18 April 2009

our newest project

Opps...Firas officially crawls today...to be exact early in the morning!
Few steps crawling and after that back to menyusur as usual :p

My day starts little bit late since i slept at 4am last night to finish up deco on the cakes ordered by my neighbour. Anyway the whole day was spent at Umi's house, having lunch and bergather2 with my bros. Before that we went to Macy sg besi, scout around for idlan's curtain and rug (and maybe ours for the living hall since we never change our curtain since the 1st day we moved in :p) but none caught our interest. Very the flowery laa hohoho sgt tak sesuai! Oh did i mention that we're in process of creating kid's room and workspace for my hubby? we already bought most of the main items last week at ikea, now pending for installation since we haven't decide on the wall color yet. Most probably we'll go for dark purple, or blue...or maybe something lighter...huhu i dont know. If dark then it suits well with the all-white furnitures that we bought earlier. Can't wait to have them all fixed and see the results :) I may need to take 1-2days leave to help hubby paint the wall and assemble the bed, storage cabinet, table and shelves. Well, with the new workspace, i hope you'll work harder yer sayang!

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