31 July 2006

1]Outing ke Alamanda kelmarin adalah outing yg terpenat dlm sejarah. Kuar rumah pukul 130pm, balik around 5 lebey. Kenape penat? Sebab almost sepanjang masa (minus waktu lunch hr) Idlan mintak berdukung je kerja..nak dukung ngan mama jer plak tu, takmo abah langsung. Ntah ape dah jadi ngan mood dia....Kalo next week pi sabah macam ni jugak perangainyer, mahu flat mama. No wonder mama sakit belakang...aduhai anak kenapela malas berjln plak sekarang ni yer???

2]Tiba-tiba kelmarin kami baru sedar yg start dari bulan ni loan rumah dah kena bayar RM1K++ (kami amik fixed loan)...adus budget habis lari lintang-pukang. Dgn sabahnyer lagi, dgn nak service ketanyer lagi, aduh lahai nyesal plak shopping last week :p

3] In lieu with that, mama nak start balik praktis zaman dulu-dulu, yakni tulis setiap butir perbelanjaan harian dlm buku nota :))) Kena keep track balik budget, no more shopping for unnecessary thingy mingy ok!

27 July 2006

am tired

Things are pretty hectic in the center. With the conflict amongst the staff, with the memo issue received by one of our senior sent by our 'beloved' customer accusing him/her being rude throughout their conversation, some more with the staff shortage issue that seems to getting nowhere and whats not. Huish pening pening, for god's sake the center was established in July 2004, now its been two yrs ++ already yet very little things changed. Ntahla ape nak jadi...

Forget about work, my little darling at home recently loves driving us up to the wall, with his crying-for-no-reason till vomitting, with his temper, with his lack of interest on any foods, with his sudden poor bowel movement ..memacam lagilah. I found myself stuck of thinking what kind of food i need to prepare and pack to nursery. Everything prepared ends up being throwed into the dustbin. Lucky he still wants to eat porridge that they prepared at nursery, if not anak terunaku akan bertambah kurus lah jawabnyer :(

Oh by the way i've done with shopping on his share for the upcoming raya puasa. Except for the baju melayu of which am still thinking whether to get a new one for him or not...considering he only wore the previous yr baju once, that was during pagi raya, then the baju was safely kept inside the drawer untouch (sungguh tak berbaloi isnt it?) You all might be asking, isnt it too early to shop for raya? me also think the same, but the temptation is just too strong to be resist haha. Plus the megasale banner and tag all inside our local newspaper, ads on tv and the likes. Oh how i wish my hubby could snatch my cc and hide it somewhere and acts as if he knows nothing when i ask him :) But the good part is i dont have any debit balance ok, am really a good girl rite (and i used to be an accountant once upon a time ago :p)...its just that i would be far better off if i could get rid of this habit of buying unnecessary clothes for my baby. Bad habit really ish ish.

I've finished Sophie Kinsella's Confession of a Shopaholic. Superb story, that i believed does happen in reality. Pls pls just go and get the book, its highly recommended ok! Serius boley ilang tension kalo baca :p But am nobody compared to becky in the book, she really done well in shopping hehe!

Cant wait for our KK trip this coming august, cepatla cuti, dah bosan keje, muak pon ader huhuhu. And yes my sil is coming back, and shes bringing back kinsella's collection...and not forgetting idlan's new shoe...argh tak sabarnya :)))

Emm to ummimon@ktie, take care and we hope iman and kakak gets better soon! Idlan sends his regards to the both of them :)

18 July 2006

tetiba terasa diri bz...memacam benda kena buat dlm masa terdekat:

-bz isi borang scholar, dptkan komen bos, cop, bla bla bla...masa dptkan sign GM, GM kasik jampi sket, insya allah boley dpt dia kata ...:) hehe amin
-bz isi borang apply U
-bz ngan 5S
-bz blajar voip
-dan...setelah melihat Suria, rupanye aku berjaya tak cuti dari bulan June sampai skarang...amazing! Kalo idak every month sure mesti ada cutila, urgent la, mc la...wahh kagum!

Anak teruna alhamdulillah sihat walafiat, buang stool pon makin aktif kekadang sampai 3x sehari..mungkin penangan Ribena kots hehe. Atuk dia kata semakin nakal, well last week lepak seharian kat umah nek umi dan atuk kat ampang. Petang tu atuk tetiba rajin, masakkan mee hailam utk kitorang 5 beranak satu-satu...lauk-pauk byk plak tu ade udang, ayam, telur, sayur etc etc...dan idlan plak dgn tak malunyer menyendeng-nyendeng mintak mee dari pinggan atuk, walaupun time tu mama pon tgh suap dia. Hm makin manja dan rapat ngan nek umi dan atuk nyer bagus! Dan hari tu juga, cousin idlan si hana dtg lepak sama, dan seperti yg mama dah agak dari awal, sure hana akan tertarik ngan belon The Incredible idlan. Dan terjadilah perebutan dan tragedi air mata antara mereka berdua hehe...cumanyer dua-dua berebut secara baik dan tidak ganas...bagus :) No gaduh-gaduh ok!

10 July 2006

exhausting weekend

Hari Sabtu lepas, Taman Sutera (bakal tmn kami) mengadakan pesta jualan amal, dan hasil jualan dimasukkan ke dlm tabung surau baru kami. Kitorang decide nak contribute sket, makanya selepas berdiscuss kitorang set nak jual muffin. Friday nite tuh, projek bakar-membakar dijalankan. Start membakar pukul 9mlm, rite after idlan tido. Dan settle bakar pukul 3.45am...penat tak? hehe pinggang flat, badan pon lenguh satu badan. Total muffin yg dibakar around 110 biji kots....setengah jual kat tmn sutera, setengah lagi nak contribute pd majlis mkn2 aka final gathering utk students pruzz ptg sabtu tu...balance sket2 kitorang 3 beranak mkn. Kepada jiran2 kami sebelah rumah, ampun maaf dipinta kalo kami wat bising tgh2 mlm tu, bising bangat mixer tu, sori eh..terimala muffin kami sebagai balasan kebisingan di mlm tu :p

Alhamdulillah dgr citer muffin sold out, kpd kak zira, kak fifah and kak shima, tima kasih kerana sudi jualkan muffin kitorang. Sori kitorang tak dpt stay lelama, ptg tu ada majlis lain plaks. Sempat jugak pegi jenguk rumah, sumer nampak ok, cuma wiring tak complete lagi...CF bilalah ko nak kluar yer??? Kami nak celebrate besday idlan kat rumah baru, baik cepat2 dpt CF!

Ahad, seperti biasa kitorang yg mmg tak tegar duk kat rumah decide utk kluar ke JJ...saje jln2 cari lunch, plus ari tuh ade Barney punyer show...saje bwk idlan kot dia suke...tp malangnyer idlan tade perasaan pun bila tgk Barney tu nyanyi and dance atas stage tu..hehe idlan suke The Incredibles je :p Lepas shopping sket2 brg dapur, kitorang balik umah..penat semlm still tak ilang.

Ptg tu, mood rajin dtg menjelma, makanyer aku try resepi sweet bun yg beli kat kedai Yen. Mujur bun menjadi, pruz kata sedap, cuma rupanye kureng sket hehe...next time kena carik jln supaya bun sedap, dan rupanyer lawa!

OK sekian perjalanan weekend kami..apelah plak citer next weekend eh...tgh pk ape nak buat hehe...

p/s: sape nak orden muffin, silalah email calx_88@yahoo.com (insya allah sedap :p) Macam2 perisa ade, coklat, vanilla, orange, banana, blueberry, ...namakan ajer!

05 July 2006

Idlan and The Incredibles

- Inilah belon Incredibles saya
- Mama beli minggu lepas kat Alamanda
- Saya memang saaaayang sangat kat belon ni tak tahula kenapa.
- Bangun pagi, terus cari the incredibles. Malam tadi tido, tangan saya masih tak lepas incredibles. Kiranya memang saya tengah giler la kat incredibles nih.
- Tiap2 pagi pegi nursery, saya tak lupa bawa the incredibles masuk kereta. Tapi bila sampai nursery teka apa jadi???
- Apa? Abah rampas incredibles saya? Abah tak kasik bwk pegi nursery. Kejamnyer abah!
-Dan saya akan menangis sedih giler bila belon dirampas huhuhu

Abah/mama: Takleh bwk belon gi nursery la sayang. Nanti kengkawan main, takut rosak ke ape ke. Ha kalo rosak sape nak bertanggungjawab? Nak suruh mama beli lagi? oh tidak tidak hehehe

Ok sekian cerita terkini dari saya, Muhammad Idlan Farhan.

03 July 2006

the newly-proposed judicial system

AG has made a new proposal to bring back the juror system to our current practice in handling court cases. Some shows their support, the others show defiance to the proposal. And myself? I guess there are points worth deep consideration before we agreed to continue such practice.

The decision to leave one's life in the hands of the laymen is such a big thing. Not only the laymen does not have adequate background and knowledge in legal matters, but that also means massive costs involve in acquiring the appropriate person to act as jurors. Being a juror, you must be impartial, must deliver verdict based on facts and not driven by emotional sentiments. Such a huge responsibility isnt it? However, appointing them will also means we can eliminate some corrupt practice amongst the professional, i.e lawyers and judges. They are outsiders, have no relation with the person being charged, hence they can view and weigh the evidence nicely, without external influence. But things definitely change if they were offered bribes. Am not sure whether the proposed system is similar like the one used in UK, whereby jurors being secluded and disallow contact with their families/anyone during the whole court trials.

Well lets just see what happen next, whatever it is i hope it'll be the best practice that can be think of, for the benefit of all. Most important thing, the convicted gets what they deserve, the innocents get free, and the trials duration being held at a much shorter period than what we're having right now.

p/s: cepatla pukul 530pm hehe

the weekend's story

As usual, there must be outing during weekend, if not the weekend feels incomplete :p

We made our first move to JJ Equine, well a place that was like our second home nowadays hehe. The main intention is to find a mixer, my very own mixer! ...and also a thermopot to replace our exhausting and wear-out thermos. So after extensive survey and much deliberation inside the jusco home center, we decided not to get any of it. None caught our attention. We left jusco and headed to Alamanda. It was quite surprising to see many ppl in alamanda, well we thought the numbers are reducing considering the newly-opening JJ not far away fr putrajaya. But we were wrong though. After penat berjln2, we brought home a mixer, my very own mixer finally, thanks B sayang awak! And not forgetting some groceries, and 2 ballons for Idlan. The first one costs me RM3, i bought it just to please and persuade him not to mengamuk since he was already too sleepy and exhausted. The second one was a ballon with The Incredibles printed on it. Well he is so loves with the incredibles lately, i initially haunted for the anak patung or t-shirts but none was avail, yg ada cuma ballon. That costs me another RM3.90, but i tell u, he is so sayangggg the ballon, so tak sia-sia mama beli tuh hehe. We cancelled our haunting for the thermopot, considering the fact that the power must always-on in order for the water to maintain hot. Buying that means another extra cost for our electricity, hence we'll resort to the normal one later.

im going out to kedai Yen later this afternoon to get some muffin mix for the upcoming bakar-membakar project :) Oven dah ada, mixer baru dah ade, so projek lama kena dihidupkan kembali yeye