31 December 2008


When everyone is jotting down his/her new year resolution, surprisingly only know I find myself thinking hard of creating my own one. And here goes the list :

- To exclusively breastfeed Firas till he reaches 1.5 y-o. If it lasted for 2 years, that considered a bonus :)
- To stop (or maybe reduce) impulse buying and splurging on handbags and shoes. I foresee it will be quite hard to fulfil the mission, considering every now and then I kept on browsing these few Co*ch webbies……..sigh
- To enrol into baking class. It’s a long overdue wish that has been postponed several times due to my tight mba schedules, and further delayed when we had Firas.
- If no 3 succeed, it’s a high time for me to get Hot Stove back into action (yet if time permits, and provided Firas turns into an easy-to-take-care-of baby :p)
- To board the aeroplane! (sounds pathetic isnt it but hell I dun care) Anywhere will do, but I aim for gold coast :p Tak dpt tu yg dekat2 pon jadikla….
- To spend more quality time with Idlan, and teach him religiously

okla that’s it…penat pk.

And yessszaaa we gonna go to PD and spend a night there tomorrow. Very impromptu yet thrilled all over the body ekekeke. At last berjaya book hotel...and berjaya kuar dari KL :p Thanx a bunch yang!

Sori Farra date kite ari jumaat cancel eh.

30 December 2008

Bosannyer rasa.
Office lengang, jln lengang.
Ramai org tgh bersyiok cuti2 mesia.
Kitorang padanla muka. Tak plan awal2...hotel sumer fully booked.
Duk hotel taman sutera la jawabnyer :p
Last week dihabiskan meronda ke alamanda, mines, and taman tasik cyberjaya.
Makan2 - bowling - tgk cicakman2 - tgk fish - sedikit shopping.
Emm nak tulis pon cam malas...layan gambar jela eh.

17 December 2008

Personal stats

Weight = 51.5 kg
Body Fat Range = 27.0% (Medium)
Body Water Range = 53.4% (good/excellent)
Muscle Mass = 35.4
Physique Ratings = 4 (Under exercised) ----yer sangat tepat sekali!
BMR = 1129
Basal Metabolic Age = 24 (perasan kejap diriku ini hoho)
Bone Mass = 2.1 (should aim 2.4 kg)
Visceral Fat = 3 (Excellent)

source: Personal Wellness Pass

(weighed by herba life scale)

What is Metabolic Age Rating?
BMR starts to decrease after the age of 16/17 years old. Your Metabolic age rating indicates what age level your body is currently rated at.

Visceral Fat
Fat that surrounds the vital organs in the trunk/stomach area of the body. High visceral fat levels increase the risk of high blood pressure, heart disease and type 2 diabetes.

15 December 2008

Felt drowsy and giddy.
The little boy did not sleep from 2-5am in the morning!
Couldn’t even put him down since he’ll throw out all sorts of sounds. Enough to wake up the whole house.
Refused to sleep. Refused for direct bf. In fact since yesterday’s evening.
This time again he was driving me up to the wall.
At last I gave up. Expressed milk at 4am and fed him using the bottle.

On top of that….

He’ll cry his lungs out everytime I try to put him to sleep. This has prolonged ever since my confinement days. Sigh.
Ya Allah. Please spare me some more patience. At least until he turns 1.

And this is the 6.5kg little boy. Cute isn’t he?
How can I not love you despite all your xxxx manner?
Aduhai sayang cepatlah membesar!

05 December 2008

congrats B!

For grabbing two out of three awards available.
Tak sia2 diriku ditinggalkan semalaman (read: genting highlands jer).
And tak sia2 nangis time bersalaman (yes am so pathetic! further it was his first time leaving me behind with the kiddies)

so pasnih nak naik flight gi mane nih? nyeh nyeh nyehhh

mommies outing

breakfast @ mc d - chit chatting - bowling - nandos - solat - shopping mopping - END.

More stories visit here http://peruzyatee.fotopages.com

01 December 2008

family outing

Firas has been doing well during our first outing to Jusco last week. Settled down in stroller quietly and it lasted for 2 hours. Such a good start eh adik? When he started to show signs of discomfort and making sounds, I ran into the bathroom to bf him, unfortunately there was not even a single chair available, and the odor of the place is too stench that I decided to go out. Last2 bf dlm car jer :p

Over the weekend plak we went to pasar malam on Saturday evening and tesco on Sunday. Sgt behave lagi :)This time around I expressed milk in advance, and we brought a carrier (bought during idlan’s time and worn only twice) just in case he didn’t want to sit in stroller. I babyweared him after feeding and wallah…after ½ hour he dozed off. Cayalah dik! Three outings and you scored well….pasni bley gi jejln lagi ok!

28 November 2008


Salam korang,

Jum kite hang out together nak…mom’s/girl’s outing! No kiddies, no hubbies…us only!

What: bowling, makan2 dgn hebat, tgk wayang (tgkla kalo ade citer best), shopping, bergossip, dan ape saje yg bley dislotkan in that day
When: 3/12, 4/12 --> sila vote
Who: korang2 dan ajakla sesape lagi kroni yg ader…kite malas nak type bebyk hehe
Where: midvalley (or ade cadangan lain …welcome!)
Tentatively from 10am – 530pm (ewah cam opis hour plaks)

So what say u?
Let’s vote!

p/s: above excerpt from my intra email....and we've decided to make it on the 4th.
So sape nak join lagi jom laaa!

19 November 2008

spot the difference?

Mmg ade org kata derang cam twins :)

Dan ni sesi mendera adik....dulu idlan kena, now adik nyer turn plaks :p

18 November 2008

sebelum dan selepas


jeng jeng.....baby shaolin!


Rasanye lately aku sgtla emotionally unstable. Firas dah start tunjuk tanda2 lebey prefer bottle than direct bf. Tapi aku still keras hati, masih paksa dia bf memlm even tho dia ngamuk sakan. Berperang la dua beranak ni tgh2 mlm. Mlm Ahad tu kepala sgtla 'weng' sbb tak cukup tido.

Aku EL kelmarin. Dan ape yg aku buat utk 'de-stress' kan diri?

Gi tgk Madagascar ngan Idlan! hehehe syiok giler tak terkata....i even felt like dancing together with Alikay! Dialogue catchy, lagu best2...tersgtla berbaloi. As for Idlan, that was his first time catching a movie at cinema, habis movie tu dia tanyer..pasnih citer ape plak mama? ewahhh takmo balik anak aku ni :p
Well, it was indeed an enjoyable mother-son outing :)

Dan alhamdulillah semlm, Firas ok. Unpredictable sungguh anak mama yg sorang ni. Harap2 lepas ni dia akan terus ok. Dulu aku stress time train dia minum bottle, dia protest giler. Tapi skang aku akan lebih stress kalau dia takmo direct bf. Ya Allah moga semua ni hanya sementara......

* Terasa cam nak pegi shopping sakan menghilangkan stress tapi budgetnyer enggak ada...camner eh? :p
Tanduk dah kuar....rasa gatal nak swipe cc hehehe

13 November 2008

on breastfeeding

I'd say Firas is a fussy baby, especially when it comes to nursing. Yep see my EBM stock, people would say...wow bestnyerr dia nih! Nevertheless my breastfeeding journey is wayyy harder than one could ever imagine.

Thank god i found this useful link that has answered all my questions pertaining to fussy babies, distractible babies and what nots. Hopefully i'll persevere on way forward, though at times i do feel like giving up especially when he turned on his speaker...OUT LOUD macam org sakit!

Some excerpt from the link: http://www.kellymom.com/babyconcerns/distractible-baby.html

Latch on, suck a moment, pull off... latch on, suck a moment, pull off. Nurse a minute, pull away to smile at mom. Nurse a minute, pull away to see who just walked in the room. Nurse a minute, pull away to listen to the TV...

But in Firas case, he'll cry his lungs out during the first few minutes before nursing....or even during the nursing...macam la ade org pukul dia :p And these are what i did so far to overcome the problem:

- Nursing in a quiet, darkened, boring room
- Nursing while in motion (walking, hold him and gently bounce, sway back and forth ) - ni mmg mencabar kesabaranku...sakit pinggang nak dodoi2 dia

Moga Allah permudahkan perjalananku ini.....

10 November 2008

my kids

Hepi 3 months old Amir Firas!
Hepi 3 yrs 11 months Idlan Farhan! Another 1 month to go before u turn 4 :)

My EBM stock --> as requested by Pn Limau :)
Dah tak organize dah sejak dua menjak nih....mmg kena rajin wat clean up pasnih :p
Nampak tak hashbrown kat tepi skali tuh...hehe tak habis2 lagi stock bulan pose dulu kots!

07 November 2008

There’s so much thing to write, yet so little time I have.

Work has really taken a toll on me. Analysis tu, analysis ni.
Found myself stucked even from the beginning since I don’t have the basic…what more to proceed and complete the whole analysis.I even stunned when looking at the P&L as if that’s my first time having a look at it. Padahal back 6 yrs ago I eat and sleep with the P&L…everything is kacang putih je. Now all looks strange to my eyes. To further elaborate, I couldn’t even remember the meaning of accrual, what more to interpret the figures. The word just doesn’t seem to ever register inside my head. OMG where goes all my accounting knowledge? tahu dek Ms Aliza mati den! (she was my bestest accounting lecturer back in MMU)

Firas is coping well at nursery. He sleeps well, behave well…that’s what being told to us la kan. Nevertheless he doesn’t drink that much as compared to other babies of similar age. On average he only takes 4 bottles/day (around 10-12oz). He’s scheduled for his 3-mth jab this coming weekend, and I hope his weight will increase proportionately, at least within the line. Talking about EBM, as for now I take pn limau’s advice not to invest for a new freezer to store the EBM. Will do clean up occasionally; toss away the old EBM to make way for the recent ones. Our budget is quite tight, further we just splurged ourselves with few house-deco thingy, hence this wont be the right time to spend on something BIG as this.

Si abang is doing ok as well. His attention span in class seems to improve as informed by his teachers, after I’ve allocated more time with him during night time. Yep it’s not that easy to take care of two babies, especially when you arrived late at home, some more having to face bad traffic almost everyday. Exhausted giler, yet I need to persevere. Tak sempat bukak tudung si adik dah bising nak susu, si abang nak susu, nak simpan EBM, basuh botol2…etc etc. Lucky B always stand by my side, if not flat makcik.

Ah my final result is out, alhamdulillah ok, in fact far better than my degree hehe. Dulu sibuk plan nak buat itu ini after habis mba, but as for now, all those plans remained as plan jela nampak gayanyer.

17 October 2008

abang dan adik

Today is the 7th day Firas was sent to nursery. Throwed tantrums on his first day, and as days passed by he’s doing quite well now. He didn’t drink much, the most he can go is 13oz, at certain times he only takes 10oz. Yesterday was worst, he didn’t even finished his 3rd bottle. It took me about 2 weeks to train him using bottles, and now I guess he started to show sign of rejection…or maybe protest? We need to find another NUK orthodontic teat like the one we bought for his pacifier. Dahla susah nak jumpe huhuhu.

Our freezer is already full with ebm, alhamdulillah for He granted my wish to exclusively bf Firas this time. The journey was not that easy as most ppl says – not enough sleep, backache, etc…lucky ppl around me especially B gives his full support and encouragement, hence I’ll try my best to exclusively bf Firas longest possible. It feels good when you’re able to share experience and tips with someone who needs it. After all sharing is caring right :) Another thing, those who feels like finding more info on bf, you may find it worth buying this book written by kumpulan penyokong penyusuan susu ibu..cant remember the title, rasanyer “panduan penyusuan ibu berkerjaya”. Priced at RM10 only, can get it at MLO.

Idlan is more attached to his abah these days. Tido ngan abah, abah bancuh susu, mandi ngan abah..sumer abah. Pity him as most of my time was spent looking after Firas (adik ni extra manja…baru letak sekejap dah berbunyi). I do feel guilty but couldn’t help much to rectify the situation. he once said this to me one night when I lie down next to him…’rindunyer kat mama’. Sedey kan? Padanla ade kuar artikel ‘dilema anak sulung’ kat magz.

Stopla…cam tade mood plak huhu….slamat bermkn-mkn..sure byk jemputan jamuan raya kat opis kan!

15 October 2008

delayed Raya entry

Salam I'dulfitri dari kami sekeluarga...dah 3rd week raya baru nak wish eh :p

Firas tgh tido...
with my bro and SIL

my two angels

abang dan adik...

18 September 2008

Updates tak berapa baru

Maybe citer ni dah basi kot..tapi pruzz suruh update blog jugak, so aku type kat word…dia tlg upload kan sbb umah kami tade streamyx hehe

Khamis, 7/8/2008

Pagi tu drive ke ofis cam biasa. Baru 5 minit drive jalan dah jem giler....bukak radio, barula tahu jem sbb Anwar kena charge kat court pagi ni. Damn sungguh! Sejam duk dlm keta, baru sampai kat Mines..padahal kalo tak jem dlm 7 minit dah bley sampai situ. Pikir nyer pikir, last2 aku wat U-turn, patah balik umah hehe. Kalo drive lagi confirm kaki cramp, perut dahla lapar giler...mahu kol 9 lebey sampai ofis kot. Call pruzz, dia tgh brekfast kat kedai. Aku pon mintak dia tapaukan breakfast tuk aku. Kat umah, brainstorm ngan pruzz, ape nak wat ari tuh...alang2 dah EL kan..baik make use sepenuhnyer cuti tuh :p Ade 3 options, samada gi tgk citer Batman, gi IKEA, or gi check up 39 weeks. Belek paper, batman ade kol 12noon, or ptg. Pruzz kol 3pm ade klas...so confirm tak sempat nak lari gi klas. Nak gi IKEA, confirm jln jem jugak. So last skali pegila check up (yg sepatutnyer esok). Time check up, Dr Kam check ‘bawah’….dia kata dah bukak 1 cm. Dia seluk part situ kasik stimulate sket….and that’s it. Borak2 kejap, then dia kata kalo nak bersalin esok pon boleh nih…Dr boleh induce. Aku gelak2 jela…pastuh ckp kat dia…haa esok birthday saye doctor! Pastuh Dr Kam plak terlebey excited dari aku..dia ckp…haaa okla mama kalau nak sama birthdate ngan baby, kita induce esok. Kitorang cam terpana plak..terkejut pon ade….memacam soklan ditanye. Dr explain insya Allah chance utk bersalin esok tinggi, cervix dah lembut, tade masalah. Aku just takut tak ‘bukak’ je..silap2 kena c-sect. last skali Dr soh pk dulu, and decide kemudian. Dekat sejam kitorang duk kat luar klinik tuh brainstorm…calling2 mak, semah, sue..tanyer opinion depa. Then, masuk balik bilik Dr…tanyer lagi soklan2 lain. Bila dgr Dr explain cam confident je…last skali decide….oklaa pegi jela induce esok! Then pegi metro kajang, lunch Kenny rogers wat kali terakhir hehe…bantai ice chocolate whipped cream dia…waa heaven! Pruzz offer kek SR….tapi cam tade selera plak….otak cam cuak pk ari esok! Malam tu kitorang tido dekat kol 1am kots...kemas beg hospital, pasang katil baby, vacuum rumah..memacam la...

Mlm tu aku call umi, inform umi nak induce esok...umi baru sampai kl dari Mekah....umi still penat lagi...dia tak komen byk, tapi dia cam positif je...so aku pon bertambah confident nak serah diri esok hehe

Jumaat, 8/8/2008

kol 8am dah sampai hospital, register dpt 2-bedded room sbb bilik sumer penuh. Aku tgk white board, ramainyer yg Q nak bersalin ari tuh. Time round2 kat nursery tgk baby, terjumpe Dr Arbaiyah. Dia tegur tanye u wat ape kat sini? Aku ckp…saye nak induce jap agi. Dr Ar ckp …ramainyerrrr nak bersalin ari ni eh…sumer nak tarikh cun! Aku pon gelak2…ckp ari ni besday saye doc! Dr Ar terus gelak…dia kata…hooooo ok ok paed tak marah kalo patient nak induce ari ni…asalkan dah cukup term! Kol 930am, Dr Kam dtg masukkan pil ke cervix. Dia kata ubat tu maksimum 6 jam utk ade effect dia. Tunggu nyer tunggu….apesal la langsung tade sakit2 nih. Adela 2-3 kali nurse dtg pasang ECG. Boring yg amat…sempat la bersms ke semah, sue, umi, akak2 opis. Tgh hari, pindah ke single room sbb bilik dah ade kosong. Pruzz abis solat jumaat…aku still tak rasa sakit. Kol 230pm, Dr Kam dtg check…still 1cm. Dr kata macam takde chance nak bersalin ari ni. Alahai sedeynyer rasa….terus ckp Dr aku nak balik bley tak cancel jer induce nih. Dr kata mane leh balik sbb dah masuk ubat! Then dia masukkan 2nd pil. Kol 4 lebey, barula rasa contraction sket2….still leh tahan lagi. Ptg tu umi dtg, then pruzz blk umah amik idlan. Mlm kol 8pm, Dr dtg check..baru bukak 3cm…dia kata dah bley masuk labor room, and masuk drip kasik cepat dilate. Dr suggest soh amik epidural utk kasi cepat dilate. Aku pon agree jer…janji cepat selesai considering dari tadi tunggu punyerla lamat nak bukak. Nurse kasik ubat utk buang air besar, then soh prepare utk turun ke labor room. Time tu contraction cam makin kuat…kali ni attack kat pinggang belakang. Depan langsung tade rasa sakit. Tunggu nyer tunggu, last2 nurse dtg ckp taleh turun lagi pasal labor room penuh...danggg!! habisla aku…dahla sakit giler…taleh masuk drip…taleh epidural…pastuh aku pk kalo 1cm sejam mahu 7 jam lagi aku bertarung. Nurse yg check ECG plak ckp contraction awak ni cam tak kuat sgt jer…adussss habisla aku…rasa macam dah sakit giler tapi takkan ni baru bukak 4-5cm kot??? Kol 9 lebey aku soh umi blk umah dulu bwk idlan. Tinggal la aku menahan sakit dlm ward tu dgn pruzz…bila sakit dtg, aku tendang2 peha pruzz ngan hujung katil…time sakit tak dtg cam nak terlelap pon ade sbb letih. Finally kol 10pm nurse dtg ckp bley turun labor room. Bila Dr Kam check, rupanye dah terbukak 8cm. No wonder sakit giler hehe…igtkan baru 4-5cm….leganyer dgr! Dr siap ckp alhamdulillah mama sempatla bersalin mlm ni! So kali ni tinggal nak push je. Time ni masalah besar pasal aku dah tak brape sakit dah…tetiba cam sakit tu hilang. Dr kata kalo rasa nak ‘bera*’ kena push, masalahnyer aku tak rasa. Mujurla midwife tu ade tlg rasa perut aku..bila dia ckp haa ni contraction cepat push, aku pon push la...siap gelak2 lagi ckp kat Dr saye tak reti push...saye tak rasa sakit dah...punyerla lama push, tah brape kali. Dahla push kuar suara, nafas pendek plak tuh hehe. So Dr sumbatla mulut aku ngan apetah takmo kasik suara aku kuar. Dr siap ckp, mama jgn putus asa...sket lagi sket lagi (time tu dlm hati terdetik gak awatla doktor ni takmo vacuum je baby aku). Pruzz pon bukan main sebut ’pushhh pushhhh’ hehehe...luv u sayang! Finally after push yg ke brape ntah kuarla adik baby kol 1041pm J Dan aku lah org ke-10 dan yg terakhir bersalin ari tuh....9 org induce, sorang c-sect...sumer under Dr Kam. Bila pk balik, baiknyer Dr Kam ni...sure dia penat giler ari tuh tapi dia still senyum...still tunjuk muka ikhlas dia time labour tuh...sape nak bersalin, mmg aku highly recommend amik Dr Kam...serius very motherly J Yang klakar, every now n then dia soh pruzz amik gambar baby..time baby baru kuar nampak rambut sket...after baby fully kuar....siap tlg pegang posingkan baby!

Muhammad Amir Firas

Amir – ketua/pemerintah/pemimpin
Firas – kecerdikan/ketajaman fikiran

Ni la nama adik baby....panggil Firas. Memula igt nak eja Firaz...tapi tak jumpe maksud dia...so jadikla Firas. Berat 3.3kg, tak sangka besar jugak compared ngan perut aku yg kecik nih. Kuat melekap, skali menyusu kadang sampai lebey sejam. Every night ade tantrum dia tersendiri, mengamuk dlm 1-3 jam serba tak kena b4 tido. Slalu bergilir ngan abahnyer utk dodoi dia...sgtla menduga kesabaran aku. Memacam lagu dodoi, position dukung...kadang sampai aku nangis bila penat dodoi dia..stress tau huhu! Pinggang aku dah start sakit balik...aduhai cepatla berubah ye Firas! Time mood tak baik siang pon dia buat tantrum cam malam tuh. Nak letak dlm buai,doctor kata tak elok sbb baby kecik sgt lagi...kasik puting dia reject plak. Perangai Firas lebey kurang cam Idlan time dlm pantang dulu…susah nak tido. Tapi Idlan bila besar…dia la yg paling senang jaga. So Amir Firas, bila besar esok kena good macam abg jugak ok!

Sleeping pattern dia still tak consistent...kadang tido 1/2jam, kadang sejam, kadang straight 2 jam. So nak express milk pon agak payah...time nasib tak baik, elok je lepas pump, dia bgn. Macam mane pon, aku still cuba kumpul stok sket2..hopefully cukupla time nak masuk keje nanti.

Indahnyer pantang.....?

Stress! Huhu no joke…mmg stress especially time dtg tantrum dia. Badan pon penat since pantang sesorang kat umah….bestnyer kalo ade maid hoho. Masak ikut dan…mmg kelam kabut, kadang time masak terpaksa stop 3-4 kali sbb Firas bgn kejap2…tido dia tak lena. Makan mmg laju giler..5 minit dah sudah! Mandi pon express giler…kesimpulannyer sumer keje kena wat laju giler. Mujurlah ade pruzz yg kekadang jadi Mr Mama…tolong masak, basuh baju, sidai baju….kalau harapkan aku sorang…pengsan mak! Tapi ade hikmahnyer…umi kata aku dah kurus hehe….walaupun taknah timbang lagi since lepas bersalin, tapi rasanyer mmg aku dah kurus kots??

Dulu kekonon nak pinjam novel semah, baca time pantang. Surprisingly I don’t have time for that! Time Firas tido, aku pon curik tido…rehatkan badan, qada’ tido malam sama. Rasanya bersalin pon tak penat camni huhu. Time pantang ni aku rajin bersms dgn jiran selang 2 rumah...dia pon bersalin 8/8 gak...induce gak. Dia pon pantang sesorang…so slalula kitorang bersms meluahkan perasaan memasing hehe. Bila pk kepenatan aku ni…sejuk hati bila tingat kat jiran aku ni….kira sesama penat la kitorang nih.

Idlan Farhan

Abang Idlan mmg sayang giler kat adik dia…bila adik cry, dia akan tlg pujuk adik..baca selawat, kadang tu nyanyi lagu Nabi-nabi…lawak pon ader hehe. Kadang kena marah kat aku sbb dia ckp kuat time adik tido…sori yer sayang….bila mama penat, tu la jadiknyer..susah nak control marah nih. Time pantang ni, aku notice dia makin rapat ngan pruzz…yela tido pon ngan abah. Mama sibuk entertain adik jer….kesian dia. Rasa guilty bila difikirkan, hopefully dia faham suatu hari nanti. Habis pantang nanti, kite gi jejalan ok!

Okla…dah panjang banget nih….ni pon tulis byk kali hehe….so next time kalo ade masa lagi aku sambung. Gamba akan menyusul sehari dua lagi. Leh cek kat fotopage nanti....

06 August 2008

PM: latest distribution

I almost forgotten about performance for one of my funds....duk tingat baby je sampai lupa distribution dates utk these funds.

Public Bank’s wholly-owned subsidiary, Public Mutual declares distributions for four of its funds. The total gross distributions declared for the financial year ended 31 July 2008 are as follows:

Public Growth Fund : 10.00 sen
Public Bond Fund : 5.00 sen
Public Islamic Opportunities Fund : 4.00 sen
Public Islamic Select Bond Fund : 1.50 sen

Meanwhile, Public Islamic Opportunities Fund which was ranked No. 1 for its three-year returns has generated a return of 59.70% for the same period in its category. Public Islamic Opportunities Fund was launched in 2005 while Public Islamic Select Bond Fund was launched last year.

Source: www.publicmutual.com.my

Alhamdulillah, lega dengar. Despite the up downs on the equity sector due to our country's political instability, my fund is still performing well (partly due to the much-stabled oversea investments).
Local stocks are picking up now, nevertheless I'm still waiting for a right time to go out.
Some took the opportunity to sell to avoid further losses, however i still believe and hope for a good
turnaround in long-term.

Patience is the key :)

Oppss sape nak tambah investment, bley la calling2 saya/Pruzz ok. Honestly now is a good time to pour money for additional investment due to the market's downward trend...harga tgh jatuh, buy now and you'll get more units for the fund.

05 August 2008

counting time

My neighbour next 2 door is supposed to deliver a week later than me. But she requested to gynae to induce her on this coming Friday for she could no longer bear the persistent backache and whatnots.

To be frank, i am so jealous of her.

Her baby is going to share the same birthdate with me.

ohh adik baby....don't u want to come out on that day as well???

I do hope loads of meetings scheduled this week will put some 'trigger' to the cervicks :p

04 August 2008

1] Akibat kelam kabut dgn amendment yg disubmit last minutes, dgn org yg baru dtg install pc, ke hulu hilir ke meja ofismate sbb nak pinjam visio dia…aku terlanggar thumb drive hingga dia kemek, terbelah dua & bengkok. Bila test open file…daaaaaaangggg…file can’t open. Hangin satu badan rasa. Dahla byk benda dicopy dlm tuh sbb all this while bekerja menggunakan laptop ofis. Makanye hari Jumaat lepas diakhiri dgn hati yg sgt tensi. Thumb drive tuh hadiah dr pruzz…zaman dolu2 nyer 128mb harga RM100++…sgt mahal time tuh :p

Mlm tu kat umah, tak puas hati lagi….kucuba godek2 balik dan akhirnya….alhamdulillah berjaya jugak laptopku read file2 dlm tuh. Settle masalah! Tapi still takleh tutup sbb dah pecah…so jadikla begini rupanyer hehehe

after 'direpair'

2] Beg sekolah baru yg sgt besar …ditukar dgn J-card points. Excited benar dia gi school pagi nih :)

3] Dan ni...kes ngidam last minute….semakin dekat nak pop out makin byk plak benda yg teringin nak makan…ish ishhh

28 July 2008

mixed entry

- MBA is officially over after submission of the final xm yesterday :)

- Last antenatal check up, everything is ok alhamdulillah. Gain another kilo in 2 weeks, which i LIKE!
Adik baby weighs at 2.8kg, position-wise ok. My gynae gave a booking form, asked me to bring it around wherever i go. I asked her for the 'tanda2 bersalin', and she smiled n explained in lenghty. This will be my 2nd baby but bear with me, i never had the chance to experience contractions and whatnots during idlan's time...so am truly an amateur in this delivery thingy. Bila difikirkan..takuts!

- Sent umi to KLIA early in the morning yesterday for she'll be performing umrah. She's due to come back on the 7th. Macam biasa, idlan is all excited upon reaching the airport...dia mmg suke gi airport :p Wearing the umrah group's name tag, running here n there, tarik tgn nek umi dia ke situ sini...manja banget! And when the time finally arrived for umi to depart, as expected scene drama swasta berlaku :p Idlan siap tanye kenape mama ngan umi nangis? spontaneous aku jawab..."mama berlakon jela!" Dia pon jwb balik..."hish apela mama ni main berlakon2 pulak!"

- Go grab the latest Pa&Ma...it covers lots of interesting articles, most of them are about breastfeeding. Ada this one mama who stocked up 260 bottles of EBM during her 2-mth confinement period. Adus what an inspiration!

24 July 2008

Jalan jem teruk pagi ni....semua gara-gara warga negara Malaysia yg nak bershopping di J-Card day Midvalley.
Dengar citer pukul 7am dah bukak pintu...hehe dasat sungguh!

Saya bersenang-lenang di ofis...antara sebab2 kukuh saya tak join mereka2 semua itu adalah:
- kerja opis yg banyak
- budget takder (well nak swipe cc bley jer, esok payday bley bayar terus, tapi ahh lupakan!)
- rasanye mungkin tak larat nak bersesak dan berhimpit dgn mereka2 yg gagah dan aggresif,
kalau saye pitam ke pengsan ke, sape nak tolong? tak ke menyusahkan org jer :p
- Pruzz tak bley cuti...maka tade sape nak tolong bwk barang

Cuma 4 jer yg dpt difikirkan, tapi kira kukuh la tu kan!

Walau bagaimanapun sedikit sebanyak terbit perasaan jeles di sudut hati ini...
apetah lagi bila terkenang handbag carlo rino version baru yg indah tersergam di rack itu!

Tapi takpe, J card berdekatan rumah saye bakal menanti bulan Oktober nanti...muehehehe!
Dan sape tahu harga handbag tu akan sedikit jatuh time tu?? :)

15 July 2008

Oct 2006-July 2008

Finally the long awaited misery classes and assignments have come to the end. We’re unofficially an mba grads now! Hehehe
Unofficial’ since we’re yet to submit our final take home exam and assignment by end of this month.
It’ll become 90% official once we submit everything by 27th July.
And 100% official once we walk up on the stage to receive our scroll, scheduled on March next year.

Whatever it is, I’m the happiest person on earth at the moment. I am stress-free, enjoying every bits and moment as time passes by. What’s more, adik baby is growing healthily inside, now weighs approximately 2.54kg, I gained a kilo more since the past 2 weeks, I can jump into bed every weekend to enjoy my afternoon nap like the good old days in MMU, and most important of all, my family gets me back :)

To B, I can never thank you enough for all the support given, be it moral, physical, mental dan sebagainyer :) It will never reach to this far without you being on my side all these time. Nanti mama blanjer buffet eh :p And also to my umi, the very special person in my life who never say NO whenever I asked for her assistance to take care of my 2 babies at certain times. To my beloved Idlan Farhan, though you may not understand it now, mama loves you so much, for being a very good n obedient boy whenever I leave you under abah’s or nek umi’s care. And thank you for your understanding, for the time lost and not spent with you whenever mama was busy with assignments and whatnots. To adik baby, mama guess you also need a special dedication since you’re behaving very good inside my tummy, causing mama no nausea at all throughout the pregnancy. Harap2 bila besar esok jadi pandai tau sbb sama2 join mama dengar lecture dlm klas!

To my 3 special friends, this mark the dissolution of Sapphire (in memory Oct 2006-July 2008), nevertheless friends forever okeh!!!

the 2 chaps in front are pilots :p

the 'baby boomers', yet one of them is top scorer tau!
The 4 stooges - Sapphire (Nee Peng, me, our lawyer fren Lin & Ju)
p/s: Pictures taken after our final class on 13th July @ Old Town Jln Yap Kwan Seng

09 July 2008

4-tier chest drawer

baju adik yg dah siap susun

model tak rasmi utk stroller adik
car seat

fan comel
play gym
Gambar di upload atas permintaan beberapa rakan...tapi warehouse sales ni dah abis, insya Allah kalau ade lagi kitorang akan war2 kan ok!
(drawer tu beli kat kedai 'ah chong' je bukan warehouse sales tuh)

08 July 2008

Ada org tanyer, lama tak update blog bz ker? :p

1] First thing, masuk tpt baru...biasala byk benda kena blajar. Agak blur, dan terasa sgtla lembab otak ni nak terima benda baru. Lucky bos ok and baik hati (kena amik hati bos ni kot2 dia baca hehehe)...kena ajar satu-satu...harap2la otak aku ni cepat pick up

2] It wasnt that bad travelling to Annexe. Surprisingly in terms of km lebih kurang sama ke cyber. Jam pon kurang, masih sempat dpt parking free kalau kluar rumah 745am. But i make it a routine to go out as early as 730am to avoid bad traffic. Yg beza cuma tol jela..tu pon dah kurang 1 tol sbb zarid dah ajar 'jln rahsia' hehe.
So far masih larat drive...takdela cramp ke ape ker, harap2 larat la sampai saat2 terakhir nanti :)

3] Class is nearing towards the end. End of this week will be my final class! It's going to be a take home exam this time, due on 27/7. We already had the paper in hand, unfortunately none of us is able to answer all the Qs...still in the dark, still digging up here n there to find the clues huhuhu.

4] Went to My Dear warehouse sale last week in Puchong. He's still in my tummy, yet a new stroller, car seat, play gym and whatnots already await ahead. Such a lucky baby :) Shopping sakan sampai tercabut sandal pregnant aku...sabor jela. Skang gi opis pakai sandal 'rugged'...nak beli flat sandal baru cam malas, lepas pregnant bukannyer nak pakai balik :p

24 June 2008

We've made our full payment to lawyer today. Received discount for a few hundreds, it might be immaterial to some but to us...huhh dah cukup bagusla tuh :) Rezeki jugak kan!

Adik baby's clothes have been arranged nicely in his drawers, cleaned and folded. I've washed the curtains, my first time indeed ever since we moved in :p Umi has sewn (betul ke ni ape past tense sew?) a new mickey curtain for adik, am yet to see it in the next few weeks. Think of getting a new stroller since we already gave the one used by Idlan to his cousin. And yes a car seat as well, since we never have that before. Perhaps this might justify for another shopping trip next july? j-card day some more jgn marah org CBJ :p

We applied for a fixed line and streamyx, only just now to find out from the 100 operator that "tiada kemudahan servis di tpt anda." Apa kes ni...neighbour depan kami dah ade line. Musnah harapan nak berblogging time pantang :(

23 June 2008

Our home refinancing process is nearly completed, i shall expect the co to start doing deduction from my salary next month. The bank has stopped taking our monthly loan repymt, and we got back our 2-mths installment, leaving us 'kaya' sekejap hehe. Used the money wisely to invest in PM, bought a 4-tier chest drawers for adik baby with 'good bargains', and the rest safely channeled to TH.

With the present gloomy market condition, pressure on increased inflation rates and the rising global CPO price, it's a high time for you to invest now. Go purchase additional units of mutual funds, take the opportunity of their current low price. If you were to invest in stocks, pay attention to companies with good cash flow track, and those who give consistent dividend and high payout ratio (source: Malaysian Business, June). TM stands among the highest in both category :p One word for caution, be sure you know your risk tolerance level, and how long you can be patient and stay persevere in the slow mkt environment.

It'll be less than a week before i move to a new division, kind of scare and cuak when i come to think of it...the new work, new boss, new environment..hope everything's gonna be fine. After 4 yrs in SAC, i'm glad that i'll be leaving the jobs to a group of good ppl. But the not so good part is that the new office is quite far from home, wth the increase petrol price, i definitely need to do some adjustment in my upcoming monthly budget :(

18 June 2008

Bersemangat waja kunci jam pukul 4:15am dgn niat nak buat assignment.
Terlajak ke 5:30am.
Bgn bancuh cucur sempoi...konon nak bwk breakfast gi ofis sempena kempen
berjimat cermat.
Baru goreng satu round, gas padam....habis rupanye gasku!

Hancur niat murni pagi ni.
Cucur bertukar jadi nasi goreng kampung kafe ofis :)

* Ptg ni f/up check up ngan gynae....harap2 berat tak naik 4kg lagi this time :p
Tapi mkn coklat langkawi everyday 'byk' ketul....isk isk isk

17 June 2008

ape citer last week?

Cuti-cuti Mesia seminggu, balik ke Kulim and sambung cuti ke Langkawi. Dah lama tak bercuti sakan...terasa sangat heaven dpt lupakan ofis sekejap!

Lepas 2 mlm tido di kg, kami ke Langkawi...bersama-sama family aku dan MIL. Drive 2 kereta dari Kulim ke jeti Kuala Perlis, memakan masa 2.5 jam.
Naik feri, hujan renyai2 sket, ombak kurang gelora...so tadela mabuk laut :)

Sampai langkawi, kami sewa Van nissan....muatlah utk angkat 6 adults, 1 kid & beg2 baju kami. Nak sewa Innova...terlalu mahal plak...kan skang tgh kempen berjimat-cermat!
Terus pegi shopping di kuah, kuar masuk HIG, Idaman suri dan kedai2 lain....beli set mangkuk corning ware, set glass dan coklat2 yg lazatss. Sangat penat....ptg baru check in sri intan. Sgt cuak bila kuar spotting yg agak byk...inform pruzz, dan dlm keadaan penat tu kami kuar balik ke town kuah mencari klinik. Idlan ditinggalkan bersama umi...meraung dia bila kami tinggal hehe. Mencabar betul cari klinik, dekat 1/2jam, time tu dah nak maghrib, klinik byk tutup...dan klinik kat langkawi mmg tak byk! At last jumpe klinik Dr Naga...naga pon naga la janji dia ade scanner. Alhamdulillah adik baby still moving...semua ok..syukur rasa. Mlm tu rehat jela...jln pon sopan santun je :p Sebenarnya mlm sebelum ke langkawi, ade sedikit air kuar...rasanye air ketuban kot...tapi aku tak ckp kat mak dan umi. Still relaks..sbb igtkan biasa je. Tapi bila kuar spotting, rasa cuak plak....macam tanda2 nak bersalin :p

Hari ke-2 dihabiskan dgn si jejaka2 mandi di swimming pool, then sambung shopping di pdg maksirat dan pekan Kuah lagi. Kali ni membeli blouse2, skirt, kain batik, travel bags besar 2 ketul dan 4 piece square bowl buffet set. Aku dilarang sama sekali mengangkut brg, makanya pruzz dan yg lain2 menjadi mangsa. Thank u B!!!

On the way back sekali lagi kuar spotting di jeti....mlm tu kat rumah MIL pon kuar sket...so cuti dihabiskan dgn berehat je. Tak berani jln byk2 lagi dah. Makcik still ade satu paper lagi beb!!!

Gambar? adela beberapa keping je amik thru phone...kamera bwk tapi sgt bijak, memory card tertinggal kat kl :p

05 June 2008

the price hike

I care less about the sms received yesterday, let alone squeezing and queueing at the petrol pump...knowing how the chaos would be. Dengar berita semlm tensi banget rasa!

Anyway how do i cope with that?
First, to have a simple home-made breakfast for today. We settled for scramble egg, fish fillets and instant red bean pau. This is in response to our PM's call for us to change our lifestyle :p

Second, i turn out to be a very civil woman driver by maintaining speed at 100km/hr this morning... what an achievement hohohoho...considering you're driving in cyberjaya area! I resist my legs from pressing the pedal, stay at the middle lane while looking at others on the right lane, green with envy :(
Dunno whether driving at slower pace will give that much impact on fuel saving, but at least i tried kan!

arghh time tulis ni tetiba rasa tension!

Hah to make things worst, the new electricity tariff will take effect in July dude...sabor jela.
But im hepi since the co shares go up yesterday. And we received the dividend cheque 2 days ago.
Walaupun sket je...tapi duit jugak :)

04 June 2008

sms contest

Lepas baca blog farra, terus saya click link ustaz zaharuddin
untuk tahu dgn lebih lanjut penjelasan beliau tentang latest SMS contest promote by Cel***.
Bayangkan betapa untungnya company jika sorang peserta menghabiskan wang sejumlah RM300, kalau 1000 peserta dah brape?

Mujurlah saya bukan jenis yg suke bersms utk masuk contest :)
So kengkawan yg lain, jgn mudah tertipu dan terpedaya dgn iklan2 menarik yg nampak macam sgtlahhh drooling tapi kite yg rugi!


Elated :)
My Swing has arrived yey! Can't wait to have a look at it since it's still in uk, in a good hands of my SIL....tq unde!!! Price is a bit cheaper than here, and i get free milk freezer bags and bf booklet.

My big boy is getting manja than ever these days...at certain times becomes so cheeky when he called us kejap ayah, then ibu, the next minute i become mommy, umi......etc. Loves to sing lagu nabi-nabi, rasul, nama2 Allah...though some of the pronounciation still pelat2 gitu. His appetite is improving, eats rice obediently despite kena paksa dan bebel :p Last night he gobbled 6 cucuk of sate while ourselves settled for mee bandung muar :) Suke buat2 merajuk tundukkan muka...even at public, and we got no choice but to console him sbb nnt dia buat2 menangis sampai kuar air mata. Dramatis sungguh! Whatever he is, i really thankful for His precious gift, he is one gud boy that's very easy to take care of, dengar kata, sgt behave, cepat blajar....hilang rasa susah payah menjaga time dlm pantang dulu :p And yes, he follows our trait...kaki shopping complex! Every weekend demand pegi 'jalan-jalan'.

2 years ago.....how time flies :)

02 June 2008

Fetuccine Alfredo

It supposed to be a long overdue post...requested by few friends of mine. Enjoys!

Fetuccine/Spaghetti Alfredo

spaghetti/fetuccine - cook until tender
whipped cream
button mushroom - slice
chicken - slice
a bit of butter
olive oil/cooking oil
garlic, onion - slice
shredded cheese - i use Romano

the actions:
1. Heat the olive oil. Sautee garlic and onion.
2. Add chicken, cook until tender. Add button mushroom and let it cooked as well.
3. Add whipped cream (kotak kecik around 250ml kots). Let it boil for few minutes, then add a bit of butter.
You may add water if the gravy is too thick.
4. Lastly, add shredded cheese to your desire, let it melt, and put a dash of oregano for garnishing. You may also add black pepper to balance the cheesy taste of the gravy.

Ready to serve......sempoi je kan!
Sesuai utk mak pak and kanak2 :)

This is one of idlan's favourite (and of course myself la :p)..used to cook this since he was 1++ y-o apart from the normal bolognese sauce.
Idlan is a bit choosy when it comes to eating rice, so we normally resort to pasta for his lunch/dinner time (recently time malas mama just dial 1300882525 jerrr).
At least he still get the same amount of carbo for his daily intake.
Cumanyer the recipe doesn't include any vege...but u may always alter to your preference, add brocolli/mix vege/carrot or any vege of your choice.

29 May 2008

my 7 facts

Sempat lagi makcik limaunipis ni men tag org...jelesnyer terkenangkan dia tgh shopping mopping kat Bandung skang ni :p

anyway here goes my 7 facts:

1. Hobi senang berubah-ubah. Kejap suke bakar kek, kejap giler jahit beads, kejap giler buat pastry.....mood mmg tak menentu sungguh.
2. Sgt suka makan :) Slalu terbayang nak beli kek sebiji yg besar and habiskan sesorang...tapi taknah buat lagik la :p
3. Cukup lazy pegi klas. Dlm klas slalu mengantuk. Tapi bila lecturer kasik assignment, aku antara yg terawal siap. Sbb akan pressure selagi assgmt tak siap...mesti terpk2 sampai time tido. Kualiti comes second, janji siap cepat!
4. Agak berkira kalau nak kluar duit beli brg sendiri (baju, kasut, etc). Tapi kalau brg idlan and adik baby...waa laju je duit tu kluar :p Kalau pegi shopping complex, tpt pertama pegi mesti kids department.
5. Malas baca suratkhabar and other reading materials....kecuali Pa&Ma and magazine related to financial matters...dan juga buku teks time nak xm hoho. Eh tapi kalau novel cinta tu konfem laju baca!
6. Antara angan2 yg belum jadi kenyataan: nak ada fridge dlm bilik yg dipenuhi dgn air kotak, coklat, aiskrim, kek, dan segala macam junks lain :p
7. Suke tido.

Tadi pegi 1st check up dgn pakar...alhamdulillah semuanye ok...yg tak ok kena tunggu dekat 2 jam before sampai turn... bosan yg amats. Oh berat mmg naik 4kg bulan ni...tapi doc kata takpe sbb blood pressure sumer ok :) Walaupun sumer org kata perut aku kecik comei, kaki dah start rasa lenguh2...jln baru sejam kat shopping complex tapi satu badan rasa lenguh macam panjat gunung ledang :p

26 May 2008

1] Alhamdulillah, baru habis xm utk 2 subjects selepas berhempas pulas selama 2 bulan tanpa henti. Maka secara rasminyer saye cuma tinggal 1 lagi subject sebelum merdeka :))) So kepada kengkawan yg nak order kek, order anda sgt dialu-alukan sementara saye masih free 2 minggu ni hehe...bley visit Hot Stove utk updated price list ok. Bermula 7 Jun kami sekeluarga akan pulang ke Junjung, then sambung bercuti ke langkawi...adusss tak sabar sungguh!

2] Washing machine kami buat hal. Umur baru 5 tahun, sama usia ngan usia perkahwinan kami. Button dia kejap on kejap off..macam hantu main tekan2...terpaksa restart byk kali time basuh. Kadang tu 1 trip basuh makan masa lebih 5 jam...terpaksa sabar bebyk. Tanye org kedai, dia kata kena tukar the whole computer...kos RM300. Tensi sungguh. Last2 kami amik machine lama ayah...automatic tapi tader la button digital ni...usia dia dah 9 thn tapi still ok :) Brand Sanyo...machine kami tu Samsung...isk pasni takmo beli samsung dah :p

3] Berlaku tragedi masa husband angkat washing machine ayah tu masuk ke rumah. Of course dia angkat sorang sbb saye tak larat nak tolong. Machine selamat di angkat dan diletak di tptnyer. Tetiba time husband nak tunduk amik pipe dlm machine tuh, tersalah tarik otot ke muscle ke kat pinggang dia...terus dia collapse. Muscle strain ke ape ntah..tapi langsung tak boleh bgn & jln. Cuak kami. 1st time husband kena teruk camtuh...b4 this kalo kena pon setakat minor2 time main badminton. Aku & idlan pegi klinik amik ubat husband...lepas makan ubat muscle and pain killer, pon tak kurang. Mujur ari ni dia dah boley jln and ok sket....syukur padamu ya Allah.

4] Sabtu lepas ke jln tar beli kain baju raya. Giler awal ke? hehe sementara masih larat berjln ni bole la lagi...skang pon badan dah start lenguh2. Semlm timbang berat naik 4kg bulan ni...terkejut tgk mesin penimbang tu biar benar. Selama ni aku mengomel berat x naik...sekali dia naik tu dia.....huhuh jgn doktor bising sudah ler :p

16 May 2008

it's a boy again!

hehe well the title says it all :) Sori mak ude, no gowns and pinky2 stuffs from uk ok!
Idlan la yg paling hepi bila dengar berita tu semlm.
Anyway alhamdulillah...boy ke girl ke yg penting sumernye slamat.
Buat detailed scan dekat Az-Zahrah semlm...syukur adik baby grows well, so as his development..nothing abnormal was observed so far. Jantung complete 4 chambers, liver, kidney, tangan, kaki, mulut...semuanya ok...sempat tgk dia menguap lagi tuh semlm hehe kiut sungguh! Even his weight is ok despite myself yg relatively shrinking :p

So pasnih bley start carik nama..start beli ape yg patut...surprisingly we havent bought anything yet this time.
Bukan tak excited, tapi masa tak mengizinkan. This week until next week is the time to crash my head to finish up all the case study, assgnment, term paper and whatnots. By 24 May i'll be ALL FREE!
Dah set ngan umi nak pegi Jakel cari kain langsir utk bilik adik baby :)) Ade org dah volunteer nak tlg jahit...so kite beli kain je la hehe

B4 terlupa......HAPPY TEACHER'S DAY to all the teachers, lecturers, cikgu2 tadika/nursery and whomever called as 'pendidik'. Jasa kalian semua mmg tak terbalas di dunia ini...semoga terus cemerlang dlm mendidik anak2 bangsa kita....:)

12 May 2008

Mother's Day

Simple celebration on the mother's day....
the hot mamas from left: my SIL-Umi-me
Lepas potong kek gi mkn sate and mee bandung muar nyum nyum :)

New from Hot Stove:

Fresh fruit clan
(a choice of peach/blueberry topping)

It's my first time using peach and surprisingly the whole family loves it :)
My husband remarked...it was something different and tak muak macam choc cake hehe