05 June 2008

the price hike

I care less about the sms received yesterday, let alone squeezing and queueing at the petrol pump...knowing how the chaos would be. Dengar berita semlm tensi banget rasa!

Anyway how do i cope with that?
First, to have a simple home-made breakfast for today. We settled for scramble egg, fish fillets and instant red bean pau. This is in response to our PM's call for us to change our lifestyle :p

Second, i turn out to be a very civil woman driver by maintaining speed at 100km/hr this morning... what an achievement hohohoho...considering you're driving in cyberjaya area! I resist my legs from pressing the pedal, stay at the middle lane while looking at others on the right lane, green with envy :(
Dunno whether driving at slower pace will give that much impact on fuel saving, but at least i tried kan!

arghh time tulis ni tetiba rasa tension!

Hah to make things worst, the new electricity tariff will take effect in July dude...sabor jela.
But im hepi since the co shares go up yesterday. And we received the dividend cheque 2 days ago.
Walaupun sket je...tapi duit jugak :)


Ummu Auni said...

uiks, dividend cheque?
awat aku tader...

yatipruzz said...

TNB tak dpt??
anyway dia kasik seposen je div...interim.