30 December 2014

Women and childbirth

2014 is almost coming to the end. We were tested with massive floods hitting the Pantai Timur and few other states, as well as the recent loss of AA’s plane from Surabaya to Singapore. I no longer have close family members back in Kelantan since the passing of my late grandmother, but seeing my close friends and other people whose family members, their houses and other belongings were badly affected by the flood, it was really heart wrenching. May Allah replaces their losses with something much better, may this trial serves as a lesson to each and everyone of us to reflect ourselves, improves our relationship with Allah and strive to fulfil our dues and be a better servant in every way.

Me and hubby were also shocked to hear the news of his close friend’s wife passing away after giving birth to her 6th child in UK on last Sunday. I hardly know arwah Maria and only met her once during an open house gathering. It definitely will not be easy for the husband, who is a PHD candidate to cope with the loss, what more to raise all their 6 smalls kids ages 9 and under, alone far from his home country. May Allah grants him with enough strength, patience and will to move on with his lives and resume his duties as a father, mother, student and of course hamba kpdNya. For the past 2 days, I’ve been googling on the net about arwah Maria, who is a freelance Muslimah writer and has published lots of articles for SISTERS Magazine (UK), Discovery Magazine (UK) and many more, an advocate for home schooling and natural childbirth. I came across this one nice article by her, titled “Childbirth: Is It God’s Punishment Upon Women?” which you may read via link below.


Every childbirth experienced by women is unique and different on its own. There is no way you can expect to experience similar process of childbirth for each of your child. Embrace the journey as much as you can, and leave everything to Allah from the beginning until the end of process. I did not take any pain relievers during my labour process (except during Idlan’s time who was born via c-sect because of breech) just because I wanted to experience and feel the labour pain, just like what my mom had experienced when she gave birth to me and my two other brothers. Some would ask, don’t you fear the pain, is it bearable, how do you cope with it, etc. My answers will always be…Insya Allah, serah je pada Allah, sebab dlm keadaan yg sgt lemah dan sakit tu, mmg tiada siapa pun yg boleh tolong selain Allah. Hubby tolong2 massage pon mmg tak jalan punyerlah hihi (tq Sayang for being there with me, your presence was indeed much needed during those critical hours!)

Talking about fear, some women is so traumatized after a tough childbirth experience. That is why a strong support from husband, family members, friends and surrounding is equally important. So that the mother can continue with her life post the labour process, and enjoy the motherhood experience as what it should be. The level and type of fear that each of us can embrace is also different. For example, I am willing to go through a labor without medication rather than riding a roller coaster! Or probably go for a bungee jumping at Kawarau River as compared to taking a roller coaster. The analogy given may not be identical, but it nevertheless tells us that every person is unique and different on its own. Do not force yourself over the limit or boundary you’ve set, you don’t have to prove to people that you can do everything. In fact none of us is perfect, that’s the fitrah that Allah has determined upon us.

p/s: tomorrow check up 36 weeks, another 3-4 weeks to full term...hurmm sbb tu tulis entry psl childbirth :)

27 December 2014

An outing to Muzium Negara

..at 34 weeks hehe. It was hubby n kids' 1st experience to this National Museum. Tix price is RM2 for adult, kids go in for free.

22 December 2014

Susu Kambing during pregnancy?

Ada yg kata minum susu kambing masa pregnant boleh elak baby kena jaundice. Disebabkan ketiga2 baby ku sebelum ni mmg kena jaundice, kali ni nekad utk try minum susu kambing n see the result :)

Start minum masa preggie 7mths++..beli brand keluaran Bertam Best Marketing ni masa pegi MAHA aritu. Mula2 beli 2 pack je..perisa original (katanya tiada gula) & strawberry..both sedap minum sejuk! yg stroberi tu mmg sedap ala2 susu kotak dutch lady tu tau.

Now dh order lagi 3 pack..minta dia deliver ke ofis. Kat pack tu dia tulis rm35 for 500g...tapi masa Maha aritu dia kasi rm50 for 2 packs...so kali ni saya nego minta harga yg sama :)

Sape suka susu kambing bole try brand ni..mmg sedap, lemak berkrim n tak berbau.

16 December 2014

Disney baby playpen

Ni mengada namanya. Baby cot si abang yg berwarna putih still elok lagi sebenarnya. Tapi sbb simpan bwh katil, berat nk bwk turun ke bilik bawah dan malas nk assemble, timbul lah idea beli playpen nih.

Comel kan color dia? price display tu inclusive of buggy. So bertambahla lagi koleksi stroller/buggy kami. Now dah ada color merah, purple, oren, biru hijau dan kuning. Hubby ckp simpan dulu buggy ni...kira ni buggy utk ke nz nnt hiksss