28 April 2009

hasil rembatan...

di Jcard Day last week, excluding barang2 mama and abah.
Konon takmo shopping...tapi at last bwk balik voucher rm70.
Pasnih kena insaf sebulan dua utk tidak menyopingkan diri :)

Tapi yg special nyer kali ni, kami pegi naik motor. Memula dah naik keta,

tapi Q and jem tak hingat, last2 patah balik and naik motor je lagik sonang.
Cumanye bila naik motor ni brg2 yg nak dibeli sgt restricted lah. Tapi ade hikmahnyer...
at least tak byk abis duit kan :p

Idlan mmg sgt hepi dpt beg sekolah baru. And mainan lego spiderman tuh, tu lah tangkapan yg sgt berbaloi rasanyer :)

24 April 2009

EBM management

Semalam saya cuti..pergi follow up check up utk gastrik. Dan alang2 menyeluk pekasam pegi J-card day di rumah kami. Entry pasal jcard kite cerita later okeh :p

Anyway, alhamdulillah stock EBM saya masih mencukupi...mungkin berkat fenugreek kots (saya dah stop longan, muak dan tak terminum dah rasanyer)…dan usaha yang berterusan. Instead of 4x pumping session (sekali b4 kuar ke ofis, 3x di ofis), saya tambah satu lagi sesi di waktu mlm before tido. Jadi dlm sehari saya dpt buat 1-2 extra packs EBM memandangkan consumption firas dah berkurangan sket minggu ni (at most he takes 24oz). Oh jgn lupa pump di hujung minggu sekali ok. Harap kengkawan yg selalu email saya tuh bolehla apply cara yg sama utk tambahkan stock korang.

Disebabkan malas nak thaw susu utk dibekalkan ke nursery every night, makanyer saya ubah sistem EBM saya from supplying the thawed ones to the fresh ones. So skarang saya cuma supply fresh EBM ke nursery, if ade extra baru di freeze kan. Lagipon the oldest EBM stock adalah bulan March…so lambat lagi nak expired. When it nears the expiry date barulah saya akan guna balik frozen EBM tuh. Senang dan sgt menjimatkan masa :)Selamat tinggal kpd thawed process, dan process mentransfer susu dari bekas2 dadih ke 6 biji botol…lega rasa!

On unrelated note, Firas skarang dah sibuk pulling up himself utk berdiri dan menghenjut-henjutkan badan dgn jayanyer. Well, menyusur tak laju mane, merangkak plak baru 2-3 steps...tapi nampak gaya dia lebih berminat nak berdiri. Caiyo caiyo adik!

18 April 2009

our newest project

Opps...Firas officially crawls today...to be exact early in the morning!
Few steps crawling and after that back to menyusur as usual :p

My day starts little bit late since i slept at 4am last night to finish up deco on the cakes ordered by my neighbour. Anyway the whole day was spent at Umi's house, having lunch and bergather2 with my bros. Before that we went to Macy sg besi, scout around for idlan's curtain and rug (and maybe ours for the living hall since we never change our curtain since the 1st day we moved in :p) but none caught our interest. Very the flowery laa hohoho sgt tak sesuai! Oh did i mention that we're in process of creating kid's room and workspace for my hubby? we already bought most of the main items last week at ikea, now pending for installation since we haven't decide on the wall color yet. Most probably we'll go for dark purple, or blue...or maybe something lighter...huhu i dont know. If dark then it suits well with the all-white furnitures that we bought earlier. Can't wait to have them all fixed and see the results :) I may need to take 1-2days leave to help hubby paint the wall and assemble the bed, storage cabinet, table and shelves. Well, with the new workspace, i hope you'll work harder yer sayang!

17 April 2009

another supplement

I've bought Fenugreek capsules just now at GNC (thanx to Zuedin for informing :).
100 tablets for RM62.90.
Very the mahal eh..hope it works to boost up the supply.
I just couldn't take longan anymore...rasa muak plaks minum everyday huhuhu

14 April 2009

a new milestone

Firas officially dah bley duduk!
And to celebrate that achievement dia kena sakit mata....so mama was on 'mc' for 2 days sbb dia taleh pi nursery.
Time pegi klinik last sunday dia adalah baby ke-5 kena sakit mata on that day :p
adakah sakit mata pon seasonal? ahakssss

Dan disebabkan mama mc, dptla mama batch cook for firas utk stock 2 hari. Dlm gambar tu adalah finely blended porridge with dates, and applesauce+raisin.

10 April 2009


for the dried longan and red dates work for me!

They do wonders in which my supply increase about 3-4oz each day...though not that material to some but still it means a lot to me :) Actually i felt a bit down since the first two days shows no effect at all. However i made myself to continue drinking it...berkat kesabaran org kata :) Now i drink twice, morning before go out and evening, after came back from work. I wonder should i drink more than that, say take it as the usual plain water, will that makes even a more substantial effect? hehe let's see over the weekend okeh!

Anyway, happy 8 months old Amir Firas! Sempena masuk bulan ke-lapan ni dia bantai minum 33.5oz dua hari lepas! Adus kusss semangat ku...mujur kelmarin back to normal 28oz. And ohh amir firas dah berjaya duduk kadang-kadang. Menyusur belum laju lagi tapi sibuk angkat bontot mau duduk/crawl.

Buat si abang, Happy 4yrs 4 months! If before this sokmo kena cubit dek abah everytime kejut bgn kencing waktu malam, now abang dah good. Kejut elok2 dia pon bangun gi toilet without putting any drama watsoever. Gud gud jimat ongkos mama ngan abah tayah spare pampers :)

Favourite port adik...masuk bawah meja selongkar magazine

and masuk bawah meja makan carik mama kat dapur :p

07 April 2009

talking about my milk supply

This is what am currently working at in order to boost up my supply. Tak jadi on pil asi after i read out the labels..ntahla cam tak confident plak ngan asi tu.

As such after thorough reading in the bf forum, i decided to try out red dates, black dates and dried longan. Semalam beli kat stall Hai-O, terus masak ptg tu jugak. But as of now am yet to see any improvement...sabar sabar ......

On top of that, am going for the second alternative, that is lobak putih. Struggle pegi kedai runcit tadi beli bahan2 nak masak sup hehe. Baru habis masak ni, tgh tunggu nasi sejuk sket. This used to be my compulsory menu during confinement.

And these are my not-so-handsome-anymore stocks that i rambled about.
Sedey kan bila tgh banyak ruang kosong?
My rough calculation is about 300++ oz..which could only last for about a month.
Serius red alert nih!
And to make up my sad feeling, we bought nestle ice-cream chocolate heaven just to cheer up my day....lama dah tak simpan benda merapu dlm freezer :p
Pray for my success ok?
chowwww...nak lunch!

endoscopy again?

As the title says, yep it is!

After one year +++ of not having serious stomach upset like before, i got a constant pain few days of the week everytime after taking food. Rasa very stuffy and bloated even tho i only takes little food. Something definitely is not right over here. So yesterday i made up my mind to see a gastroenterologist at KPJ Kajang. Told him lil bit of my history, and he instructed for an ultrasound, and another round of endoscopy! Aduhhh feel like giving an excuse, but my husband insisted of having it...alang2 dah dtg hospital katanyer :p

So there it goes, same procedure applied...only this time my husband is allowed to be in the room to witness the whole procedure. The whole thingy only took about 10-15 minutes kot, but the recovery process adela dekat 1/2jam campur mamai2 dek ubat bius. The doc spared us a CD recording the procedure, but until now i didn't dare to open n watch it. hahaha tgk keadaan dalaman perut sendiri, ada berani kah??

So what the doc says?
Dia ckp gastric, acid reflux, bla bla bla...lupa dah ape hehe...tapi stomachku ok, no focal lesion whatsoever. But to my shock, the ultrasound shows my gall stones have tripled, or maybe more...the size even got bigger, the largest is 1.5cm. Aduss takutnyer! But he said so long as i dont feel any abdominal pain on my lower right hand side, that should be ok. The stones may just reside there, let them be. Wahai stones ku, duduk diam2 ok....jgn membesar2 plak ok!

That's it for now. Let me enjoy my 2 days mc in peace :)

03 April 2009

Red alert!

My EBM stock is depleting, so much so to its lowest level ever!
Yesterday i sent 7 bottles containing 3.5oz each to the nursery, together with another 2 frozen container (3oz each) as for back up, and to my astonishment he finished them all!
If the current trend continues, i presume the longest the stock can hold is only about 2 months.
But actually i doubt they can survive that long.
The fact that Firas is also taking solid as usual didn't help much. He still drinks a LOT.

It's a high time for me to take supplements. A really good one to boost up the supply.
I'm thinking of pil asi since Zarid takes that and her supply does improves.
Hubby suggested to go for lobak putih (my 'wajib' menu during confinement :p) but looking at my very tight to-do-list every morning (i.e. cook porridge, pack and fill each individual EBM into bottles, and 1st session pump so that Firas gets to drink the fresh EBM early in the morning) that option just does not fit in.

Let's pray the asi will work for me and my body.
8 months and still counting.
Now i know it's not easy to reach the one-year target.

budak minum byk tapi tak debab maner pon nih.....