23 June 2008

Our home refinancing process is nearly completed, i shall expect the co to start doing deduction from my salary next month. The bank has stopped taking our monthly loan repymt, and we got back our 2-mths installment, leaving us 'kaya' sekejap hehe. Used the money wisely to invest in PM, bought a 4-tier chest drawers for adik baby with 'good bargains', and the rest safely channeled to TH.

With the present gloomy market condition, pressure on increased inflation rates and the rising global CPO price, it's a high time for you to invest now. Go purchase additional units of mutual funds, take the opportunity of their current low price. If you were to invest in stocks, pay attention to companies with good cash flow track, and those who give consistent dividend and high payout ratio (source: Malaysian Business, June). TM stands among the highest in both category :p One word for caution, be sure you know your risk tolerance level, and how long you can be patient and stay persevere in the slow mkt environment.

It'll be less than a week before i move to a new division, kind of scare and cuak when i come to think of it...the new work, new boss, new environment..hope everything's gonna be fine. After 4 yrs in SAC, i'm glad that i'll be leaving the jobs to a group of good ppl. But the not so good part is that the new office is quite far from home, wth the increase petrol price, i definitely need to do some adjustment in my upcoming monthly budget :(


zino said...

salam kenal..

comel si kecik tu..

ummi said...

pegi division mana nanti? in annexe 2 kan? singgah2 lah di tkt 14 okies.

yatipruzz said...

pdm- prod dev n mgmt annexe 1 5th flr.
singgah? hohoho yg pasti saye akan join korang2 sumer lunch...tingat zmn dolu2 mkn ngan sikulat :p

ummi said...

yati, kalau makan dengan sikulat tu maknanya makan dengan akak sekali lah tu. kami kan lunch-mates. tunggukan akak masuk keje tgh july nanti.

sikulat said...

woho.. kembali ke jln pantai ye ? mari mari join lunch cam dedolo..

yatipruzz said...

lama tak jumpe hani...sure masih slim cam dulu eh semah even tho dah ade 3A

k.tie- jom jomms..kite lawan mkn!