07 April 2009

endoscopy again?

As the title says, yep it is!

After one year +++ of not having serious stomach upset like before, i got a constant pain few days of the week everytime after taking food. Rasa very stuffy and bloated even tho i only takes little food. Something definitely is not right over here. So yesterday i made up my mind to see a gastroenterologist at KPJ Kajang. Told him lil bit of my history, and he instructed for an ultrasound, and another round of endoscopy! Aduhhh feel like giving an excuse, but my husband insisted of having it...alang2 dah dtg hospital katanyer :p

So there it goes, same procedure applied...only this time my husband is allowed to be in the room to witness the whole procedure. The whole thingy only took about 10-15 minutes kot, but the recovery process adela dekat 1/2jam campur mamai2 dek ubat bius. The doc spared us a CD recording the procedure, but until now i didn't dare to open n watch it. hahaha tgk keadaan dalaman perut sendiri, ada berani kah??

So what the doc says?
Dia ckp gastric, acid reflux, bla bla bla...lupa dah ape hehe...tapi stomachku ok, no focal lesion whatsoever. But to my shock, the ultrasound shows my gall stones have tripled, or maybe more...the size even got bigger, the largest is 1.5cm. Aduss takutnyer! But he said so long as i dont feel any abdominal pain on my lower right hand side, that should be ok. The stones may just reside there, let them be. Wahai stones ku, duduk diam2 ok....jgn membesar2 plak ok!

That's it for now. Let me enjoy my 2 days mc in peace :)

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