! :p

Firas now took over the stroller...penat sgt dah ni

From there we walked to MTR Causeway Bay to go to TST. Walked along Nathan Road and stopped at Sasa to buy perfume. I bought a 30ml Marina de Bourbon for $328 only. Rambang mata actually since the price is super cheap as compared to kl but am not a die-hard fan of perfme, so beli 1 jelah. People says the price at Bonjour also cheap, so u may check it out over here. Next went to Sogo to find a jet/keta kebal for my brother, but the sogo at TST is not that big n it doesnt hv a section for toys unfortunately.

We continued walking towards Avenue of Stars area for some photos. The scenery was breathtaking & simply amazing, especially during night time. I actually planned to watch the symphony of lights show at 8pm, but since the weather was cloudy & it was only 630pm that time, i dun think we cant afford to wait any longer..the kids were quite restless, so did us. So we decided to have our dinner b4 heading back to hotel. Had dinner at Ziafat restaurant. Lucky their people is waiting at the nathan road area distributing the pamplets, if not i doubt we can find the restaurant since its location was quite hidden. We had 1 mandi chicken ($65), 1 chicken briyani ($58), 1 mineral water ($10), 2 orange juice ($60) & 1 mint tea($15). Total is $228, quite pricey but satisfying plus the portion is big. A plate of rice can be shared wt 2 person. Took the MTR at TST and stopped at Wan Chai..then we walked about 6-7 min to the hotel and that's the end of day 1.

Mandi chicken...big portion ok!


Farra said...

ok nice story..keep writing and I can dream on..chewahh!

cenggitula harge kat sana kan..mestila kene spend duit..kalau takmo spend dok umah dediam ekekke

best gak dpt pengalaman tgk negara org

Farra said...

eh ammar dah berjalan kah di HK?

Anonymous said...

mett mott.. i jelles baca citer you..Ya Allah murahkanla rezeki saya :)

sure-awak tahu saper kiter -

yatiscloset said...

farra - oh kat sana kitorng mmg tak berkira sgt...duit mengalir je cam air..belon air bodoh2 tu pon firas mintak beli kitorang beli $40tauu :p

ammar duk lam stroller je..now ni tgh sakan prektis jln dh byk steps jugak la :)

met - insya allah awak akan sampai..keep on menabung ok :)

Ummu Auni said...

sambung sambung....aduhai. bolehlah berangan gi HK juga