31 October 2007

from one to another

---> Yep unda, endoscopy (using camera) was done indeed...yesterday. Horror jugak eh huhu.

Monday tu, the doc just scanned my stomach, turned out i had the same luck with Aini...ada batu karang :( One stone, measured at 4mm roughly. Since my explanation was a bit weird (ppl had batu karang usually feel the pain at the lower part of perut/pinggang/abdomen eh?) but i did not...mine was more on the ulu hati, so he concludes i need to do further test.

Yesterday, he did the procedure, first spray ubat bius inside anak tekak (pahit giler, lucky i did not vomit in front him :p), then after one jab at my hand, terus pengsan tak sedar. About 15-20 minutes je kot..ntahla...cant remember anything. A camera was inserted, from mouth going to tekak, not sure whether it reached the stomach or not hehe. The result, he said inflammation at my esophagus (called esophagustrities, apology for my spelling ok tak tahu :p), so he just gave 2 types of medicine. As for the stone, he told not to worry or do anything..nothing serious about that, i should be alarm only when i have the symptons like sakit2 kat bwh perut tu. Betul ke unda? what your lecturers/experience/books tell u about this?
Please advise if u/any friends out there know specific foods/drinks to eat so that the stone can hancur by itself and wipe out thru urine. Seriously i was freaked the whole day yesterday but today i guess myself is back to normal kot...alhamdulillah harap2 this is not as serious as i think. Follow-up will be next Tuesday, hope i am all ok as usual.

Today am on mc. But now im in the office, settling some works, attending jamuan hari raya office, and hehe obviously writing this entry. Tomorrow we will be off to kuching until saturday. Sunday got two makan2 invitations...harap2 no gastric attack during these precious wonderful days ahead. As for me, starting from this episode, i should take more precaution on my food intake...do not dare to put my health at risk after this kind of things happening at my age. Kena control makan..jgn belasah je ok!

Salam all...take care!


UmmiQais@iKa said...

kalau pasal batu karang tuh..try makan buah tembikai banyak2...

unda said...

pasal stone tuh..most ppl have it and they don't realise it sbb takde symptom..from what i iknow..k.yati nye symptom tu most prob have nothing to do with the stone.oesophagitis tuh will give the symptom you're having. avoid any acidy food as it will aggravate the inflammation.

yatipruzz said...

tq ika! aku baru mkn 2 hari hehe

unda - thanx jugak, also for the correct spelling hehe malu je. So far alhamdulillah ok sejak last check up...dah bley mkn buffet lagik tuh :)