29 October 2007

more on gastric...

Last Friday another attack striked again. I was all ok from morning till 4pm when suddenly i felt the difficulty to breath, loya and vommited thrice (including once in car while driving back home :p). That night again the doc said my sugar level did not improved...it reads at 5.3 (compared to the previous one was 5.2), despite eating lots of foods that day (2 office invitations in a row, with lontong, rendang, nasi impit, lemang, nasi lauk, etc and of course, air manis!)

Felt a bit relieved after series of vommiting, maybe angin dah takde dlm perut. Weekend came, i was all OK with no signs of gastric at all. Lucky for me since we got few invitations on these 2 days, but i made a point to myself not to overeat or else i might go to the toilet again :) Yesterday we went to 2 houses in Bangi and Equine, also to Nilai 3 in between to look for something and ended up bought other things :p This evening i had an appointment with a doc, specialized in gastroenterologist, hope he'll able to give some detail explanation and solution to my stomach problem.

Open house? NO it will not be in this Syawal due to our packed schedule. However i expect we'll be able to 'open' our house for frens and relatives somewhere in December insya allah, right after exam. Cannot play2 anymore since i 'kantoi' a bit in my recent modules...guess i need to be more serious and persevere for the next 6 subjects je lagik nyeh nyehhh

p/s: Aini, jgn malas2 mkn ubat...jgn gi shopping time mc :p


mardhiah12 said...

well,well baca tang last tu aku terkejut :P

ko pun take care okay :)

mak ude said...

kyati, gastroenterologist tuh ckp ape?..kena endoscopy( kamera) ke?
take care..

aida said...

aik, cam jeles je kalau si aini nak gi shopping :P