28 July 2008

mixed entry

- MBA is officially over after submission of the final xm yesterday :)

- Last antenatal check up, everything is ok alhamdulillah. Gain another kilo in 2 weeks, which i LIKE!
Adik baby weighs at 2.8kg, position-wise ok. My gynae gave a booking form, asked me to bring it around wherever i go. I asked her for the 'tanda2 bersalin', and she smiled n explained in lenghty. This will be my 2nd baby but bear with me, i never had the chance to experience contractions and whatnots during idlan's time...so am truly an amateur in this delivery thingy. Bila difikirkan..takuts!

- Sent umi to KLIA early in the morning yesterday for she'll be performing umrah. She's due to come back on the 7th. Macam biasa, idlan is all excited upon reaching the airport...dia mmg suke gi airport :p Wearing the umrah group's name tag, running here n there, tarik tgn nek umi dia ke situ sini...manja banget! And when the time finally arrived for umi to depart, as expected scene drama swasta berlaku :p Idlan siap tanye kenape mama ngan umi nangis? spontaneous aku jawab..."mama berlakon jela!" Dia pon jwb balik..."hish apela mama ni main berlakon2 pulak!"

- Go grab the latest Pa&Ma...it covers lots of interesting articles, most of them are about breastfeeding. Ada this one mama who stocked up 260 bottles of EBM during her 2-mth confinement period. Adus what an inspiration!

24 July 2008

Jalan jem teruk pagi ni....semua gara-gara warga negara Malaysia yg nak bershopping di J-Card day Midvalley.
Dengar citer pukul 7am dah bukak pintu...hehe dasat sungguh!

Saya bersenang-lenang di ofis...antara sebab2 kukuh saya tak join mereka2 semua itu adalah:
- kerja opis yg banyak
- budget takder (well nak swipe cc bley jer, esok payday bley bayar terus, tapi ahh lupakan!)
- rasanye mungkin tak larat nak bersesak dan berhimpit dgn mereka2 yg gagah dan aggresif,
kalau saye pitam ke pengsan ke, sape nak tolong? tak ke menyusahkan org jer :p
- Pruzz tak bley cuti...maka tade sape nak tolong bwk barang

Cuma 4 jer yg dpt difikirkan, tapi kira kukuh la tu kan!

Walau bagaimanapun sedikit sebanyak terbit perasaan jeles di sudut hati ini...
apetah lagi bila terkenang handbag carlo rino version baru yg indah tersergam di rack itu!

Tapi takpe, J card berdekatan rumah saye bakal menanti bulan Oktober nanti...muehehehe!
Dan sape tahu harga handbag tu akan sedikit jatuh time tu?? :)

15 July 2008

Oct 2006-July 2008

Finally the long awaited misery classes and assignments have come to the end. We’re unofficially an mba grads now! Hehehe
Unofficial’ since we’re yet to submit our final take home exam and assignment by end of this month.
It’ll become 90% official once we submit everything by 27th July.
And 100% official once we walk up on the stage to receive our scroll, scheduled on March next year.

Whatever it is, I’m the happiest person on earth at the moment. I am stress-free, enjoying every bits and moment as time passes by. What’s more, adik baby is growing healthily inside, now weighs approximately 2.54kg, I gained a kilo more since the past 2 weeks, I can jump into bed every weekend to enjoy my afternoon nap like the good old days in MMU, and most important of all, my family gets me back :)

To B, I can never thank you enough for all the support given, be it moral, physical, mental dan sebagainyer :) It will never reach to this far without you being on my side all these time. Nanti mama blanjer buffet eh :p And also to my umi, the very special person in my life who never say NO whenever I asked for her assistance to take care of my 2 babies at certain times. To my beloved Idlan Farhan, though you may not understand it now, mama loves you so much, for being a very good n obedient boy whenever I leave you under abah’s or nek umi’s care. And thank you for your understanding, for the time lost and not spent with you whenever mama was busy with assignments and whatnots. To adik baby, mama guess you also need a special dedication since you’re behaving very good inside my tummy, causing mama no nausea at all throughout the pregnancy. Harap2 bila besar esok jadi pandai tau sbb sama2 join mama dengar lecture dlm klas!

To my 3 special friends, this mark the dissolution of Sapphire (in memory Oct 2006-July 2008), nevertheless friends forever okeh!!!

the 2 chaps in front are pilots :p

the 'baby boomers', yet one of them is top scorer tau!
The 4 stooges - Sapphire (Nee Peng, me, our lawyer fren Lin & Ju)
p/s: Pictures taken after our final class on 13th July @ Old Town Jln Yap Kwan Seng

09 July 2008

4-tier chest drawer

baju adik yg dah siap susun

model tak rasmi utk stroller adik
car seat

fan comel
play gym
Gambar di upload atas permintaan beberapa rakan...tapi warehouse sales ni dah abis, insya Allah kalau ade lagi kitorang akan war2 kan ok!
(drawer tu beli kat kedai 'ah chong' je bukan warehouse sales tuh)

08 July 2008

Ada org tanyer, lama tak update blog bz ker? :p

1] First thing, masuk tpt baru...biasala byk benda kena blajar. Agak blur, dan terasa sgtla lembab otak ni nak terima benda baru. Lucky bos ok and baik hati (kena amik hati bos ni kot2 dia baca hehehe)...kena ajar satu-satu...harap2la otak aku ni cepat pick up

2] It wasnt that bad travelling to Annexe. Surprisingly in terms of km lebih kurang sama ke cyber. Jam pon kurang, masih sempat dpt parking free kalau kluar rumah 745am. But i make it a routine to go out as early as 730am to avoid bad traffic. Yg beza cuma tol jela..tu pon dah kurang 1 tol sbb zarid dah ajar 'jln rahsia' hehe.
So far masih larat drive...takdela cramp ke ape ker, harap2 larat la sampai saat2 terakhir nanti :)

3] Class is nearing towards the end. End of this week will be my final class! It's going to be a take home exam this time, due on 27/7. We already had the paper in hand, unfortunately none of us is able to answer all the Qs...still in the dark, still digging up here n there to find the clues huhuhu.

4] Went to My Dear warehouse sale last week in Puchong. He's still in my tummy, yet a new stroller, car seat, play gym and whatnots already await ahead. Such a lucky baby :) Shopping sakan sampai tercabut sandal pregnant aku...sabor jela. Skang gi opis pakai sandal 'rugged'...nak beli flat sandal baru cam malas, lepas pregnant bukannyer nak pakai balik :p