03 April 2009

Red alert!

My EBM stock is depleting, so much so to its lowest level ever!
Yesterday i sent 7 bottles containing 3.5oz each to the nursery, together with another 2 frozen container (3oz each) as for back up, and to my astonishment he finished them all!
If the current trend continues, i presume the longest the stock can hold is only about 2 months.
But actually i doubt they can survive that long.
The fact that Firas is also taking solid as usual didn't help much. He still drinks a LOT.

It's a high time for me to take supplements. A really good one to boost up the supply.
I'm thinking of pil asi since Zarid takes that and her supply does improves.
Hubby suggested to go for lobak putih (my 'wajib' menu during confinement :p) but looking at my very tight to-do-list every morning (i.e. cook porridge, pack and fill each individual EBM into bottles, and 1st session pump so that Firas gets to drink the fresh EBM early in the morning) that option just does not fit in.

Let's pray the asi will work for me and my body.
8 months and still counting.
Now i know it's not easy to reach the one-year target.

budak minum byk tapi tak debab maner pon nih.....


mak ude said...

uishh..debab la tuh firas.

Nazmi said...

makin lame makin putih je muke de..da nak same ngan paksu de =p

mak ude said...

k.yati, firas ade berlakon ke?
baby dalam drama cahayamata nurain tuh sebijik cam firas. kl tak tgk cube crk crk kt youtube..same lah..

y@tipruzz said...

bila masa plak dia berlakon hihi

tu citer indon ke ape?
kol bape ari per?

mak ude said...

drama melayu rtm2..tak tau le kol bape..tgk kt youtube je..tp baby tuh sebijik cam firas lahh..

ummi said...

batch cook dear. it saves time and energy.

Farra said...

yati ni rajin sgt masak bubur everyday , maybe ditambah hubby yg rajin nolong..hehe..aku mmg masak batch letak in small storage tupperware, then panaskan bila perlu jek

tinidewi said...

telan herbalife la dik oi. kak wan punya testimoni, susu dia bertambah. insya allah penyakit2 hang yg migrain la gastrik la pon boleh dikurangkan. kurang la rekod mc ko :-p

y@tipruzz said...

saye tgh cuba red dates and dried longan ni. Doc plak ade kasik pil mexalon. tgh tunggu results dgn penuh harapan :)

farra...nursery depa tade microwave...sbb tu masak everyday...bukan kes rajin ok!