02 June 2008

Fetuccine Alfredo

It supposed to be a long overdue post...requested by few friends of mine. Enjoys!

Fetuccine/Spaghetti Alfredo

spaghetti/fetuccine - cook until tender
whipped cream
button mushroom - slice
chicken - slice
a bit of butter
olive oil/cooking oil
garlic, onion - slice
shredded cheese - i use Romano

the actions:
1. Heat the olive oil. Sautee garlic and onion.
2. Add chicken, cook until tender. Add button mushroom and let it cooked as well.
3. Add whipped cream (kotak kecik around 250ml kots). Let it boil for few minutes, then add a bit of butter.
You may add water if the gravy is too thick.
4. Lastly, add shredded cheese to your desire, let it melt, and put a dash of oregano for garnishing. You may also add black pepper to balance the cheesy taste of the gravy.

Ready to serve......sempoi je kan!
Sesuai utk mak pak and kanak2 :)

This is one of idlan's favourite (and of course myself la :p)..used to cook this since he was 1++ y-o apart from the normal bolognese sauce.
Idlan is a bit choosy when it comes to eating rice, so we normally resort to pasta for his lunch/dinner time (recently time malas mama just dial 1300882525 jerrr).
At least he still get the same amount of carbo for his daily intake.
Cumanyer the recipe doesn't include any vege...but u may always alter to your preference, add brocolli/mix vege/carrot or any vege of your choice.

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Farra said...

anak-anakku pon suka makan pasta..nasi tak suka ..tapi mawaddah ok sket..Mus'ab mmg cerewet sebab tu dia slim eheheh