28 July 2008

mixed entry

- MBA is officially over after submission of the final xm yesterday :)

- Last antenatal check up, everything is ok alhamdulillah. Gain another kilo in 2 weeks, which i LIKE!
Adik baby weighs at 2.8kg, position-wise ok. My gynae gave a booking form, asked me to bring it around wherever i go. I asked her for the 'tanda2 bersalin', and she smiled n explained in lenghty. This will be my 2nd baby but bear with me, i never had the chance to experience contractions and whatnots during idlan's time...so am truly an amateur in this delivery thingy. Bila difikirkan..takuts!

- Sent umi to KLIA early in the morning yesterday for she'll be performing umrah. She's due to come back on the 7th. Macam biasa, idlan is all excited upon reaching the airport...dia mmg suke gi airport :p Wearing the umrah group's name tag, running here n there, tarik tgn nek umi dia ke situ sini...manja banget! And when the time finally arrived for umi to depart, as expected scene drama swasta berlaku :p Idlan siap tanye kenape mama ngan umi nangis? spontaneous aku jawab..."mama berlakon jela!" Dia pon jwb balik..."hish apela mama ni main berlakon2 pulak!"

- Go grab the latest Pa&Ma...it covers lots of interesting articles, most of them are about breastfeeding. Ada this one mama who stocked up 260 bottles of EBM during her 2-mth confinement period. Adus what an inspiration!


Anonymous said...

huhu..tak dpt i nak pinjam majalah u lagik..huhu

Farra said...

aku dah mengidam nak beli medela swing sebab dua2 anak tak pernah upgrade BP..nak kene beli gak ni Pa & Ma eheh

yatipruzz said...

farra...dah berisi ker? hehehe
beli jgn tak beli :p