27 October 2011


The very first time I had the taste of a crepe, me (and hb) immediately fell in love with its taste. Crunchy and addictive when serves hot, soft and not too heavy once cooled. We bought that crepe at Mines, somewhere 2 weeks ago. It was a chocolate banana peanuts crepe, sgt delish ok!! Back at home that same night, I googled few crepe recipes, and heck it is quite simple actually, but requires some soft skill, especially if you wanna have a very nice thin crepe layer :p

img : google

Anyway I am yet to try out any of the recipes, but I was thinking to have my crepe to be filled with peanut butter and chocolate jam, hv it drizzled with chocolate syrup, and garnish with almond nibs and chocolate chips. Haha salivating already??? Nak lagi best take out your mixer and beat up some cream…ahh totally divine! Tak cukup lagi.. hv some scoops of ice-cream dollop onto it and the result…PERFECTO!!

cuba jgn tak cuba yer!!!

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laydida said...

my crave for pancakes ni bole langsai kalau mkn dgn chocolate syrup & butter cream. so far shangri-la punye terbaik hahah. bile zaman jer laa dapat makan lagi. nak buat sendiri mcm tak mendapat sambutan plak kat rumah..rugi effort kalau setakat nak makan 2-3 kpg je huhu..